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    your topic is good and nice ppt of background
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  • the background is relevant to the topic, the quote in the conclusion reminds me of Julius Caesar. Why didn't you include the point - Mrs Ramsay as antagonist?
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  1. 1. The Modernist Literaturepaper: 1(E-C-301)<br />Topic: character study of <br />Mrs. Ramsay<br />Presented by kalani jalpa h.<br />M.A. part-2<br />Roll no: 11<br />
  2. 2. Her physical charms<br /><ul><li>wife of Mr. Ramsay
  3. 3. A middle-aged woman
  4. 4. A mother of eight children
  5. 5. Despite her age, she is a woman of great physical charms
  6. 6. “the happier Helen of our times”
  7. 7. Admired by all her guests
  8. 8. Women are fascinated by her </li></li></ul><li>A great creator of Harmony<br /><ul><li>Bringing people together
  9. 9. Revealed to great advantage
  10. 10. Which forms the climax to the first part of To</li></ul> The Lighthouse<br />As a Match- Maker<br /><ul><li>Keen interest in establishing harmony among people
  11. 11. For example: Brings Paul and Minta together and responsible for their marriage</li></li></ul><li>Her kind and considerate nature <br /><ul><li>Full of the milk of human-kindness
  12. 12. Help the poor, needy and the suffering is a matter of great pleasure for her </li></ul>Her sense of humour<br /><ul><li>Rare sense of humour
  13. 13. Enables her to please both her children by covering the boar’s head with her shawl</li></ul>Essentially feminine<br /><ul><li>James Hefley views that Mrs. Ramsay is merely a symbol, that she has not been individualized
  14. 14. And that’s why the novelist has not given her a first name </li></li></ul><li>Structural and Psychological centre<br /><ul><li>A living breathing reality
  15. 15. Finest creation of Mrs. Woolf
  16. 16. The source of unity
  17. 17. Serves as a model for Lily painting on the lawn</li></ul>A perfect Hostess<br /><ul><li>Meagre income
  18. 18. able to feed and look after so many guests
  19. 19. Able to make her little go a long way </li></ul>Dominates the novel, even after death <br /><ul><li>She dies, and is not physically present after the first part
  20. 20. She pervades the whole book
  21. 21. Influences the lives of others even after her death </li></li></ul><li>Conclusion <br /><ul><li>Mrs. Ramsay rises from death and lives again. Mrs. Ramsay dead is more powerful than Mrs. Ramsay living. In part 1, she herself and in part 2 her spirit dominate the novel.</li></li></ul><li>Thank you<br /> Thanks to Dilip sir,<br />Department of English. <br />