Comarch Competence Map For Banking


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Comarch Competence Map for banking industry

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Comarch Competence Map For Banking

  1. 1. Comarch competence map Banking Jakub Lewandowski Managing Director Copyright Comarch 2010
  2. 2. Comarch competence map for Banking Comarch overview • International software house and IT service provider • 16 years of experience • End-to-end products and services for banking and other financial institutions • Strong focus on front-end solutions • Extensive investments in R&D: 15% of revenue 2 Copyright Comarch 2010
  3. 3. Comarch competence map for Banking We deliver 3 Copyright Comarch 2010
  4. 4. Comarch competence map for Banking We deliver 4 Copyright Comarch 2010
  5. 5. Comarch competence map for Banking We deliver 5 Copyright Comarch 2010
  6. 6. Comarch competence map for Banking We deliver 6 Copyright Comarch 2010
  7. 7. Comarch competence map for Banking Focus on the front-end • The challenge: • The opportunity: – Customers are better informed – Customer data presentation and and require more knowledge from management get integrated in a advisors single, web-based application – Product offer gets more and more – Advisors and tellers need less complex time and effort to perform most common operations – Customer data is fragmented in numerous legacy systems that – Modern technology reduces the have separate front-end maintenance cost and guarantees applications a future-friendly framework – Traditional front-end technology – Customer service scripts and means high maintenance cost intranet knowledge base speed up sales force training and new product launch • Related products: – Comarch Front End platform (CAFE) – Comarch CRM Sales Management – Comarch Contact Center 7 Copyright Comarch 2010
  8. 8. Comarch competence map for Banking Best-of-breed self service • The challenge: • The opportunity: – Customers demand constant – All products including loans, progress in functionality and investments and trade finance in a technology single Financial Portal – Usability often lags behind – Broad base of banks drives the functionality - rendering standard constant progress in functionality systems difficult to use for people and ease-of-use without computer expertise – Best technology gives more – Traditional internet banking freedom and integration capability services work poorly on most of – Mobile channel can work modern mobile devices independently or be integrated with a „full” version • Related products: – Comarch Mobile Banking – Comarch Internet Banking – Comarch Mobile Investments – Comarch Internet Investments – Comarch NOL – Comarch Contact Center 8 Copyright Comarch 2010
  9. 9. Comarch competence map for Banking Business processes re-defined • The challenge: • The opportunity: – Most of BPM implementations are – Integrated „inbox” for all workflow business-area specific based tasks – Separate „inboxes” generate risk – The complete credit process of overlooking an item management from the loan – Lack of flexibility and integration origination to debt management capabilities leads to most of BPM defined in a single tool implementation failures – Independence from a workflow – Loan origination is usually engine allows bank to develop the separated from the active contract system in unlimited directions monitoring – Document imaging accelerates the workflow while paper originals are kept in a safe, certified archive • Related products: – Comarch Scoring Engine – Comarch Business Process Management – Comarch Debt Management – Comarch Credit Process Management – Comarch Document Management System 9 Copyright Comarch 2010
  10. 10. Comarch competence map for Banking Knowledge-based marketing • The challenge: • The opportunity: – Marketing campaigns span more – Precisely targeted marketing media types then ever - new ones campaigns and product offer emerging every year based on analytical tools – Cost-effective marketing requires – Churn lowered with properly precise planning and monitoring packaged products and services, difficult in real time dynamic pricing and monitoring of – Average bank customer loyalty the customer behavior decreases as the remote access – Tracking all campaigns from an gains popularity idea to effectiveness analysis – Designing and executing loyalty programs • Related products: – Comarch Loyalty Management – Comarch aCRM – Comarch Content Management System – Comarch Business Intelligence (CMS) – Comarch CRM Campaign Management 10 Copyright Comarch 2010
  11. 11. Comarch competence map for Banking Support for growing sales network • The challenge: • The opportunity: – Sales data is delayed and often – Sales planning and monitoring in too late to react a single centralized tool – Various customer segments – Current sales record visible to require various service models advisors and managers – Commission systems that use – External sales networks managed spreadsheets or simple databases centrally may not cope with the complex – Most complex commission sales environment policies calculations automated with the web access to invoices and historical data • Related products: – Comarch Commission and Incentive – Comarch Business Process Management (BPM) – Comarch CRM Sales Management 11 Copyright Comarch 2010
  12. 12. Comarch competence map for Banking Corporate customers • The challenge: • The opportunity: – Transactional banking becomes a – Products, services and processes key competitive business area integrated within transactional – Trade finance and factoring may banking be difficult to automate fully – Trade finance automation with the – Best execution and low latency comprehensive document requirements enforce the shorter management time lag between trade and – Multi-currency, multi-asset and settlement multi-custody solution for – UCITS IV and depositary EU pass domestic and foreign clients based on the unified account approach • Related products: – Acceleration of the STP power – Comarch Custody including pre-trade, trade and – Comarch Depositary post-trade activities (SWIFT, FIX) – Comarch Factoring – Comarch Document Management System – Comprehensive fund servicing 12 Copyright Comarch 2010
  13. 13. Comarch competence map for Banking Risk measurement and compliance • The challenge: • The opportunity: – Markets are more volatile while – Fully automated deal routing instruments get more between a customer, dealer and sophisticated risk controller – New risk and compliance – Comprehensive valuation and risk regulations coming soon assessment for all treasury – Customers become ready to buy operations complex instruments instead of – All (instruments)-in-one what-if selling them and stress-testing to keep the risk – Not enough focus on the middle- limits safe office generates too much risk • Related products: – Comarch Deal Management – Comarch Risk Management 13 Copyright Comarch 2010
  14. 14. Comarch competence map for Banking Technology and IT expertise • The challenge: • The opportunity: – Numerous applications (on – Centralized user management average 200 systems run in each meeting the highest industry bank) use different user catalogs standards and access management tools – State-of-the-art payment – Internet banking users are authorization with one-time SMS vulnerable to hacker attacks codes – Changing market conditions mean – Additional security to prevent e.g. variable demand for the IT staff man-in-the-browser attacks – Lower IT infrastructure costs – Additional, highly skilled workforce with a broad range of IT skills • Related products: – Comarch SmartCard – Comarch Security Access Management (DRACO) – Comarch ESB – Comarch PKI – Outsourcing services 14 Copyright Comarch 2010 – Comarch T-Pro
  15. 15. Thank you Copyright Comarch 2010