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  1. 1. Health in Your Hands!
  2. 2. Mudra Thoughts Your hands open and close : close and open. If it were always a fist, or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed. Your deepest presence is in every contraction and expansion beautifully balanced and coordinated as a bird’s wings. Mudra is invigoration in relaxation ! Freedom in routine!Confidence through self control! Energy within and energy outside!
  3. 3. What is Mudra? Hand yoga, used in conjunction with meditationCOMMUNICATI 5000 yrs old ON Profound hand positions and gestures Vedic Science that lock and guide energy to the brain of Communicatio and different organs/chakras in the body. n Used widely in Indian classical dance
  4. 4. Use of Mudras in Indian Classical Dance
  5. 5. Why Use Mudras? Harmonizes and Heals, mind, body & spirit Builds Creates immunity, and Equilibrium by cures disease as regulating the flowthey work on our of Prana/ life force organs Long-term practice leads to higher Stimulates and state of balances chakras consciousness
  6. 6. E M O T I O N SHelps Balance and Activate Chakras
  7. 7. Why Use Mudras? Helps balance the elements of space, air, fire, water and earth in our body Same benefits as yoga but can be done anywhere & saves time Helps to instantly reconnect to stillness when used with Pranayama exercises When combined with Hatha yoga and Pranayama, the therapeutic and curative effect of mudras is compounded
  8. 8. Broad Classification of Mudras Spirit Consciousness Body Mind
  9. 9. Spirit Consciousness
  10. 10. Breathe! You are AliveInhale and the Divine power approaches you.Hold the inhalation and the Divine power stays within you.
  11. 11. Shankh Mudra Conch/Shell / Throat chakra Encircle your left thumb with the four fingers of your right hand. At the same time, touch the right thumb to the extended middle finger of your left hand. Together, the two hands look like a conch shell. Hold your hands in front of your sternum. Very effective for throat related disorders. Activates throat chakra. Sing "OM" several times when practicing this mudra. Then listen within yourself, to the silence, for several minutes afterward. It’s connecting to our inner sound and divine energyUsed during rituals in many Hindu temples. The conch horn is blown inthe morning to announce the opening of the temple doors. The sameapplies to our inner temple, where the divine light shines.
  12. 12. BHAIRAVA/BHARA VI Balance and Fearlessness Bhairava - Place the back of the right hand on the palm of the left hand. Both hands rest in the lap. Bhairavi mudra is practiced the same way but the left hand is placed on top of the right. The thumbs can also join together. The two hands represent the duality of our being as yin and yang energy andindividual and supreme consciousness. By connecting the hands we harmonize coordination of the right and left hemispheres of the brain and unite all opposites. Universally used for meditation as it brings the feeling of peace, calm and balance
  13. 13. Lotus Mudra Purity & Love•Place both hands in front of your chest so that only the edges of your hands and padsof your fingers touch each other: This is the bud of the lotus flower.•Now open your hands, but maintain the contact between the tips of the little fingersand the outer edges of your thumbs. Spread the other fingers open as wide as possible.• After four deep breaths, close both hands back into a bud, place the fingernails of thefingers of both hands on top of each other; now join the backs of the fingers, the backsof the hands, and let your hands hang down relaxed for a while. In the same way, bringyour hands back into the bud and the open flower. Repeat a number of times. This Mudra belongs to the heart chakra and is the symbol for purity. Love lives in the heart, together with goodwill, affection, and communication. Do this Mudra when you feel drained, exploited, misunderstood, or lonely. Open yourself to the divine force and be ready to receive whatever you need
  14. 14. Body & Emotions
  15. 15. Mudras for Body and Mind Sun (Surya) Life Force Varuna(Water) (Prana) Space (Shunya) Fire (Apaan) Air (Vayu) Heart Wisdom (Gyan)(Hirdya) Energy (Linga ) Mudra
  16. 16. CHIN orGYAN Mudra Wisdom Join the tips of the index finger and thumb and keep the other 3 fingers stretched and joined.In consciousness terms the index finger represents “I” or The self/ Ego and thethumb stands for Divine or cosmic consciousness. This mudra is symbolic ofoneness and unity between the two. Most common in meditations as it stills themind and connects us to a state of tranquility.The thumb has reflex points that reflex to the endocrine organs thebrain. Chin mudra enhances memory. Activates the brain. Helps withmental ailments. Cures sleeplessness. Controls anger and restlessness.
  17. 17. Vayu / Air Chakra Heart Press the index finger on the base of thumb and keep the thumb on the index finger. Let the other fingers be straight. Balances the element of air in the body & thus corrects disorders caused by its imbalance .Curative in bone and skeletal system related problems . Helps inParkinsons , arthritis, cervical pain, neck problems, curing paralysisand controlling stomach gas .
  18. 18. Shunya /Heaven Mudra/ SpaceBring the middle finger to the baseof the thumb and gently press thethumb over it. The other fingersstay joined and straight. Creates balance in the empty spaces in the bodyVery effective in ear problems especially chronic ear infections
  19. 19. Surya /Sun Mudra Bring the tip of the ring finger at the base of the thumb and slightly press the thumb over it. Helps in reducing body weight. Reduces cholesterol Brings down anxiety Helps in indigestion
  20. 20. Prithvi /Earth Root chakraJoin the tip of the thumb and thering finger. Makes the body sturdy Helps in gaining weight . It Improves skin tone and complexion, making it glow. Makes one active and happy. Very useful for grounding and root chakra balancing
  21. 21. Varuna / Water Sacral ChakraJoin the tip of the thumb with thelittle finger. Keep all other fingersstretched out .Improves the quality of blood in the body, balances water content and imparts a freshness to the body. Prevents Gastroenteritis pain and muscle shrinkage Helps in kidney disorders.
  22. 22. Prana / Life Force All ChakrasJoin the tip of the thumb with thetip of the little finger and the ringfinger, keeping the other twofingers straight. Pumps and regulates life force in the body. Gives a special power to the eyes. Beneficial for all diseases as it works with all chakras
  23. 23. Apaan / Excretion Chakra –Solar Plexus Join the tip of the thumb to the tip ofthe middle finger and the ringfinger, keeping the other fingersstretched out. Helps eliminate waste matter from the body Regulates diabetes. Aids digestion and excretion Reduces constipation and urine related problem
  24. 24. Heart / Hirdya Mudra life saving Press the index finger to the base of the thumb and join the tips of the ring and middle finger.Mudra therapists claim this is as effective as first- aid in heart conditions. Reduces palpitations.Ideal during states of intense emotional conflict- one of the main problems with cardiac personalities.
  25. 25. Energy /Linga Mudra Interlock the fingers of both thehands and have the left thumbvertically straight up with the rightthumb and the index fingerencircling it. Activates sexual energy. Produces heat in the body and effectively cures cold and cough
  26. 26. Closing Yogic Mantra Fear less, hope more Eat less, chew more Whine less, breathe more Talk less, listen more Judge less , understand moreResist less and surrender more Hate less, love more!
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