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Introduction to BOT Framework- Global Azure Bootcamp 2017


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My presentation about Introduction to BOT Framework for Global Azure Bootcamp 2017

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Introduction to BOT Framework- Global Azure Bootcamp 2017

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO BOT FRAMEWORK Build and connect intelligent bots Jalpesh Vadama @jalpesh Co-Founder, FutureStack Solution
  2. 2. ABOUT ME ▪ More than 12+ years of experience in technologies like .NET, Azure , Node.js and related technologies. ▪ Co-Founder of FutureStack Solution( ▪ Awarded Microsoft MVP 5 times. Currently MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies. ▪ Active Member of Ahmedabad User Group. ▪ Frequently writes blog about Micorosft.NET Technologies and related technologies at ▪ Also awarded as Dzone Most Valuable Blogger.
  3. 3. WHAT IS BOT IS NOT ▪ AI ▪ Natural Language Processing only ▪ Text Interface only
  4. 4. WHAT ARE BOTS?
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY EVOLUTION Mid-80’s • Personal Computers and MainFrames • Excel, PowerPoint and Lotus • Desktop UI Mid-90’s • Internet and Web Browsers • Web Sites- Yahoo, Amazon • Web Pages Mid-00’s • Mobiles Devices and Mobile Operating System • Apps – AngryBirds, Instagram • Natives Apps(Android,IOS and Windows) Mid-10’s • Messaging App’s (WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat and Hike) • Apps, Personal Assistants like Siri, Cortana • Conversations
  6. 6. IS THIS IT?
  8. 8. CONVERSATIONS ARE NEW PLATFORM OF HABITS Source : BI Intelligence, Portio Research
  9. 9. WHAT IS BOT? ▪ A BOT is a software that is designed to automate the tasks you would usually do on your own. Like making a dinner reservation to your favorite pizza shop, finding a cool place to go with your partner, adding an appointment to your calendar. ▪ Typically, bot performs/automate tasks that can be done by human at much higher rate than would be possible for humans.
  10. 10. WHAT IS BOT FRAMEWORK? ▪ Bot Framework is a Microsoft-operated service and an SDK. Conversation as Platform ▪ BOT Framework is one of many tools Microsoft offers for building a complete BOT. ▪ Other Services includes, LUIS, Speech APIs, Cognitive Services and Azure and More! ▪ A comprehensive platform of tools & services that can help you build your bot, provide your bot with smart capabilities and publish it wherever your users talk.
  11. 11. BOT FRAMEWORK COMPONENTS Microsoft BOT Framework Bot Connector Bot DirectoryBot Builder SDKs Connect your bot(s) to text/sms, Office 365 mail, Skype, Slack, and other services. Build great dialogs within your Node.js- or C#-based bot Try, use, and add published bots to the world’s top conversation experiences • Register, connect, publish and manage your bot through the bot dashboard • Message routing • Automatic translation to 30+ languages • User and state management • Embeddable web chat control • Debugging tools • Open source SDK on Github • From simple built-in prompts and command dialogs to simple to use yet sophisticated ‘FormFlow’ dialogs • Libraries, samples and tools to make a great conversationalist • Chat emulator • Leverage related services available in Cognitive Services • Public directory of bots registered and approved with Bot Framework • Users can try your bot from the directory via the web chat control • Users can discover and add your bot to the channels on which it is configured
  12. 12. Your conversation logic Logic Web service LUIS BOT FRAMEWORK COMPONENTS
  13. 13. BOT CONNECTOR Your bot Channels
  14. 14. BOT CONNECTOR MESSAGES Your bot { "type": "Message", "id": "68YrxgtB53Y", "conversationId": "DphPaFQrDuZDKyCez4AFGcT4vy5aQDje1lLGIjB8v18MFtb", "language": "en", "text": "You can say "/order" to order!", "attachments": [ ], "from": { "name": "+12065551212", "channelId": "sms", "address": "+12065551212", "id": "Ro52hKN287", "isBot": false }, "channelData": { SMS data here }, "botUserData": { your data here }, ... } Bot Connector
  15. 15. CONNECTING YOUR BOTS TO USERS Visual Studio Template Simple Weather Bot LUIS Publish to Azure Connect to users Add dialog smarts
  16. 16. DEMO
  18. 18. LANGUAGE UNDERSTADING INTELLIGENT SERVICE ▪ Part of Microsoft Cognitive services. ▪ Right now in beta and available as free. ▪ Implements Machine Learning so interaction with other services are really good. ▪ Deploy Just within 5 minutes with just a few example. ▪ Supports five languages(English, Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish) ▪ Very easy to train. Can Deploy your models as end points(Rest API) ▪ SDK Available for C#, Node.js, Android and Python
  19. 19. LUIS INTENTS, ENTTIES, UTTERANCES ▪ Intent: Intent means what we desire or what our intent is. ▪ Our Intent for this demo is to find weather information so weather is intent ▪ Entity: A entity is a keyword or entity which we are going to query to LUIS ▪ Here we are going to find weather of city so city is our entity. ▪ Utterances: It is used to train Luis to understand how human query or talk with each other. ▪ Utterances sample: is it a good weather in newyork
  20. 20. DEMO
  21. 21. BOT FRAMEWORK RESOURCES Documentation on Bot Framework Portal Getting with Bot Framework Visual C# Template Bot Framework Emulator Test your bot locally or after publishing External Resources GitHub for Builder: Stack overflow:
  23. 23. CONTACT ME SOURCE CODE URL FOR THIS DEMO: Company: Blog: Twitter: @jalpesh Github: Email: Linked In: