Refugee Reflections


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Refugee Reflections

  1. 1. Refugee Support by Peter Hindmarsh
  2. 2. Poems
  3. 3. Humans Blood Is what you control with a band aid Blood Was the last I saw of my home country Alone Is a feeling you value Alone Is my eternity Death Was the wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood” Death Is no fairytale Crash Is the drop of a plate Crash Is the rubble that buries my family Water Gushes plentifully from your taps Water Surrounds my leaking boat Locks Keep you safe Locks Keep me captive Dreams Yours are to be hugely wealthy Dreams Mine are to survive Australia You take for granted Australia Is our lucky country Olivia
  4. 4. A Place to Call Home This was never planned, We need to seek safety on your land. We have done nothing wrong, And we just want to belong. No harm we will do, After all we have been through. Please just let us stay, We will do everything as you say. My family means the most, I need them very close. Bu when you watch one die, You feel like no tough guy. The journey had no light, As nothing was all right. No food, no water, no place to call home, My tears would have filled a dome. All I want is a country that’s fair, To live a life without despair. All I ask is to start anew, To live a life just like you. Anna
  5. 5. A Girl with a Dream Imagine being forced to leave your home, Seeing men, children, and women fleeing along the streets. Having your house blown up into flames, Not even allowed to hear yourself think because of the yelling and screaming, Watching your street turn to rubble right at your feet. Not even allowed to say goodbye to the place you called home, just forced to get on a boat. All I see is endless blue, my mum does not speak, My sister died three weeks ago. The only that keeps me alive is the thought of being free, We arrived to no welcome, just put into jail. Now we stand in an endless line, all I want is to have a life and go to school I’M JUST A GIRL WITH A DREAM. Ailish
  6. 6. On the Boat On the boat leaving our home, Never to return again, as long as the war goes on. As our country stays unsafe for us, We are leaving our home, we must. We could lose our lives today or tomorrow, It could even have been yesterday. But we try and try to stay alive, “We must go on!” mum and dad cry. There were other children here, you see, But they all died from a bad disease. I fear that I may pick it up, And not long after hit the dust. I want to find a new safe place, To live a new life, to have a face. I wish this world was liveable and free, So in the future there would be no refugees. Madeleine
  7. 7. The Unexpected Journey Living a normal life Suddenly put in such great strife Not knowing why But there is no time to ask otherwise I would die. Leaving all behind We didn’t know what we were going to find Going out to sea We weren’t expecting what we were about to see. The journey was tough The waves were high and rough Lack of water and food Which dampened our desperate mood. We finally arrived To our luck we had survived We knew we had more work to do But we could handle it after what we had just been through. People have treated us like dirty rags Despite that we are not going to pack our bags We have grown to love this place We are just like you but from a different race. Jonathon
  8. 8. Rescue Escape Family Unknown Grateful Endless Empathy Georgia
  9. 9. What wrong did I do? What wrong did I do? All I want is to live like you, So please help us, I won’t make a fuss, Please don’t get mad, We won’t be bad, Help me live a joyful life, So I can live without strife, Please accept me for who I am, So I can work as hard as I can, Just let me be me, So I can be, The happiest refugee. Claire
  10. 10. WHY? Why is this happening to me? Why is there war at my home? Why am I forced into leaving my country? Why do I have to live in a refugee camp? Why do I have to wait to find a new home? Why do you treat me differently? WILL I SURVIVE? Joel
  11. 11. Ruined life Equality Flee their country Understanding Guns Empathy Executed Suffer
  12. 12. Akhtar Akhtar is my name, Before I left my country I had no fame. One reason I left, the war is to blame, Why is there so much fighting? It’s insane. When we were on the boat, We struggled to stay afloat. The pirates came and took our supplies, We all hoped that no one died. Starved and dehydrated we were left with little hope, We found a drink bottle, without it we wouldn’t cope. At last we saw the navy, Just after mum passed away with her new born baby. They took us to the detention centre, Where other refugees suffered from dementia. We all had dreams of freedom and education, So that we could live a normal life and have an occupation. Jeremy and Louis
  13. 13. My Poem To A Refugee We are one alike, But we are in a different place, I`m in an open world, You`re in a Detention Centre, I can visit places, You are locked up, I can get a job, You can`t, I have fun, You are bored, I can get an education, You don`t have that privilege, We are one alike, But we are in a very different place. Riley
  14. 14. Random people Escape Flee Utopia Guns Exhaustion Eat Sadness
  15. 15. Refugee It is only night. But my life is already becoming a fright. My mum just died. Because she lied. I have nothing to eat. Now I find myself looking for a seat. The captain of the ship says, “It will be alright.” I sure hope he is right. I wonder how Australia will be? If we can find safety? My dad says not to worry. But for asking I am not sorry. Now the only identity I have is as a refugee. Shereen
  16. 16. Look Beyond Your Screens (From the perspective of a refugee) My heart begins to shatter My eyes red and puffy from my tears I’ve overcome all my fears But survival is now what matters I possess necessities now Water at the turn of a tap And food if I’m hungry perhaps But it’s isolation that turns me foul You live behind t to be screens And you fail to realise That if you look up, there’s more than what meets your eyes It’s us and our desires wanting to be seen Taylor
  17. 17. Ready for death Eager for land Fighting for life Under a lot of pressure. Getting ready for a new life Excited for freedom. Every moment in pain Shereen
