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Final presentation


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ADV 420

Published in: Technology, Business
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Final presentation

  1. 1. Facebook
  2. 2. Social NetworkKeep up with friends  Photos  Status updates  Chat  Sharing post
  3. 3. Audience901 million active users50% of users between 18-34Active members of all ageDifferent networks  City  School  work
  4. 4. Facebook and BusinessMany businesses have a facebook link on their page to link back too facebookSharing optionsBrand promotion
  5. 5. MobileMobile web friendlyVarious smart phone apps
  6. 6. Keeping the buzzFacebook top social networking site539,000 likes worldwide this monthMany other social networking sites  Twitter  linkedIn  Myspace
  7. 7. Not just for studentsTool for businesspeopleOpened for non students in 2006Meet new peopleSchool, work, and friendsEngaging with people
  8. 8. BrandingAbility to make applicationsCreate apps allowing friends to share infoThousands of app avaiableMarketing tool
  9. 9. Staying up to dateYounger audienceConstantly updating facebook with trendsFeedbackUsers demands
  10. 10. Social MediaShare ideasContent thoughtsRelationshipsImportant conceptAnything from blogs, wikis, video and photosharing