Basic Criteria For Applying To Oil Rig Jobs


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Basic Criteria For Applying To Oil Rig Jobs

  1. 1. Basic Criteria For ApplyingTo Oil Rig Jobs
  2. 2. • It is a lucrative opportunity to land jobs on eitheronshore or offshore based oil rigs. The high salariesoffered more than makes up for the demanding workschedules and the risks associated with these jobs.• A majority of oil rig jobs are entry-level positions thatrequire minimum educational qualification. Thesepositions include those of a roughneck or a roustabout.Job aspirants who wish to land oil rig worker jobsneed to be aware of the basic criteria to quality for thesejobs.
  3. 3. Physical Fitness Is A Must• Working on an oil rig can be strenuous and physicallydemanding. It is important for oil rig workers to bephysically fit in order to work for long hours and carryobjects weighing over 40 pounds over and over again.This is essential as the work involves operating heavyequipment and carrying them around on an oil rig.
  4. 4. Hand-to-eye coordination• Apart from educational qualifications, it is necessary forjob aspirants to have good hand-to-eye coordination.Workers should be dexterous in their hand movementsand be mechanically inclined to handle drillingequipment on the oil rig. Oil rig workers should be ableto fix and repair drilling equipment, as well as transportequipment to different areas within an oil rig. Workersshould have good control over their hand movements tosuccessfully execute tasks in an oil rig and avoid anyinjuries.
  5. 5. Be Travel Ready• Jobs for oil rig workers require them to travelfrequently not only within the country but to othercountries. An oil rig worker needs to be prepared totravel to far away locations and possibly stay awayfrom family for a long period. The oil field workersneeds to have a stable family life that can handle theworker’s separation from home. An oil rig workershould have a current passport and/or visa to facilitatetravel to other countries. The passport should be keptupdated and valid for travel overseas.
  6. 6. Training• Many of the oil rig worker’s jobs do not require specialtraining. Most of the training is learnt on-the-job.However, it is necessary for an oil worker to be able tograsp instructions and complete tasks efficiently. Entrylevel jobs require workers to take the initiative in orderto learn and complete tasks. Workers should be ableto manage tasks on the rig with minimum supervision.This will help in making work easier on an oil rig.
  7. 7. •While it is true that rig jobs in oil field are lucrative, it isnecessary for job applicants to be aware of the qualitiesand skills needed for this kind of job. This article throwslight on the basic criteria that job aspirants should fulfill inorder to qualify for either onshore or offshore oil rig jobs.