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DigiVox Credentials


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A brief presentation on the work that is done by digiVOX and how we can help you make the most out of your digital initiatives.

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DigiVox Credentials

  1. 1. First Floor | Old Warehouse | Black River Park | Fir Road | Observatory | Cape Town | South Africa tel 021 448 8685 | fax 021 447 5457 |
  2. 2. Who is digiVOX?
  3. 3. WHAT WE DO… We are a specialist digital marketing agency providing brands and marketers with a unique combination of digital marketing tactics We deliver relevant digital solutions Researched and informed strategic approach Ensuring measurable, quantifiable return on investment
  4. 4. Desktop Web Media Mobile Web Media Social Media Search Marketing HOW WE DO IT? By connecting the dots between digital marketing initiatives where it counts, and not just because we can
  5. 5. We deliver… Accountability • We ensure we focus solely on the bottom line, achieving the best possible Return on Investment Results Focussed • We leverage third party tracking technology to ensure metrics are reliable and accurate across all environments • Detailed reporting allows us to provide meaningful insights, and optimise performance on an ongoing basis Return on Investment (ROI) • Cost per lead / registration / conversion metrics are crucial • Through accurate and progressive monitoring we constantly maximize ROI
  6. 6. We deliver… Aggressive negotiation of media rates • CPM (cost per thousand), CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per acquisition) Achieving the best possible results at the lowest possible cost • ensuring the best possible ROI Execution and implementation of all digital marketing initiatives Ad serving and management of media campaigns • utilising audited, world-class technology • allows for tracking from impression and/or click, through to conversion Ongoing ROI analysis, optimisation and reporting Identifying, listening, and engaging with your audience – ORM Management
  7. 7. The 4 key steps in all our digital marketing initiatives focus on : • Awareness • Consideration • Interaction • Conversion Social INTEGRATED APPROACH Desktop Web Search MEASURABLE RETURN HOW WE DO IT? Interaction Mobile Web Conversion Awareness Consideration
  8. 8. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? Digital Media & Marketing Association Associate Members Direct Marketing Association Member Subscribe to Nielsen Market Intelligence • Demographic and Traffic info on DMMA Member sites Subscribe to Nielsen AdRelevance • Advertiser activity Utilise audited third party ad serving and tracking solutions • From impression to conversion • Reach & Frequency • Return On Investment (ROI) It’s the numbers that matter constant monitoring and optimisation to ensure best possible ROI
  10. 10. Just A Few Examples of our Work …
  11. 11. Desktop Web Media
  12. 12. Desktop Web Media Display / Banner Advertising targeted to appropriate target market (demographics and content)
  13. 13. Desktop Web Media Rich Media
  14. 14. Desktop Web Media Promo Mailers / Newsletters
  15. 15. Mobile Web Media
  16. 16. Mobile Web Mobile Banner
  17. 17. Search
  18. 18. Search Campaigns Desktop and Mobile Search
  19. 19. Social Media
  20. 20. Social Media Facebook and Twitter
  21. 21. Integrated Campaigns
  22. 22. Paid for editorial and advertorial Competitions
  23. 23. iBurst:Dial-up is Dead: Award winning Interactive Viral Campaign A fun, interactive banner which included social media “share” options: • Campaign reached more than 260,000 unique individuals • Web media campaign accounted for 40% of all entries, the rest were viral • 16% of all entrants requested to be contacted by iBurst • The trusted referral component alone, accounted for 24% of all unique entries, and 19% of contact requests • Gender split 53% male, 47% female • Majority being aged 21-30
  24. 24. Campaign Management
  25. 25. We utilise third party ad serving, which allows us to : • Ensure we get what you are paying for • Compare apples with apples • Audited, accessible 24x7 data • Track user interaction on rich media ad’s • Smoothly serve rich media • Track beyond impression and click, to confirmation (eg competition entry, lead, sale etc.) • Track post impression data : Enables us to view conversions resulting from user seeing the ad, but going directly to the site – for up to 90 days after campaign has ended • Provide detailed reporting allowing us to provide meaningful insights and set benchmarks to evaluate the return on investment and apply relevant optimization tactics to ensure objectives are being met • Through accurate and progressive reporting and monitoring we constantly maximize ROI Web & Search Media Monitoring
  26. 26. Reporting example Media Overview Conversions (post click and post view)
  27. 27. Reporting example Creative (Standard Media) Reach & Frequency 3rd Party Ad Serving Benefits • Pay Publishers against our (audited) data • Measure Return On Marketing investment against objectives • Creative and Media Optimisation • Detailed Reporting
  28. 28. Social Media Monitoring We utilise third party Online Reputation Management tools to monitor all the online conversations and mentions that will happen around the brand during this campaign This ensures that an overall view is taken of the brand online, providing strategic insights which enables us to understand the issues and perception the brand has from an online perspective This allows for real time interaction where needed and for a deeper understanding of the sentiment of consumers and stakeholders It is essential that the brand trends are picked up on in real time, awareness of market sentiment are understood and that conversations are tracked so that the brand perception can be influenced It is also possible to pick up where the brand stands in relation to competitors online
  29. 29. Social Media and Online Reputation Management Reporting
  30. 30. Conclusion
  31. 31. It’s the present and the future of communication It can achieve the highest levels of performance possible from marketing efforts. Consumers want information now rather than later It’s measurable People can interact with others digitally creating a product or offering a service the perceived value is higher Consumers seek information from trusted sources Consumers want information that is easily accessible Why use Digital in your Marketing Mix?
  32. 32. Thank You 021 448 8685