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Griffith University - Internationalisation awards


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Awards for outstanding contribution to the
recruitment and support of international students and institutional relationships.

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Griffith University - Internationalisation awards

  1. 1. Inaugural Griffith InternationalInternationalisation Awards
  2. 2. Award 1 Outstanding contribution to the recruitment and support of international students and institutional relationships
  3. 3. Nominees: Dr Peter Davey• Senior Lecturer, School of Environment, Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology Group• Director, Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Development for Indonesia
  4. 4. Nominees: Professor ZhihongXu• Professor, School of Biomolecular and Physical Sciences, Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology Group• Director, Environmental Futures Centre
  5. 5. Nominees: Associate Professor Paul Bates• Associate Professor, School of Biomolecular and Physical Sciences Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology Group• Head, Griffith Aviation
  6. 6. Nominees: Dr Glenn Harrison• Senior Lecturer, School of Rehabilitation Sciences, Griffith Health• Program Convenor, Bachelor of Exercise Science (BEST) – DY Patil University India and Griffith University
  7. 7. Nominees: Professor Lyn Griffiths• Director, Griffith Health Institute• Director, Genomics Research Centre, School of Medical Science, Griffith Health
  8. 8. Nominees: Dr VallipurumMuthukkuramasamy• Senior Lecturer, School of Information and Communication Technology, Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology Group• Staff, Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems
  9. 9. Nominees: Professor Cordia Chu• Director, Centre for Environment and Population Health, Science, Environment, Engineering and Technology Group• Director, International Centre for Development, Environment & Population Health, School of Environment
  10. 10. Nominees: Dr Kay Hartwig• Past Program Convenor, Master of Teaching• Director, Internationalisation & Strategic Engagement, School of Education and Professional Studies, Arts, Education and Law Group
  11. 11. Nominees: Professor Tom Nguyen• Professor, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Griffith Business School
  12. 12. Nominees: Professor Paul Cleveland• Director Queensland College of Art Arts, Education and Law Group
  13. 13. And the winner is...• Professor Cordia ChuCongratulations!
  14. 14. Award 2 Outstanding contribution through creating short-term international experiences for Griffith students
  15. 15. International Business Internship, Korea• Convened and organised by Professor Yul Kwon• 3 month internships with major Korean companies• Organised for the past 16 years• Approximately 200 participating students
  16. 16. International Business Internship, Germany• Convened and organised by Dr Alan Blackman• 3 month internship with companies in the Ruhr Valley, organised through an exchange partnership with Universitat Duisburg Essen• Organised since at least 2004 for up to 8 students per year
  17. 17. China Study Tour• Convened and led by Dr Doug Smith• Delivered at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou• Offered since 1997 with more than 400 participants
  18. 18. MBA: AISAM & ESSAM• Intensive Management summer school in Malaysia or Denmark• Promoted and supported by the MBA Convenor and Administrative Manager• 12-20 have participated annually in AISAM and ESSAM
  19. 19. Nursing & Midwifery Community Placement• Staff: Hazel Rands, Jane Menke, Elisabeth Coyne, Alison Bourke, JannFielden, Sharon Latimer, Rachel Walker• Undertaken in rural communities in Laos• Thailand in 2009, Laos in 2010, 2011 and 2012• Approximately 84 participating students
  20. 20. Nursing Study Tour to Taiwan• Coordinated by Elaine Duffy• Through partnership with Chang Gung University of Science & Technology, Taiwan• First offered in 2011 with 3 participants
  21. 21. India Gateway Program• Staff: Julie Clark & Pat Dorsett from HSV, Clinton Schultz from PBH• Through collaboration with Christ University, Bangalore, India• Offered in 2010 and 2012 with 35 participants from Human Services & Social Work and Public Health to date“I think we are learning everyday and I am still reflecting on the experience of the IGP and I think I will keep reflecting on the experience for quite a while. My vision of saving the world has changed but it has also made me want to focus on trying to make a difference here in Australia, our own country.” (2nd year Human Service student)
  22. 22. Ecotourism Field Course• Convened and led by Professor Ralf Buckley• Destinations have included: Ecuador, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Finland• Offered 10 times to date for approximately 160 students
  23. 23. Conservation in Practice, Nepal• Convened and led by Associate Professor Jean-Marc Hero with a number of other Griffith staff involved• Through collaboration with Tribhuvan University, Nepal• Offered in 2007, 2009 and twice in 2011 with 74 participants to date
  24. 24. Tropical Rainforest Ecology, Borneo• Convened and led by Professor Roger Kitching• Offered for 13 years with approximately 260 participants to date
  25. 25. Architecture Study Tour• Convened and organised by Associate Professor Leigh Shutter• 2010 trip to China and 2011 trip to Japan• 12 students and a number of associate staff
  26. 26. Engineering International Experience Programs• Industrial Affiliates Program delivered through Helmut Schmidt University of the Armed Forces for six Electrical & Electronic Engineering students each year• School of Engineering Overseas Industrial Experience offered in multiple locations around the world through partner universities. Offered since 2000 and has placed more than 130 students since then. Destinations have included France, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam.
  27. 27. Muslim World Study Tour• Convened and led by Dr HalimRane• Islamic studies program delivered in Malaysia, Turkey and Jordan• First delivered in 2011 with 14 students
  28. 28. Creative Writing Study Tour to Bali• Convened and led by Dr Sally Breen• 3 week program combining student collaboration projects at University of Ganesha with internships at the Ubud Writers Festival• First offered in 2011 with 12 students
  29. 29. Japan Study Tour• Organised and led by Dr Leigh Kirwan• Offered 19 times since 1991 with more than 300 participants
  30. 30. Fine Art Study Tour to Europe• Convened and led by Craig Douglas• Wurzburg & USA in 2012, Wurzburg in 2011, Venice Biennale in 2010 involving more than 40 students
  31. 31. Photojournalism Study Tour to Cambodia, Laos &Vietnam• Convened and led by Nobel Prize winning photojournalist John Rodsted, Earle Bridger, Heather Faulkner and other QCA staff• Offered in 2010 and 2011 and more than 50 students
  32. 32. Other QCA programs• QCA Field Study in Egypt, led by Peter Wanny, 2007• Photography study tour to China, led by Earle Bridger, 2008 & 2010• Fine Art study tour to Japan, led by Russell Craig, 2008• EPhotojournalism in Prague, led by Heather Faulkner, 2009• Photography study tour to Peru, led by Marian Drew, 2012
  33. 33. Griffith Honours College• SIFE volunteering programs led by Dr Jeanne McConachie and Kim Holmes to Peru, Nepal and Cambodia since 2009• Additional leadership programs, including APMUN and WorldMUN
  34. 34. And the winner is...• Dr Doug SmithCongratulations!
  35. 35. Congratulations to our awardeesand thank you to all who support Griffith International in achieving the University’s internationalisation goals.