  18. 18. The Journey On a dark night, I had a big fright. So I ran out of sight, I went on a boat, On a journey of hope. After 7 days, We reached the bay, On a great Australian day. I am so glad I have arrived, But they didn’t accept me, I ask why? Gurjeet
  19. 19. My story At first it was peaceful No war or conflict going on I could finally live without fear When life was like this. The war had broken out The conflict had started We had to go If we all wanted to survive. Our decision was not easy A rigid boat which would be overcrowded If I was to live then it was this or die. I got on the boat to Australia Expecting a good journey This was what I thought This my story so far… Thomas
  20. 20. Refused Entry Equal Family Unwanted Guilt Escape Empathy By Will
  21. 21. Filmstrip Reflections
  22. 22. Letters
  23. 23. Dear Refugee, I am very sorry for what you are going through at this time. As a young person at Primary School with a comfortable home to go to each night, I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like if I was in your position. I'm sure at times you feel cold, lonely, afraid and scared. There are many reasons why our government won't allow you to come freely into our country. Most of the reasons I don't understand either. We are all human beings who need to feel safe and loved. I understand the main reason for trying to come to Australia is to escape grave danger from your home country. Our government needs to have a big heart and open our arms to as many refugees as we can. We must try to stop the suffering of refugees, particularly the young children. We just have to try to imagine if we were in your position. Grace
  24. 24. Dear Anh, I think your story of when you came to Australia is really touching. What a life you have been through! I was so happy for you when you got class captain. I could only imagine what it felt like. I could visualise your story and the harsh conditions you had to face. The way you turned your life from despair to hope has inspired me to take every opportunity that comes to me. You are an inspiration to me and many other kids. Keep up the good work. Yours sincerely, Patrick
  25. 25. Dear Anh Do, We have been learning about refugees at school and I have heard about your story. It is a very touching story about what you went through on the boat. It is great to know that you were allowed into this country and you are able to have a successful and joyful life. It was lucky that you came when you did because if you were to come to Australia now, you would not be allowed into this country. You are an inspirational person with a story to tell. I think it is bad the way refugees are being treated, and I’m sure you would agree. Before I learnt about this topic, I was partially against refugees, but now I have heard your story and other refugee’s stories, I am against what the government is doing at the moment. You are an inspiration to others. You have made a successful life in Australia becoming an author, actor and a comedian. You and your family have also given back to our country. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Regards, Breanna
  26. 26. Dear Anh Do, I love your shows they make me laugh. I never knew that you were a refugee until my teacher librarian told me. When we read your book “The Little Refugee” I felt very sorry for you. I wonder how big your house was in Vietnam. Your journey on the boat sounded very tough. I have found listening to refugee stories interesting. If I was born when you were young I would love to be your friend. Were you put into a Detention Centre? I would love to meet you one day! From Kiara.
  27. 27. Dear Mr Do, I really admire your courage and your willingness to come to Australia. At school we are learning about refugees and their stories of coming to Australia. I was really touched by your story in particular. It meant a lot to your family in coming to Australia and they made the right decision in coming here. I am lucky that I haven`t been a refugee. Your journey in your book “The Little Refugee” looked so difficult and tough for your family. It is also amazing that you have your own hilarious TV show. Your family have really made a difference to the Australian society and have hopefully changed people`s minds on refugees. I am so grateful and proud that I am Australian and I hope you feel the same way. From Sam
  28. 28. Dear Bri Mar, I was inspired by your poem and I had a few questions. How long did it take to write this poem? Are you a refugee? Have you written other poems? When I read your poem I could really visualise what you were talking about, but I’m sure it’s completely different to what you see. Yours sincerely, Jack
  29. 29. Refugee Diary October 3 Today we set sail to Australia. As we were leaving a group of men armed with guns aimlessly shot at our ship. Whizzing bullets showered down on our boat and we made a fast escape. My sister was shot in the head. She died an hour later. October 7 It’s been four days since we left. 8 people of the 250 people on the boat have died. This includes my sister and my mother. October 22 It’s been three weeks now. It was my birthday yesterday. We caught a dozen fish and plopped them in hot water. Dad insisted on my birthday that I have a whole fish. I shared it with my brother and dad. We’ll be okay. Everything is okay. November 1 Yesterday we were attacked by pirates. They took all of our food and they even took a child. They left and we had no food so we had to fish some more. November 10 I was so desperate I began to drink the sea water. I got dehydrated even more and I vomited all day. I think there was fish waste in the water. I was right. There were fish, lots of fish. I think I had my first decent meal for a week. November 28 I’ve been locked behind bars for two weeks. The fences tower above me. My brother is so hungry you can see his ribs. I’m so depressed I haven’t moved from this small room for three days. As for my dad, well he died of a disease. I have never felt like this. I feel like this isn’t worth it. The only thing that continues to cross my mind is… What did we do wrong? Sophie