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Granite State Ambassadors Presentation


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Presentation given to New Hampshire Granite State Ambassadors on January 4th as part of New Hampshire Primary Training. To see full notes for this presentation, please visit

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Granite State Ambassadors Presentation

  1. 1. A Day in the Life of a Candidate James Basbas Altos Marketing
  2. 2. Location-Based Service A Location-Based Service (LBS) is an information or entertainment service, accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network and utilizing the ability to make use of the geographical position of the mobile device Foursquare, Facebook, & Google Places
  3. 3. Foursquare Created in 2009 Users can check in to businesses or events to earn rewards 10 million users Top users  Newt Gingrich: 3,892 followers  Mitt Romney: 2,835 followers  Rick Perry: 1,025 followers
  4. 4. Potential: Partnership with NBC
  5. 5. Facebook 600 million users More likely to vote  Twice as likely to attend a political meeting  57% more likely to try and influence someone’s vote  43% more likely to vote Top Candidates
  6. 6. Facebook "Like"sBarack Obama 24,330,276Mitt Romney 1,263,990Ron Paul 673,859Michelle Bachmann 460,261Newt Gingrich 224,027Rick Perry 180,058Gary Johnson 146,741Rick Santorum 41,430Jon Huntsman 30,686Buddy Roemer 10,912Fred Karger 831
  7. 7. How You Can Use Facebook Campaign Contact Information  Phone numbers  E-mail addresses  Office locations Online Events Candidate Appearances New advertisements
  8. 8. Twitter Statistics 106 million total users 200 million tweets sent per day 87% of all people are aware of Twitter 27% login everyday 37% login via a mobile device
  9. 9. How You Can Use Twitter Search
  10. 10. How You Can Use Twitter Search Hashtags
  11. 11. #fitn
  12. 12. How You Can Use Twitter Search Hashtags Lists
  13. 13. How You Can Use Twitter Search Hashtags Lists Top Candidates
  14. 14. Twitter FollowersBarack Obama 11,711,292Newt Gingrich 1,385,367Mitt Romney 218,780Ron Paul 148,854Rick Perry 111,298Jon Huntsman 66,398Rick Santorum 52,311MichelleBachmann 36,170Gary Johnson 17,627Buddy Roemer 11,450Fred Karger 2,977
  15. 15. Thank You Questions?For all information & links from this presentation, please visit