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MicroAid Family Stories 2012


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MicroAid provides a new way of empowering the poor. Learning business skills through multimedia guides, practice and tryout to make the product, then sell the product in the global market

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MicroAid Family Stories 2012

  1. 1. MICROAID FAMILY STORIES 2012  Community Partners  Extended Families  Donors & Partners  Village Products  About MicroAid MICROAID15 years of practical help for low income families MicroAid – a registered charity in the UK & Wales no 1125206 | .org | Donations:
  2. 2. MicroAid in the worldIn 2012, MicroAid has been operating in 7 countries: 1. Bangladesh 2. Burundi 3. India 4. Indonesia 5. Kenya 6. Pakistan 7. Uganda Burundi Uganda Kenya Pakistan India Bangladesh Indonesia “Practical help for low income families to help reduce poverty” 2
  3. 3. MicroAid Community PartnersMicroAid links your support for poor families directly with local community partner organisations.INDONESIA Community partner members and families with Community Partner Team members MicroAid’s donor Toby and Amber Beresford Independent Child Shelter (Rumah Singgah Anak when visiting in 2011. Human Love Foundation Mandiri), and MicroAid Manager Jalu Wardhana (Yayasan Kasih Insani), East Nusa Tenggara. (second from right) Jogjakarta. Facebook: Meet them on facebook andiri Community Team and families of Equator Kendari Foundation, Southeast Sulawesi. Facebook: 3
  4. 4. UGANDA BURUNDI KENYA Kakeeto Idriss, Community Partner MicroAid Family group participating in the self-help team leader, making organic gardens for family guidance given by the local trainer in a MicroAid groups. Nakawuka Dreamscheme – NAKA from project: Community Mobilization Against Kampala, Uganda. Facebook: Poverty – CMAP from Kitale, Kenya. Facebook: Making soaps from potatoes and selling in the A mother and her children helped by MicroAid to market advice from a local business man for a learn new skills sitting in front of their house in MicroAid project self-help group. Community Gasenyi village, Burundi. MicroAid Community Sustainable Development Empowerment Partner: Action Solidaire Pour Le Developement Programme – COSD from Central, Kenya. Communautaire – ASOD from Kayanza, Burundi. Facebook: comburundi 4
  5. 5. BANGLADESH INDIA PAKISTAN Ford Trust, a MicroAid Community Partner from Community Partner Team members Samaj Tamil Nadu, India. Facebook: Jagoron O Unnayan Kendra - SJOUK (Social Awareness and Development Center), Dhaka, Bangladesh. Facebook: Group of mothers rolling knitting yarn into balls Group of mothers following MicroAid tailoring for sale locally. training at home to make school uniforms and wedding garments. Community Partner: Society MicroAid Community Partner: Pakistan Welfare for Educational & Environmental Development Family Organization, from Punjab, Pakistan. – SEED from West Bengal, India. Facebook: Community Partners Feedback“Very unusual. We didn’t think we could access the internet, talking on Skype and Yahoo Messenger. Thank you PakJalu of MicroAid who has taught us online. Please note also that what we are doing has never been done before inthe society around us. Thank you MicroAid. God Bless You”. Daruni M. Moah, team leader of Human LoveFoundation, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Email Daruni: 5
  6. 6. MicroAid Extended Families “I’ve never seen stories of poor people with success in their home business. On Microaid website, we can watch people like us and learn from them. I want to join MicroAid”. Rita Afriyani, a housewife, from Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia. Rita is a new volunteer for MicroAid Learning materials distribution. Rita (right) with her aunt “I and my family use coconut oil almost every day for cooking. We used to buy it in the market. MicroAid invited us all to learn together how to make coconut oil from coconuts. Now we all know how to process coconuts that are available in our yard and can make money from our own trees. One day soon we will go to the market to sell our coconut oil because now we are starting to make more oil than we need. Thank you MicroAid for showing us this opportunity”. Marta Goba, a project participant from Hewuli Village, Indonesia. Marta (white shirt) frying coconut milk to make cooking oil from coconuts “Now I have future”. Akhter Jhony, a girl who managed to sew and sell clothes at Krisnapur Uni Village, Gaibandha, Bangladesh. Currently, she has managed to increase sales and earn income to US 1 Dollar per piece of cloth. Akhter shows her home business clothes 6
  7. 7. Jamuna, embroidery seller.Marselina, a sewing stall owner and friends are Jamuna sells her embroidery crafts at thefollowing the MicroAid sewing training to make Pillayarpatti temple after MicroAid training andand sell local family clothes. simple step by step livelihoods learningRead Marselina’s story at: materials. Read story about Jamuna at: crafts-at-the-pillayarpatti-temple/Fransiska (right rear) the founder of the family Akhter Jhony, gained independence throughvegetable garden and her husband Thomas sewing skills learnt through MicroAid training(right front) who was crippled in an accident at and materials. Akter was able to leave her lowwork and their children. Fransiska can now pay paid job in the factory. Akhter in the front offor education of her children by selling the new family latrine paid for from her newvegetables from the cabbage garden behind her home business profits. She is very proud thathouse. A home business idea from MicroAid. now she can really contribute to a better life forFransiska has now become a village motivator in all her family.her village, Wailiti, encouraging others to help Read story:themselves out of poverty. story: through-sewing-skills/mother-happy-family/ 7
