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Startup Accelerators


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A short collection of stories from going through a Startup Accelerator

Published in: Business, Technology
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Startup Accelerators

  1. 1. STARTUP ACCELERATORS collection of stories from going through one Jakub Nesetril @jakubnesetril
  2. 2. ABOUT ME• web developer for 15 years• founder of — a REST API services company• since May on Springboard accelerator in Cambridge
  3. 3. STARTUP WHAT?large ideas colliderpower of numbersoffer: small money, mentor network, specific help (taxes, law, fundraising, tech)
  4. 4. WHY ACCELERATOR?when? if you’re a first-time entrepreneur, but have co-foundersif you need to meet mentors, investors etc.not if you need to build your product
  5. 5. THE LITTLE DIFFERENCESYC model prefers more unstructured time, occasional meetingsTechStars offers more hands-on approachSeedcamp doesn’t have a “class”1/1/1: mentors; building; pitchingdifferent equities, money, loans, follow-through…check NESTA Startup Factories, page 30:
  6. 6. GETTING INapplication process: team just as important as the ideabe prepared to shoot a short videodemonstrate you’re serious
  7. 7. GETTING HIGHget a good CRM, learn to live with itfollow-up, follow-up, follow-up
  8. 8. GETTING OUTkeep mentors engagedwork your contactshave a roadmap
  9. 9. SURPRISES30% teams struggle internal conflictssort your team/relationships out really wellrelocate (ie. immerse yourself fully)guerrilla marketing
  10. 10. FUNDING TIPSrule of thumb - your potential exit size should be the size of your investor’s funduse wisely - sometimes you DO NOT want fundingthink about future rounds, too
  11. 11. GO DO IT!
  12. 12. QUESTIONS? @jakubnesetril