Aes A Partnership For The Future


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Aes A Partnership For The Future

  1. 1. www.aesfinance.comA Partnership for the Future aes international is a trading style of aes financial services Ltd, registered in england and wales company number 6063185. aes financial services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the UK financial services authority (fsa), fsa Register no 464494. full mifiD and imD passporting authority granted for all eU member states. Please note that the value of investments are not guaranteed and may fall as well as rise. nothing contained in this advertisement should be construed as investment advice and some products and services may not be legally available to residents of certain countries and jurisdictions.
  2. 2. ContentForeword 1Introduction 3The Spirit of Partnership 4- with AES International 4- with other Partners 6- with Clients 8- with the Community 10Being an AES International Partner 11Our Internal Recognition System 12The Future 14 © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future
  3. 3. Foreword Back in 2007 I wrote ‘The AES Partnership Paper’. Just three years later the organisation we are in today is almost unrecognisable. Not only have we been the UKs fastest growing company in "The term Partner any sector over this time but we have become a multiple award and ‘Partnership’ was winning organisation recognised by the Financial Times and other chosen to reflect the bodies such as Investors in People for leading our profession in common goals and terms of client, adviser and organisational outcomes. aspirations we should all share". I strongly believe this success is because our approach is completely opposite to that of our industry peers and predecessors. In the niche area of international, multi-jurisdictional and offshore advice – there aren’t always the rules or requirement to ensure firms place client’s interest before their own and ensure basic ‘Treating Customer Fairly’ systems are adhered to. In contrast to this, our core cultural values of integrity, professionalism, transparency, fairness and knowledge set us generationally apart and are solid foundations upon which to build our collective businesses. But values without people accomplish little and it is the calibre, determination and quality of all our people that really set us apart. This is true at all levels and across all functions within the organisation, but no more so than amongst the Partnership itself. The term Partner was chosen to reflect the common goals and aspirations we all share, and to signify that we truly are Partners in business. I am immensely proud of the huge efforts made by the advisers, supervisors and principals within the AES Partnership, which is without doubt our engine room of success. Achievement of our corporate goal of introducing Positive Change to international financial services and being regarded as the most professional and trusted provider of cross-border financial services will be largely determined by the on-going quality, cohesion and dedication of this Partnership. What follows is a document building upon the original partnership paper, largely written by Partners for Partners, describing the principles that have, and still are developing to give AES a clear competitive edge and make us a group of professionals that other advisers aspire to join. Sam Instone, CEO, AES International4 | © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future | 1
  4. 4. Introduction “We believe that The AES International Partnership is an exclusive community made up of many of the most experienced, being a member of able and highly regarded professionals working in the AES Partnership international and cross-border financial services today. bestows membership Each adviser or principal is an entrepreneurial business of an exclusive owner and our duty at AES is to help build this business in community. Within both the short (income) and long (capital) term. this community, Within this community, we have a code of conduct that determines how we should we have a code of interact with each other, how we should behave with clients and ultimately what conduct”. the organisation collectively expects from those who carry the badge ‘An AES International Partner’. This document seeks to further clarify this code, and provide the framework within which we should all aspire to work. Observing the contents of this document will help us to retain the culture and philosophy that has helped us become the leading organisation within our marketplace. It will also create an environment that everyone should want to be a part of and help contribute to.2 | © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future | 3
  5. 5. The Spirit of Partnership with AES As Partners in your business AES strive to: • Lead and manage AES International. • Handle Partners Private Client data confidentially and • Promote the principles of The AES International Partnership sensitively.Positive Change is at the very heart of the company. The company is advice-led, and sees its as set out in The Partnership Code documents. • Seek to increase the profitability of all Partner andprimary ‘client’ as the Partnership. We then use our distinct ability to build relationships with • Help Partners understand, protect and increase their assets Partners Private Client relationships through harnessingpeople and businesses that can benefit from advice on our wide range of products and services. with particular emphasis on the creation of medium to long technological advantages in servicing and marketing to term capital value. those Private Clients.AES don’t want to be a passive business processor but a This ‘Partnership’ is fundamental to the success of AES and is • Always act on behalf of the Partners in seeking to build the • Never exclude a Partner from any communication withproactive business enabler. In order to achieve this we need to reflected in the way the business is run, and in the relationship value of client banks and businesses. their Private Clients (unless as part of an official complaintconsult extensively with Partners at all levels and particularly that exists between the Partners and Management of AES. • Seek to build a business that integrates both Partners and by that Client).those of us who specialise in a particular