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Maranoa Travel


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Maranoa Travel

  1. 1. The Best Travel organiser in the Maranoa !! Welcome to the Maranoa Travel’s website. In the Maranoa, you will explore the main attractions hidden within the bush.
  2. 2. Easter in the Country Easter in the Country is one of the biggest weekends celebrated throughout the year. Here you will experience how country style families celebrate Easter!What is there to do??• Trade markets• Concerts of professional artist form the outback• Drag racing• MX races• Cinema• Downtown shops• Bull riding/ Rodeo
  3. 3. Cobb and Co Museum Visit Cobb and Co’s museum located in Surat south of the Maranoa region . Experience a wonderful outback area with so much freedom! Surat was the last departure point of the coach! Which delivers the mail from Yuleba to St George. And also go fishing in the Balonne river .
  4. 4. Great Artesian Spa!Visit the Great Artesian Spa in theeastern entrance of MitchellQueensland. Enjoy the thermalmineralised artesian water believed tobe able to relax your soul!It is certified to relax your muscles andrelease stress.There are also two pools for anyone whowants a cool water experience!
  5. 5. Big RigThe Big Rig is a big hit this comingholidays. It is one of the many greatattractions of the Maranoa Region !You can also enjoy the train rides !Visit the Big Rig to learn about ‘rigworking started in Australia’ that’s rightit all started here so come visit and learnhow Australia became wealthy.
  6. 6. ItineraryDay 1After a long journey to Roma, why not Day 4explore our lovely town? So when you arrive This is the day where you can have a restgo check around town, and get to know and sit back and relax, go jogging,Roma. If lost the map of the town is located fishing, meat new people, explore places,outside the post office which is very easy to be reminded keep close to town becausefind. Roma is big !Day 2 Day 5Not used to the food here? Come visit This is the day were you start exploringMcDonalds Roma, or if your really keen for the different attractions of the Maranoa.a fantastic Aussie breakfast come to Rogues We recommend visiting The GreatRoma located in the Westland Plaza were Artesian Spa they have just installed ayou can also buy essentials from Woollies! fun park for kids!Day 3This is the day the fun begins! Shops,entertainment, fun everywhere! Try out theantique shop or go to the Big Rig and buysome souvenirs for your love ones or buy onefor yourself to remind you of the bestholiday ever!
  7. 7. Itinerary Day 6 Day 9 Today could be a good day to have a Today is the last chance to get some relaxing day near the Roma pool and snapshots of the beauty of the also try out the free gas cookers near outback! So make sure you capture the Big Rig parking area and have a the best moments you and your sizzle. family are having ! Day 7 Today would be a good day to Day 10 Today is you and your families last prepare some souvenirs for some day in Roma try to make the best out love ones and yourselves. Also have of it and have a last look around dinner at the Irish McGanns for town and see how much change we some good, fresh served dinner get later on ! make sure you don’t forget anything behind! Day 8 Go check the shops downtown and experience the best quality service in each and every shop! Also play some Golf and get to see a real life outback kangaroo!
  8. 8. Accommodation Motel:Camping: Want the best service? come stay at TheIf you enjoy having the Overlander Homestead be the first to experiencebest outback the best Quality breakfast served fresh to you!experience, weencourage you to camp From Monday to Thursday it is $225.00 and $160in one of Roma’s from Friday to Sunday! For this Family room dealcamping facilities you get one queen bed, two single beds, mini bar,which is the cheaper air-conditioning, two TVs and a bathroom. Alsoway to go if you have a there is a pool and barbeque area outside! Whatcaravan or tent ! else can you ask for? Contact:
  9. 9. Travel infoThere are two ways to get here. Airplane(Qantas)- check online CarIf travelling by plane enjoy the top view of the outback! you and your family willenjoy it! When you reach Roma you can ride a taxi to one of your selected motelsIf in a family Car try to get a GPS or use a map either paper or smartphones! Alsowatch out for kangaroos!
  10. 10. Contact info Phone: 07- 4622- 01-02 Email: Address: 296 Edwardes Street Roma QLD Hope to see you soon ! 