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Mobile Phones

  1. 1. In 1960, the world’s first partly automatic car phone system, Mobile System a (MTA) was launched in Sweden. Martin Cooper was the inventor of the first hand held portable Mobile Phone and it was launched in 1973. The company was Motorola and it was available worldwide. Radiophones were used during WW2 and now we use them in our every day lives. BY JOSHUA W-B
  2. 2. Usage of Mobile Phones According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in March 2010, 841,400 Australian children between the ages of 5 -14 have a mobile phone. That is 31% of children in Australia. 2500000 2000000 1500000 3-D Column 1 1000000 500000 0 Internet Mobile Access Phones BY SHLOK S
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  4. 4. Reasons given why SMOT students need mobile phones • Emergencies • Walking to and from places (safety) • Communicate with people • For fun • Organise things • Play games • Send messages
  5. 5. The INQ Mini 3G has all different APPS and it’s only $99. Mobile phones have gone up $100 or $200 over the last 4 years. Some of the mobile phone brands are: 3,Telstra,Nokia, Apple, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson and INQ. BY JAKE O
  6. 6. The antenna is very close to the user’s head and can give you brain tumors, headaches, hot spots and brain cancer. This is because of the microwave emissions. In the USA some people that make and sell mobile phones have been in trouble with the police. People can die from the brain cancers. BY ALEXANDER TIRPENIS
  7. 7. The best way to get rid of your phone is to recycle it in a shop so There are around 800 million people who own they can take out all the bad a mobile phone across the world chemicals. After, the company might take it to a landfill or they We upgrade mobiles every 12-18 months so what happens to the environment when all the mobiles go could take it to another country for to waste? reuse. Firstly, mobile phones contain a type of metal that To learn more go to can cause major effects on the environment. An example is global pollution which is caused by or just go to your Wikipedia for metals becoming toxic over time. Mobiles have a some cool information about chemical called Cadmium which is the seventh recycling your phone. most toxic chemical [and could also cause cancer]. BY CALISTA P
  8. 8. Over the last couple of years mobile phone addiction is becoming a problem for young teenagers. Research presented at the 2007 Mobile Media Conference by Shari Walsh, from the Queensland University of Technology, suggests mobile phone addiction could be the new psychological disorder of the 21st century. Shari Walsh says people do not get addicted to phones, it is more likely they get addicted to being connected to other people. BY ELLIE L
  9. 9. Bibliography • Australian Bureau of Statistics se+and+mobile+phones?OpenDocument • History of Mobile Phones • Mobile Addiction • • Magazines from 3 and Telstra You can view this slideshow again on the LRC Blog at