market, or have Partners Private Clients, and which may lead to Private • Agree in advance, rates of Fees and Commissions paid toparticular expertise. We also recognise that the company is made up of many Clients also becoming Partners in business. Through this we Partners, these rates are reviewed on at least an annual different functions and skill sets, and that the company’s achieve a more coherent community of interest. basis.Partners recognise that the company’s ability to position success is substantially down to teamwork and a vision shared • Negotiate excellent rates for services and products from • Only allow membership of The AES Internationalits products and services appropriately for our chosen by all those associated with the group. Product and Service Providers on behalf of Partners and Partnership to those who aspire and agree to The AESmarkets, together with its distinctive approach to Investment Partners Clients. International Partnership principles and ensure those whoManagement greatly assists our ability to attract and retain There is mutual respect for each other within the AES and none • Treat Partners and Partners Clients with respect and in a way fail to abide by our rules cannot remain Partners.high quality business. more so than for the Partnership to drive business growth. in which we ourselves would like to be advised and treated.4 | © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future | 5
  6. 6. “While there are contractual arrangements in place that describe what, should happen when working with anotherThe Spirit of Partner, or another Partner’sPartnership with client, it is more important that we try to ‘do the right thing’other Partners when in these situations”.The Partnership consists of over 100 Clearly working together in this way brings significant benefitentrepreneurs who each have a proven AES expect all advisers within the Partnership to abide to the following code: — for this reason we also suggest that Partners share ideas fortrack record for success and excellence of best practice to help us market our services more effectively. • Always hand out to a Private Client the Private Client • Maintain confidentiality of all information received as aservice. Summary of the Partnership Code and fulfil the clear Partner, and never give this out to anyone who is not a As Partners, we respect each other’s client relationships. If, by principles set out in that document. Partner.AES encourages individual achievement and recognises and chance, we are introduced to an existing client, we will seek to • Never seek personal advantage at the cost or disadvantage • Follow the various Compliance and Training &respects such endeavour at every level. It also recognises that notify the existing Partner at the earliest opportunity. Should the to any other Partner. Competence Procedures as published on the AESin the complex world of international financial services and, existing Partner agree to further contact, then the Partners will • Treat all parties involved with AES International – fellow International particular, in the wealth management market in which AES come to a commercial arrangement, should any business result. advisers, staff, directors, and private clients with respect • Be scrupulously honest and transparent in dealings withoperates, individual client circumstances are often complex and behave in a professional manner at all times towards clients and other Partners and to treat both as advisersand almost always unique to them. The principle is a simple one, which is to treat other Partners them. They too are Partners. would like to be treated themselves. in the way that you would like to be treated yourself. • Help other Partners by seeking to place any services • Grant permission for AES International to seekIn a significant number of cases, Partners work together and you can’t or don’t wish to provide, with them, without information from Private Clients in order to assist injointly advise clients from their respective field of expertise. This is how we all see the Spirit of Partnership operating detriment to the Private Client. providing better services for that Private Client to theSuch arrangements are encouraged by the company and highly in practice. While there are contractual arrangements in • Transact all classes of financial services business, fees and benefit of the Partner.regarded by clients, as they are with other professions. Calling place that describe what should happen when working commissions through the agencies of AES International. • Work with AES International in building a world leadingon the services of, for example, a pensions transfer specialist with another Partner, or another Partner’s client, it is more • If disagreement with a policy of the AES International Partnership wealth management business.such as Premier Pension Solutions SL, adds significant important that we try to do the right thing’ when in these occurs, the adviser concerned will contribute to the resolution of • Follow the guidance of AES International regarding theirvalue from a client perspective and further enhances the situations. This approach builds trust and confidence in this personally, and internally. If the matter cannot be resolved, negotiating policy with any Product or Service Provider andrelationship between the client, their Partner and AES. each other and enhances the Spirit of Partnership. such person will leave, rather than break the Partnership Code. not act in a manner which may jeopardise those negotiations.6 | © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future | 7
