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Biopharma Specialists Presentation


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Biopharma Specialists Presentation

  1. 1. BiopharmaSpecialists<br />
  2. 2. About Us<br /> was set up as a &apos;one stop shop&apos; to provide specialist Services to the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and associated industries.<br />Diagnose, Develop, Design, Deliver & Debrief <br />All our associates have several years specialist experience in the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and associated industries and have proven track records in their specialist areas. <br />We use world class tools & techniques and our bespoke interventions are backed up with international brands. While working with our clients we follow our four key principles which are:<br />Engage with employees who know the job<br />Establish trust in the process and desired outcomes<br />Establish accountability in everything we do<br />Establish measures of success<br />
  3. 3. Our Projects<br />Organisation redesign/Change Management<br />MES – Manufacturing Execution System – training and change management<br />Competency based training model introduction to reduce the reliance on SOP&apos;s<br />GMP refresher training through e-learning<br />Technical training through blended learning solutions<br />Strategy Development<br />Management development/Culture Change<br />Implementing Product/Process teams<br />Technical training design using best in class instructional design principles – ADDIE Model<br />Train the Trainer for SME&apos;s to reduce the reliance on contractor training<br />Lean Manufacturing implementation <br />
  4. 4. E-learning<br />Environmental Monitoring in the Biotechnology Industry <br />Process Batch Records - Quality Assurance Review Training <br />GMP Induction and refresher training <br />Best Practices in Conducting good investigations <br />Media Fill<br />Meetings Management Practices<br />Environmental Systems<br />Hearing Conservation<br />Emergency Response<br />VDU Assessment<br />Use of Personal Protective Equipment<br />Safety Statement<br />
  5. 5. Competency Based Training<br />Detailed task analysis using ADDIE Model<br />Task analysis is composed of a thorough analysis of the Knowledge, Skills & Behaviours required to do the job<br />Delivery of knowledge component analysed to determine best methodology<br />E-learning<br />Classroom<br />Blended learning <br />Overview plan of competency prepared outlining:<br />Knowledge methodology and content<br />Task methodology and content<br />Behaviour methodology and content<br />Lesson plan prepared<br />Assessment plan and methodology prepared<br />Assessor training<br />Implement pilot<br />
  6. 6. Companies<br />Wyeth Grange Castle<br />Genzyme<br />Boston Scientific<br />Astellas<br />Tipperary Institute<br />Kuwait Oil Company<br />EMCOR UK<br />