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An ode to the mouthwatering joy of waffles, as seen at Ignite San Diego 2 on August 3, 2010. Includes a recipe for Liège sugar-waffles. Video:

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    This group 'KINGDOM OF BELGIUM' aims to gather all people worldwide who love the Belgium, and their presentations. It is dedicated to ALL aspects of Belgium, without exception. Its history, its geography, its culture, its politic, its economy,tourism, literature, its varieties, Song, art, cinema, theater, etc.. In short all Sound slideshows or not (documents, simple slideshow, slidecast, youtube, video)... I welcome you! Join us! Thank you in advance for your support.
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  1. 1. Liège, Belgium. famous for many things 1 ? 2 Georges Simenon Simenon images from:
  2. 2. My friend sasha bonjour! (me) has: • car netherlands belgium germany 2003 It is (the 100-year Liège anniversary of luxembourg simenon’s birth.) france hotel Si Mais Non (“but if not”)
  3. 3. “la Batte”
  4. 4. cooo cooo HA HA ha ha ha ha! ho ho! Age 3: { moving along... a year later
  5. 5. return to Liège! the fancy Chez Nous! rue naimette 4, near center of the city ?
  6. 6. waffles?! !!! As a street food! Quelle surprise!
  7. 7. waffles! (Yes, waffles!) But first: a disclaimer
  8. 8. Now, wait, you say, there are many awesome waffles out there. mainstream legend pancake mix waffle mix from scratch frozen waffles from mix Brussels waffles sourdough waffles mochi waffles (moffles!) wafflesicles (?!) anything on unorthodox i agree. however… Images from:
  9. 9. ☞ Liège waffles ☜ they are more awesome than other waffles. 1 dough (not batter)
  10. 10. ☞ Liège waffles ☜ they are more awesome than other waffles. 2 pearl sugar (note: not this) (Image borrowed from Amazon.)
  11. 11. I had forgotten about them until I went to bruges waffles & frites, salt lake city, ut Photo from
  12. 12. wafflequest san diego 2. Café Hue? 3. RGang Eatery? 1 2 3 (map stolen from yahoo) 1. Bibby’s Crepe Café? (no longer makes them) only one recourse…
  13. 13. Make them! hostal gastronómico cooking school
  14. 14. First attempt: not quite right So now… (thank you, Ruth!) the official recipe
  15. 15. 1. Proof the yeast. 1 package active dry yeast ¼ cup lukewarm water 1 Tablespoon all-purpose flour 1 Tablespoon granulated sugar (~5 min) not necessary, but certainly fun to watch
  16. 16. 2. Make first batter. 1 ½ cups flour* yeast mixture 1 large egg, size x 2 beaten (~1 hour) ⅓ cup lukewarm milk * minus the previous 1T …and let it rise in a warm place.
  17. 17. 3. Make second batter. 9T butter ½ cup flour 1 teaspoon vanilla extract ½ teaspoon baking powder ½ teaspoon cinnamon* * theoretically optional 1T sugar pinch of salt it should have a paste-like consistency
  18. 18. 4. Mix the two by hand. first batter second batter ¼–⅓ cup add’l flour ½ cup pearl sugar* * …or ¾ cup… crushed sugar cubes shape into 8–12 balls and let rise 30 min.
  19. 19. 5. Iron that dough, yo. too crispy. yes! until golden and slightly undercooked.
  20. 20. nom. liège sugar waffles recipe courtesy Ruth Van Waerebeek: fell typefaces digitally reproduced by Igino Marini: Thank you, sandy eggo.