  7. 7. The Spirit of We aim to deliver consistent all-round performance to clients and openly declaring to clients that all of Partnership our partners: with Clients • Give impartial, independent advice. • Act on their behalf at all times, not on the behalf of any other product or service provider. Advisers are there to serve clients and their needs must always put them first. It is in all of our interests that • Be honest and transparent in their dealings. our clients’ perception of AES • Supply them with written Terms of Business before engaging in any advice. is positive in every sense and • Provide them, in writing, a report or letter explaining reasons for any that their experience is positive recommendations. • Be qualified as an experienced financial planner, which means they’ve in every sense and that their passed (as a minimum) the Chartered Insurance Institutes (CII) examinations experience of dealing with our or national equivalent. organisation is consistent with • Be deemed financially fit and proper to conduct investment business. the image we portray. • Be subject to ongoing examination of fit and proper status. • Seek to increase knowledge and professionalism by undertaking Continuous Professional Development. Their interests should and must • Be part of a larger network of similar professionals and product specialists always come first. ensuring that clients have access at all times to up-to-date information. • Have access to leading technology to assist in the research and administration on behalf of Private Clients. • Provide clients with access to the AES International organisation and any data held by the organisation on your behalf.8 | © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future | 9
  8. 8. “In many ways, efforts made byAES in the local community arethe very essence of who we are– International outlook – localpresence. Therefore, however wechoose to do it, being a Partneralso means finding ways tomake a difference to those lessfortunate than ourselves”. Being an AES International Partner The title also reflects the fact we share a common interest in protecting the reputation of AES International and all of our partner firms. The respect in which each one of us is held by his or her clients, and in the international and local community as a Using the title Partner is of great significance. whole, can be undermined by the behaviour of any Whilst there is no Partnership in the legal sense single Partner. of the word, the term reflects the important Each one of us owes it to every other Partner to relationship between us as partners in business conduct ourselves and our business, in a way that is – helping business getters build long term value likely to reinforce and enhance the high reputation of whilst helping their underlying clients. AES International and its Partners.The Spirit of Partnership with the “Using the title Partner isCommunity of great significance. The title reflects the important relationship between us asBeing an AES International Partner Putting something back into the community for those less fortunate Partners and with AES”.also means we are members of a than ourselves lies at the heart of the AES that cares about the wider Many members of the AES Partnership also get involved in fund-community in which we work. This is raising events, some of which involve tremendous personal challengesbest illustrated by the work carried out such as triathlons, skydiving and running various support the local organisations and We are truly committed to Positive Change – not only within our owncharities. industry but within the wider community as a whole.10 | © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future | 11
  9. 9. “Whatever level or title achieved, Our Internal The Partnership is a meritocracy, where recognition and every member of the Partnership is treated as an individual and Recognition rewards are based on results achieved. This recognition comes by looking at both the immediate past as well as respected accordingly.” System the longer term. During each calendar year, the key performance information generated by each partner is used to determine qualification and benefits for the following year. These are based on achievement at Private Client Adviser, Associate Partner, Partner, Regional Partner or higher levels, and recognise business achievements in the previous year. Alongside this annual recognition, sustained achievement over many years with the Partnership is also recognised. The titles Partner and Regional Partner seek to do this. Qualifying as a Partner or Regional Partner requires achievement of outstanding professional development, client maintenance and performance levels and is subject to confirmation from the Nominations Committee and Board approval. Whatever level or title achieved, every member of the Partnership is treated as an individual and respected accordingly.12 | © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future | 13
  10. 10. The FutureThe AES Partnership is and will remain hugelydifferentiated from our peers. We represent newways and new answers to getting better outcomesfor everyone involved with us – Clients, Partnersand Principals.Whether it is market access, compliance, technology, investmentstrategies or practice management which brings us together – our beliefis that by pooling resources, sharing economies of scale and by adoptinga team based approach we will cement an unrivalled reputation in theminds of both underlying clients and the profession as a whole.Ensuring our collective solutions are delivered with the upmostintegrity, professionalism, and transparency ensures that we have a truepartnership for the future.14 | © AES InTERnATIOnAl 2010 A Partnership for the Future
  11. 11. EuropE • middlE East • south amErica • • africa • australasia •A PARTnERShIP FOR ThE FuTuRE REgulATORy DISClOSuRE To avoid misunderstandings, AES may record telephone conversations. AES International is a trading style of AES Financial Services Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. REgISTERED OFFICE Elysium Gate, 126-128 New Kings Road London, SW6 4LZ PhOnE +44 (0) 203 051 7999 REGISTERED IN ENGLAND NO. 6063185 A list of other AES member firms is available on request. THE PURPOSE OF THIS BROCHURE IS TO GIvE GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS AND SERvICES ONLy. THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THESE PAGES IS NOT INTENDED TO AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ANy OFFER By US TO SELL, NEITHER IS IT INTENDED TO BE AN INvITATION OR SOLICITATION TO BUy, ANyPRODUCT OR SERvICE AND MUST NOT BE RELIED UPON IN CONNECTION WITH ANy INvESTMENT OR OTHER DECISION. NOTHING CONTAINED INTHESE PAGES CONSTITUTES INvESTMENT, LEGAL,TAx OR OTHER ADvICE AND IS NOT TO BE RELIED ON IN MAKING AN INvESTMENT DECISION. WINNER financiaL Times GLobaL awaRDs 2010 sHoRTLisTinGs • adviser firm of the Year TRAInIng & DEvElOPmEnT PROgRAmmE • adviser firm of the Year TREATIng ThE CuSTOmER FAIRly PROgRAmmE money maRKeTinG awaRDs • Best Network and support Services Provider Award • Best adviser training and Development Award