  8. 8. Hendrawanto, silver jewelry maker. “Thanks MicroAid for helping me makesNiba Rani, “MicroAid Projects has opened my products from home that the market needs.”eyes”. Niba with her sheep and two lambs Read story: by MicroAid donors. mini-bus-driver-to-a-silversmith/Read story: Marhennata, a young man whopioneered organic agriculture for MicroAid.Tovan use a slingshot to scare away wild pigs Irene Wangari, organic soap maker fromand other pests from eating the village rice potatoes in Kenya.paddies. Read story:Read story: technologies-in-kenya/Community Partner: JIKA – InformationNetwork for Aceh Entrepreneurs. 8
  9. 9. MicroAid Donors & Partners Testimonials“Great personalized involvement. A refreshing way to give…” Jack Diggle, UK.“I used Microaid project funds to make my own seed nursery so I can learn myself what grows well here and thensell to others to make more money. Easier and much more practical than the other community developmentprojects we followed which was a lot of theory but no cash to actually do it! Thank you Microaid”. Katarina Ndona,Hewuli village, Indonesia.“Very interesting project, I am pleased to see that these ladies had the opportunity to learn some very practicalvegetable gardening skills. Excellent photographs and reports, plus it look like everyone enjoyed the activity”. NeilJohnston, UK.“Good pictures, clear budget, we understood exactly what everybody did and heard about both successes andproblems overcome in getting out of poverty”. Toby Beresford, UK."This is a very interesting and effective initiative. People who have ability to support with finance or skills should doso. I think this is the best way to serve the disadvantaged people". Lutfor Rahman, Bangladesh."Hi there, I am interested in your charity and was wondering whether there are any opportunities for workexperience. Thank you”. Daisy Jones, US."Dear Sir, Thank you very much for establishing a micro aid. Its really encouraging and I would like to learn moreabout that program here in Uganda (East Africa). Do you have offices here in Uganda at a moment? These are goodprojects which our CBO would like to be involved in. I will be grateful to hear from you”. Nathan, Uganda.“We are very interested in the activities undertaken by MicroAid in helping small communities to enhance theeconomic and technological development of society through the internet”. Aisa Rauf, Indonesia.“I am very interested in the programs offered by the MicroAid, who have the vision and mission of helping poorfamilies located in rural or disadvantaged areas, I beg explanation”. Oktovianus SB, Indonesia. “The International Federation’s Flickr presence is managed by its communications department and the primary goalis to publicize what the group does. The images uploaded to Flickr by MicroAid Projects, which has been on Flickrsince December 2006, are less aesthetic, but they also have a practical function”. Dean,,March 10, 2008. Award for MicroAid“They are truly making a difference in the lives of these lower income families and because of their tremendouswork, they have been chosen as our Cause of the Week!” David, USA, April 12, 2010. Read article: MicroAidfor Macro Results at 9
  10. 10. MicroAid Village Products Traditional Woven Cloth Raw material for Wall hangings, Gloves, Clothing, Scarves, Hats, Bags and Wallets. MicroAid Community Partner: Life Source Foundation, Indonesia. Embroidery Lace Knitting Products: Blouses, shawls, fashion collars, perfume bottle covers, table mats and cloth and hats. MicroAid Community Partner: Women group Markijut, Indonesia. Soap Product: Laundry soap and washing up liquid. MicroAid Community Partner: Community Empowerment Programme Sustainable Development (COSDEP), Kenya. 10
  11. 11. Recycled Plastic Products: Bags, Slippers, Towels and Wallets. MicroAid Community Partner: Equator Kendari, Indonesia. Natural Shore crafts Products: Necklaces, bracelets, brooches, key chains and Rosario cross. (Using only empty beach collected shells.) MicroAid Community Partner: Human Love Foundation, Indonesia.Note: Website MicroAid Village Products can be found on: 11
  12. 12. About MicroAid15 years of practical help for low income families. 1998 -2013MicroAid was started in 1998 by the Beresford family in memory of their father. MicroAid is managed and run fromits field office in Depok Indonesia under the board of volunteer trustees based in the UK. Consequently MicroAid isone of very few UK charities without HQ overheads. This means donations can be used entirely on field operationsand the reduction of poverty. Funds are channelled directly to poor families and the community organisationswhere they live.Our Vision:Families reduce poverty themselves through home enterprise. Learning starts from simple steps done now with helpfrom your family and friends. Seize your day!MicroAids Mission:MicroAid’s local Community Partners help low income families to LEARN new skills using simple materials availablefrom MicroAid Library (, GET SUPPORT through micro-project donor funds (,and CONNECT to community organisations, buyers and local markets ( information on MicroAid MicroAid LIBRARY MicroAid PROJECTS MicroAid CONNECT BLOG FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN MAKE A MONTHLY MicroAid DONATION Extend your family to help others through a regular MicroAid donation. Read the stories of MicroAid family members and their community partners in MicroAid Family Stories 2012 on how your donation could help. I would like to extend my family and support MicroAid’s vision to provide simple home business learning guides, small seed money and market connections for low income families. DONATE NOW THANK YOU 12