How to live before you die


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How to live before you die

  1. 1. Steve Jobs Is an American entrepreneur whom is best known as the co-founder of Apple Inc. and Pixar Studios. He is recognized for his influential career in computer and consumer electronics fields.
  2. 2. At his Stanford University commencement speech titled,“HOW TO LIVE BEFORE YOU DIE” Jobs urges students to pursue our dreams and see the opportunities in life’s setbacks – including death itself.
  3. 3. Jobs captured the attention of theaudienceof college graduates in his introduction by comicallyadmitting that he is a college drop out. He then tells theaudience that he is going to tell them three meaningfulstories about himself that taught him about life.
  4. 4. “It was impossible to connectthe dots looking forward when I was in college. But it was very very clear looking backwardsten years later. Again, you can’ connect the dots lookingforward, you can only connect them looking backwards.”
  5. 5. He maintained the engagement of the audience throughout the speech through sharing his inspiringpersonal experiences in life that showed the audience that his failures fueled his success. He shared stories that portrayedhis failure and hardships as the events that made him who he is.
  6. 6. SHOW US THE REAL YOUIs the TED commandment that Steve Jobs followsbest. This is because he uses anecdotes of personalstories to portray a message that encouragespeople to make mistakes and failures in order toachieve success. Even though Jobs had beenpreviously rejected in life, he pursued his passionsbecause he loved what he did. He encourages theaudience to follow big dreams and trust yourself.
  7. 7. “I’m convinced that the only thing thatkept me going, was that I loved that Idid. You’ve got to find what youlove…the only way to do great work is tolove what you do. ”
  8. 8. 4I would rate Steve Job’s level of dynamismduring his speech at a 4. His speech wasread in an manuscripted manner, and couldhave connected with the audience morepersonally if done more extemporaneously.He also did not engage in much animation orgesturing, however, he was obviouslypassionate and inspiring to a youngaudience and was highly respected for whathe shared.
  9. 9. The main tips suggested by Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte thatwas utilized in this speech were the use of humor and anecdotes orpersonal stories. Jobs included subtle humor as comic relief duringhis heavy topics about his past personal experiences in his life thatothers could learn from.
  10. 10. What I learned about delivery basedupon watching Steve Job’scommencement speech is that sharingyour own stories and experiences is agreat way to connect and be honestwith your audience, which capturesattention and interest.
  11. 11. The main difference between these two speakers is how they portrayedthe delivery of the speech. Steve Jobs placed himself in one spot andread from a manuscript, where as Sir Ken Robinson was very mobile andconversational when speaking to his audience. Robinson used morehumor while Job’s speech was more serious. The two speakers comparedby utilizing anecdote devices as stories and examples to portray theirideas and relate to listeners. Overall, both are outstanding public speakers.
  12. 12. One important tip I’d like to give to my classmates on deliveryfor their upcoming speeches based on my TED talk is to not beafraid to share information about yourself in order to get amessage across to an audience by personally connecting tothem.
  13. 13. THE END