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Intro To Endeavour Healthcare V2.3a


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Intro To Endeavour Healthcare V2.3a

  1. 1. Introduction & Select Case Studies Health Care/Enterprise
  2. 2. About Us Founded in 2002 Over 300 Customers, many Fortune 500 250+ Mobility Experts and Consultants Offices in Austin, TX, New York, London, Bangalore CMMI Level 3
  3. 3. ServicesBusiness Process UX Design Development Sys Engineering/Integration Workflow Analysis  UX Design  Cross Mobile and Web  MEAP development and Ideation/Id Opps  Product & Design Research Platform Experience Integration Storyboarding  Product Mobilization  Ecommerce 2.0  Middleware  Product Innovation Technologies  Enterprise Integration e.g.Mobile/IT Strategy  Social and Mobile Workflow, Content, Enterprise Mobility Strategy Commerce Analytics TCO/ROI Est./Planning  Operational Scaling Resource Management  Expert Systems mCOE /Internal Enablement  Legacy System Integration DeploymentProduct Development Testing  Deployment Security/Compliance  Documentation Proof of Concept  EQual Lab (Quality Lab)  Security  Training Co-Development  Knowledge Base Testing  FDA Approval Commercialization  Requirement Compatibility Pricing Analysis Strategic Partnering  Test Plan and Strategy Maintenance/Support  Software Maintenance  Support DeskTechnology Planning Porting Mobile Technology Roadmap  Porting-Analysis/Design MEAP Evaluation  Porting Development MDM Selection  Porting Test & Verification
  4. 4. Healthcare Segments EHR/Software Chronic Disease Medical Device mHealthTechnology  Enterprise Mobile Strategy Health Plans Innovators  Mobile Architecture Design  Application Development  Mobile Security Design  Mobile Integration Telecom  FDA Approval/HIPAA Home Health Carriers Life Sciences e-Businesses Medical Publishers
  5. 5. Marquee Clients
  6. 6. Platforms/Technologies
  7. 7. Case: 1 Mobile Hospital Capacity MgtChallengeDevelop a mobile application solution to assist healthcare providers with real-time resourceplanning and scheduling using complex demand and capacity management procedures. Developreporting system that can be accessed from anywhere. Unique Features  Real time access to capacity data  Workflow/event based alert mechanism  User specific customizable interface  Intuitive and rich user interface  Ability to locate and direct the necessary resources to the point of activity  Integration with HIS Endeavour Value  Expertise in building and handling complex algorithms at the backend  UX Specialization  Ability to deliver solution that includes mobile analytics
  8. 8. Case: 2 Surgical Equipment Supply ChainChallengeManage the task of scheduling the movement of medical surgical equipments by making the salesforce truly mobile. Enabling a sales force agent with capability to easily manage functions such asInventory Assignment, Order Capture, Marketing, and Merchandising & Sales activities. Unique Features  Order Capture – Inventory assignment on the mobile device  Usage of mobile software by sales force/sales/marketing agents  Making the mobile workforce truly mobile, in this case the surgical equipment agents  Data collection on Windows Mobile devices Endeavour Value  Architecture to work in offline mode as well as sync user details upon availability of network  Utilizing the platform specific capabilities
  9. 9. Case: 3 Mobilizing EHR/Medical RecordsChallengeDevelop mobile EHR software. Build a complete mobile version of the desktop EHR to helpphysicians and nurses view patient details, manage medication refills and orders, etc. Unique Features  Alerts based on various health parameters  Integration with their existing COTS EMR solution  Medication refill and order management system  EHTR storage on device  Clinic resources in graphical view including X-ray, lab records Endeavour Value  Use of cutting edge technology to delivery next generation product  Optimized iPad middleware  HIPAA compliance  UX team developed Intuitive User Experience * All credits, copyrights and IP for this solution belong to eMDs
  10. 10. Case: 4 Orthopedics Hyperguide/CMEChallengeDevelop a mobile solution for Orthopedics specialists that need to keep abreast of informationthrough Continued Medical Education. Required interactive Audio and Video Streaming across theplatforms. Unique Features  Filtering of the content of user’s interest  Video Streaming  Supporting multiple data formats such as audio, video and text  Take tests from Mobile and earn CME credits  Earn CME while reading engaging tutorials, viewing online lectures or listening to expert podcasts  Interactive UI/UX considering the user needs to read the content & answer quizzes Endeavour Value  Video streaming on BlackBerry is difficult. Endeavour developed alternatives technology to allow the streaming.
