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Two column notes


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Two column notes

  1. 1. NOTE TAKING: 2COLUMN NOTESResearch6th & 7th Grade Language
  2. 2. Stages of Note Taking Beginning  Building a foundation of knowledge  Basic info  Lots of reading!! Middle  After basic knowledge  Specific Info End  Fact checking
  3. 3. Two-Column NotesEssential Question: Always begin with a question in mind!!Notes Thinking Facts  Your thoughts Information  Your questions Statistics  Your realizations Stories Found directly in text
  4. 4. Text Codes Use codes to react to your notes Examples: ? = question  ?? = confusion  = connection; cause/effect  = important info
  5. 5. Example On Sunday, February 5th, the two teams you see here will face each other in the biggest game of the NFL season, the Super Bowl. The Giants’ home stadium isn’t in New York; it’s in New Jersey. The Super Bowl is always given a Roman numeral instead of a number, and this year it is Super Bowl XLVI. This year’s game will be played in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is a re-match of the 2008 Super Bowl, when these teams faced also faced each other. The two teams have the same head coaches and same starting quarterbacks now that they had then. New York’s coach is Tom Coughlin and New England’s coach is Bill Belichick. The Patriots have a much better regular season record than the Giants this year. The Patriots won 13 games and lost 3, while the Giants won 9 games and lost 7. But none of that matters — whichever team wins will be the NFL’s champion. Almost as much attention is paid to the half-time show and the commercials as to the game itself.
  6. 6. ExampleHow are sports important to American culture?Notes Thinking Super bowl is the  Why don’t Giants biggest game of NFL season. play in NY? NY Giants play in New  How do they decide Jersey Use roman numerals where it’s played? This year it’s in  Wow! Indianapolis Rematch of 2008 Much attn paid to commercial