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Target audience for the band ‘we can’t dance'


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Target audience for the band ‘we can’t dance'

  1. 1. Target Audience for the band ‘We Can’t Dance’ The following slides will go through different areas that appeal to the target audience of the band.
  2. 2. Music This target audience are very eager about going to gigs, mainly to local ones to find out about a new up and coming band. They also very into going to festivals with friends, these festivals include Latitude, Glastonbury, and T in the Park. The main genres that the target audience are into indie pop, indie rock, indie electronic and alternative. These include bands like The Drums, The Wombats, and Two Door Cinema Club. They use the internet to find new bands, on websites like and the NME website.
  3. 3. Lifestyle The target audience normally go shopping in shops like Topman, H&M, HMV, Soundclash etc. These shops show the target audience’s interest and what they like to spend their money on. The target audience’s appearance is normally plimsolls, skinny jeans, a shirt and tie/t-shirt, with longish hair. They are normally seen with Topman branded clothes. They also wear band t- shirts of their favourite bands. Some of them can also be seen with the festival bands that they have been to round their wrists. The target audience, mostly the males rather than the females, play the guitar. This makes them feel connected to their favourite bands, being able to play their songs while also acting like the band members. They sometimes also create their own bands, again wanting to be like their favourite bands.
  4. 4. Media The target audience are heavy users of technology; using iPods, the internet, iTunes, mobile phones, etc. Without their iPod they feel lost as music is very important to them. They use the internet to check what band are coming to their local area; while also going on Facebook, MySpace, Youtube and other websites to check up on the latest music and find the newest non- mainstream band. The target audience may read many magazines , depending if they have other interest that are not stuck in the ideology that people have of them, but they will mostly read music magazines, For example, NME magazine. There isn’t a certain TV channel that just the target audience of We Can’t Dance watch, they are like normal people of their age who watch programs on BBC 3 and E4 that are aimed at their age group. The different channels that they might watch are the music channels with them being MTV2, Lava TV, and NME TV.
  5. 5. Indie Kid Indie Boys tend to be skinny, shy, with messy hair and a fringe. The hair must not be confused with emo hair, which is styled using disturbing quantities of gel, wax, mousse and hairspray. Indie boys just can't be arsed to brush. Skinny jeans are more typical of the scene kid, Indie boys prefer fairly loose fitting denim. A plain t-shirt or shirt are very popular, along with ancient battered converse, in black or blue. Indie kids are friendly, cheerful and actually surprisingly non-elitist; I, as an Indie Kid have many a time got down to the funky sounds of Snoop Dogg.