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Devops is Dead


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Long Live DevOps

Published in: Technology
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Devops is Dead

  1. 1. DEVOPS IS DEAD Long live DevOps!
  2. 2. SOME GROUND RULES I’m no expert - this is just my perspective on things (I am very skeptical of people who call themselves an expert at anything) No death by Powerpoint (or Keynote in this case) Feel free to ask questions while I’m speaking (Just don’t be rude about it) I tend to swear like a drunken sailor quite often (I’ll try to keep that out of this talk)
  3. 3. WHO AM I? 18Year technology career so far Unix/Linux/xBSD/Windows System Admin for over 14 years Managed technology teams since 2009 Geek (SciFi Fan,Tolkien nerd, Gamer, etc) Husband & Dog Person Photographer (All these are my photos) Native Oregonian Obsessed with Music
  5. 5. A STORY INTHREE PARTS My History 1. Building a collaborative team 2. Integrating Operations into an Agile software world 3. Changing the culture to adopt DevOps
  6. 6. BUILDING A COLLABORATIVETEAM My early days before DevOps had a name
  7. 7. PART 1: 2005 - 2010 I was never a DevOps engineer, I was a system administrator who wasn’t an a-hole to the users I loved collaborating with various teams and trying to help improve the business processes I wanted to work with others who wanted to work together to solve problems I carried those principals into my first technical management job
  8. 8. INTEGRATING OPS INTO AN AGILE SOFTWARE WORLD My first attempt to formalize something around DevOps
  9. 9. PART II: 2011 - 2014 Team of one. Then a Small team .Then a Medium team Manual deployments by windows drag and drop to power shell automation Building my first “DevOps” team (Ops, Release Management, QA, Development) Giving my team DevOps titles and myself the title of Manager of Devops and why I’m ok with contradicting my very own point
  10. 10. CHANGINGTHE CULTURE The blossoming teams at Jama
  11. 11. PART III: 2015 AND BEYOND Triaging the department Establishing the processes Exposing the work Adopting Scrum, planning for the unplanned Integrating the team inward and outward Getting rid of the name
  12. 12. Drive towards collaboration Culture fit is MORE important that technology skills You can teach tech, you can teach personality - no a-holes Don’t call one team in your organization DevOps if you can avoid it MOVING FORWARD
  13. 13. QUESTIONS?