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District Press Conference 2015


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District press Conference

Published in: Education
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District Press Conference 2015

  1. 1. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation to the following who have greatly contributed to the success of this undertaking: To the organizers for painstakingly supervising the overall flow of the activities and contests per category. To the facilitators for actively awakening the campus journalists’ interest in making a difference through journalism. To the parents for lovingly supporting their children’s talents and skills in communication through writing. To the campus journalists for eagerly participating in their respective categories. Above all, to the Almighty Father for unconditionally pouring His love and blessings to everyone and for continually lighting the path for His faithful servants. Thank you very much for making this event a huge success!
  2. 2. November 4, 2015 @ 8:00 A.M. Teachers’ Conference Hall PART I National Anthem Audio-Visual Presentation Invocation Mrs. Nechel V. Tulod T-I, MVTS Welcome Address Miss Jesella S. Montealto MT-II, MRPS GT Dance Presentation Select MVTS Journalists Journalist, MVTS Post Presentation of Facilitators/Proctors Mr. Jeffrey C. Villamor T-I, MVTS Message Dr. Ma. Virgilia S. Bagalanon ME District Supervisor Presentation Christine S Abing & Rie Mykhel Gonzaga Journalists, Ang Molave Inspirational Message Mr. Samson V. Acapulco EPS/QualCi II Manager Journalist’s Creed Kyndra Lei B. Yunting Journalist, MVTS Post Orientation Dr. Regina O. Menioria HT- IV, MVTS PART II C O N T E S T P R O P E R Master of Ceremonies Lyra Fe Q. Serafin T-I, MVTS MRPS Teachers’ Conference Hall November 6, 2015 @ 2:00 P.M. National Anthem Audio-Visual Presentation Doxology Miss Cherrymae A. Rabago T-I, MVTS Opening Statement Mr. Erwin Gentapa T-I MVTS Broadcasting Simulation c/o Mrs. Mabel Aljule S. Catalon (Elementary) MT-I, Lower Dimalinao ES Message Dr. Regina O. Menioria HT-IV, MVTS Broadcasting Simulation c/o Miss Lyra Fe Q Serafin (Secondary) T-I, MVTS Message Dr. Ma. Virgilia S. Bagalanon ME District Supervisor Giving of Certificates to Mr. Samson V. Acapulco the facilitators & proctors Dr. Ma. Virgilia S. Bagalanon Intermission Number Rose Eilspeth M. Diaz Journalist, MVTS Post Giving of Awards Miss Jesella S. Montealto (Elementary level) MT-II, DPC In-Charge (Elementary) Awarding of Certificates/ Mrs. Marilyn H. Pacong Medals to the winners T-III, DPC In-Charge (Secondary level) (Secondary) Challenge Mr. Samson V. Acapulco EPS/QualCi II Manager Closing Remarks Mrs. Anicita Q. Maghanoy T-III, Simata NHS Master of Ceremonies NECHEL V. TULOD T-I, MVTS