Tourism and local economic development in england


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Presentation given by James Kennell at the 4th Biannual International Tourism Studies Association conference in Bali,Indonesia 23-25th August 2012

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Tourism and local economic development in england

  1. 1. James KennellDirector, Economic Development Resource Centre Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Regeneration University of Greenwich Business School
  2. 2. • Created in 2010 after an electoral crisis• Centre-right coalition• Economic crisis driving policy
  3. 3. • Broad changes – Regional Development Agencies abolished – Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) created • Tourism an early priority (Kennell & Chaperon 2010)• Tourism governance changes – Regional DMO funding cut – Restructure and cuts for national DMOs – Increased role for private sector in destination development and management
  4. 4. (Adapted from Buccelato et al 2010: 47)
  5. 5. • Post 1997 – Boosterism / Trickle-down economics – Community-level work as sustainable development – State-driven
  6. 6. “reduce the sector’sdependence on taxpayer funding” (DCMS 2011:8) Generally constrained by older models of economic development (orthodox, community) Governance restructure creates opportunities for progressive LED • Role for third sector • Local leadership
  7. 7. • “a particularly effective vehicle for regenerating run-down neighbourhoods, using relatively small amounts of new investment…festivals and cultural connections can be equally powerful…which then acts as a catalyst” (DCMS 2011: 12).• Sustainable development replaced with ‘economic sustainability’
  8. 8. New Glocalisation Eventseconomic - - models Local The end of - distinctiveness blockbusterDashboards for global attractions? markets
  9. 9. • Centre right / neoliberal government• Tourism policy reflects that….• BUT – because of the economic crisis – Localism – Role for third-sector – Private sector engagement• There are possibilities for tourism being linked to progressive LED