The 5 principles of brand strategy


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The 5 principles of brand strategy

  2. 2. THE 5 PRINCIPLES OF BRAND STRATEGY In order to develop a successful brand strategy, it is necessary to research and design the delivery of specific content to various target audiences. An effective brand strategy should encourage dialogue between the brand or company and consumers. The success of a brand campaign can be measured by the change in consumer perceptions and an understanding of customer expectations.
  3. 3.  As a brand manager, it is necessary to define your brand strategy with clarity, allowing you to make the best use of marketing, public relations, advertising and social media for the success of your brand campaign. Here are 5 principles of brand advertising in Houston strategy which can help you achieve success in the marketplace.
  4. 4. DEFINE YOUR BRANDBefore you begin outlining your brand strategy, startwith the basics. Define the brand’s values, vision andmission of your particular company. Understand thecore essence of your brand and focus on your keystrengths or U.S.P. of the brand. Develop a brandstrategy to communicate this key advantage to yourcustomers. This advantage will help in differentiatingyour services from dozens of other brands in thesame segment.
  5. 5. YOUR BRAND IS YOUR BUSINESS MODELCreate a powerful brand that can effectively supportyour business model. Sometimes a particular brandhas a very strong character which can be used toyour advantage to achieve business success. Forexample, personal brands like DonaldTrump, Oprah, Martha Stewart and Richard Bransonare powerful brand names in themselves. The brandpromise offered by these individuals is consistent andhas helped them to achieve success in themarketplace.
  6. 6. ALIGN TACTICS WITH STRATEGY Having a brand strategy is not sufficient alone to have a success. You will need to adopt certain tactics to ensure that you choose appropriate media platforms to accomplish specific campaign objectives. Keep in mind that consumers are exposed to multiple communication channels, marketing material and messages every day. However, they make a conscious decision to avoid some messages and actively seek information on other channels. Therefore, it is necessary to focus your brand marketing initiatives on communication channels that are most effective in producing desired results. Advertising on television can produce the desired results, but is an expensive option. However, engaging in social media which is a low cost option, may take time and resources and may not meet your objective.
  7. 7. START FROM THE INSIDE OUTYour brand identity, as seen by youremployees, should be used to reinforce your imageoutside the walls of your office. Leverage the brandexperience of your employees and extend thisawareness to your target audience. Don’t try toreinvent the wheel. Look for the positive values andassociations of your brand and include this in yourcreative brand design in Houston strategy.
  8. 8. MEASURE THE EFFECTIVENESS Once you have chalked out your brand strategy and started implementing your plan, analyze the return on investment for estimating the effectiveness of your brand strategy. The brand strategy should translate to an increase in sales of products or in business revenue. This article throws light on 5 principles of brand strategy. Developing a suitable brand strategy involves doing research, defining the brand, choosing appropriate platforms, audiences and messages and evaluating the effectiveness of a brand strategy.