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Journey to authenticity - new class 2 sig strengths


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Journey to authenticity - new class 2 sig strengths

  1. 1. Strength and Virtue
  2. 2.  Spiritual Gifts Part II Human “Nature Character ◦ Bad ◦ Good (“angelic)
  3. 3. Classification of the “sanities”
  4. 4.  Wisdom & Knowledge Courage Love & Humanity Justice Temperance Spirituality & Transcendence
  5. 5.  The route to the virtues Signature Strengths ◦ Moral Traits (not like talents) ◦ You can build strengths ◦ Choice to use and to build ◦ Can be acquired by almost any ordinary person ◦ Measureable and acquirable
  6. 6.  A strength is a trait Valued in its own right Does not diminish others Produces authentic positive emotions ◦ Win-Win Culture supports: institutions, rituals, role models, parables, maxims, children’s stories Ubiquitous
  7. 7.  Your Signature Strengths Full version @
  8. 8.  A sense of ownership and authenticity (“This is the real me”) A feeling of excitement while displaying it, particularly at first A rapid learning of new ways to enact the strength Continuous learning of new ways to enact the strength A sense of yearning to find ways to use it A feeling of inevitability in using the strength (“Try and stop me”) Invigoration rather than exhaustion while using the strength The creation and pursuit of personal projects that revolve around it Joy, zest, enthusiasm, even ecstasy while using it
  9. 9.  Usingyour signature strengths every day in the main realms of your life to bring abundant gratification and authentic happiness.
  10. 10.  1. What are they? 2. Where have you been using them? 3. Where do you intend to use them in the future? 4. What will it take to fully develop and use your gifts and strengths? (training? Support? Recognition?) 5. What is your next step in discovering, claiming and using your gifts and strengths.