  11. 11. Case: 5 Diabetes Manager/Disease MgtChallengeDevelop a mobile “patient coach” application that allows patient to track their care and receivedfeedback from physicians and case managers. Translate vital disease related data into valuableand actionable information across mobile platforms for both care givers as well as patients. Unique Features  Patient Coach -keeps track of medications, diet, etc  Reminder and preventative measures  Store encrypted information on the phone  Integrat Expert System  Work both online and offline  HCP recommendation  HVS Index  HIPAA compliance  Backend longitudinal analysis WellDoc and Endeavour are Strategic Partners technology-partner-to-collaborate-on-mobile-tech-innovation.html * All credits, copyrights and IP for this solution belong to WellDoc
  12. 12. Case: 5 (continued) Enterprise Application - WellDocUnique Features Patient Coach Acts as Patients’s Personal Coach Powerful tool which enables the user with its inbuilt analytical capabilities Feedback shared with the user’s regularly based on their medication & other routine FeedbackEndeavour Value Expert System Domain knowledge which helped understand and execute requirement Unique User Experience Onsite and offshore development and support Decision Support EHR Integration
  13. 13. Case: 6 Anesthesia Clinical Tutor & CalculatorChallengeMobile solution to bridge the gap between clinical anesthesia, reference books, and physicianpractice. The mobile application helps Anesthesiologists use interactive tools to performscomplex calculations and gives instant results with 3D image processing. Unique Features  Effective utilization of computing technology on handhelds  Interactive tutor and help screens  Inhalation Agent Guides  3D image processing  interactive UI and Act On capabilities Endeavour Value  Effective utilization of complex algorithms  Architecture to work in offline mode as well as sync user details upon availability of network
  14. 14. Case: 7 Virtual Sales BriefcaseChallengeMake Boston Scientific sales force (2,000) truly mobile. Enabling a sales force agent withcapability to easily access latest information such as product specifications, presentations, socialmedia, billing, and more. Unique Features • Enabling the most critical content for a sales agent on their iPad • Personalized view for the user • Broad range of content: – Marketing Content – Clinical content – Product Specs – Tools & Apps • Taxonomy based content presentation • Personalized view for the user One of the largest mobility initiative worldwide
  15. 15. Case: 7 (continued) Enterprise Mobile ApplicationArchitecture• A stand alone system and one that is capable of leveraging backend integration/assets• Architecture to work in offline mode as well as sync user details upon availability of network• MEAP Implementation• Legacy System Integration• Access to Content Management• Social Media Endeavour Value • End to End Expertise – mobility, middleware, integration • Deep expertise in mobility challenges • Ability to assist client with vision/strategy followed by rapid/phased development and deployment
  16. 16. Case: 8 Enterprise Mobile ApplicationChallengeEndeavour’s mandate is to enable a comparison shopping solution for HP Laptops viasmartphones. This application helps a user identify detailed configuration about specificHP laptop models by simply scanning a bar code, QR code, or taking picture ofspecification tag from a laptop. Unique Features  Unique shopping experience/comparison shopping  Reading information from QR and Bar code  Identifying product model number from QR and barcode  Identify product information from Information tag  Collecting information about other brand for comparison shopping Endeavour Value mCOE – help clients build capability with mobility internally Deep expertise in mobility challenges Ability to assist client with vision/strategy followed by rapid/phased development and deployment
  17. 17. Case: 9 Mobilizing Supply ChainChallengeIn response to a wide number of disparate systems in use on the factory floor Dell responded bydeveloping a single application layer to unify the data and allow users mobile access in real time. Thenew system provides real time visibility and key metrics to help managers control factory operations. Unique Features  Microsoft .NET framework to provide common, simplifed between the routing and tracking application and the other factory systems  BlackBerry device allows users to make operational and workflow decisions on their handheld devices that affect factory operations in real time.
  18. 18. Case: 9 (continued) Enterprise Mobile ApplicationEndeavour Value Architecture End to End Expertise – mobility, middleware, integration Deep expertise in mobility challenges Ability to assist client with vision/strategy followed by rapid/phased development and deployment
  19. 19. Case: 10 Mobilizing Manufacturing AnalyticsChallengeKimberly Clark needed to develop a mobile web based solution to mobile enable manufacturinganalytics from a SSAS Cube. The business challenge was to enable the data from the SSAS Cube,present drill down functionalities and complex reports and graphs. Unique Features  Mobile enabling data from the SSAS Cube  Presenting complex reports and graphs  Multi browser support  Relative comparison of measures across the hierarchical data elements  Data Optimization  Extending Windows Authentication to the mobile device Endeavour Value  Experience with mobile BI  Experience with mobile dashboards/analytics
  20. 20. Case: 11 Mobile Dashboard ApplicationChallengeThe Mobile Dashboard Application enables users to employ dashboards to monitor key performanceindicators that convey how well an organization is performing. Dashboards include graphics, text,colors, and hyperlinks. All content is displayed in a role-based, secure, customizable, and extensibleenvironment. Unique Features • View dashboard with aggregated data of the organization • Search a specific dash board at any point of time • Application cache management capabilities • Auto update capabilities • Multiple language support capabilities which include supporting Unicode languages like Arabic and Chinese. Customer: Leader in Business Analytics Software and Services, US Technology: BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Backend Integration
  21. 21. Case: 12 Empowering Mobile COEChallengeEndeavour’s mandate was to empower & enable a mobility team at Tesco. The expertteam developed one many applications planned by Tesco. The Grocery Application isdeveloped for Android & iPhone platforms and is live on both platforms. Unique Features  Online Shopping  Book Delivery Slots  Use Barcode Scanning to search items  Use voice search to look for items  Utilizes Grocery API’s Technology: iOS, Android Endeavour Value  Enabling Mobility within Tesco  Enabling Mobility Strategy Articulation  Empowering Mobile Centre of Excellence
  22. 22. Why Endeavour? Deep Mobility Expertise – We have developed deep expertise in mobile technology, starting in 2002. We have over 250 mobility experts worldwide. End to End Enterprise Capability - We have experience supporting the unique challenges of large enterprises. We have e2e experience with developing mobile applications, selecting mobile enterprise application platforms, and integrating legacy systems. Partnering Approach – We act as partners with our clients enabling them to address difficult challenges and achieve market goals. Our focus is not on selling our own products but, first and foremost, on making our clients successful. Industry Specialization – We recognize the importance of understanding a client’s business. We have domain expertise in health care, banking and other key industries. We work closely with clients to not only adopt mobile tools but to transform their business into a new and mobile-enabled enterprise. Global Cost Advantage – We utilize resources from delivery centers across the globe. This allows us to optimize our resources and offer cost advantages to our clients.
  23. 23. Thank YouContact:EndeavourEnterprise Mobile Healthcare SolutionsJames J. Stoodt917.623.2564New York, NY