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Yes Your Company Blog CAN Drive Business


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Published in: Technology, Education

Yes Your Company Blog CAN Drive Business

  1. Yes Your Company Blog CAN DriveBusiness
  2. “When your content helps someone, it puts them on your team.”  
  3. “The longer you keep fans reading the more likely they will convert.”  
  4. Let’s RegroupCORE QUESTIONS ANSWERS1. Who do I want to help? 1. Audience2. How can I be helpful? 2. Content3. What do I want the blog 3. Action to accomplish?
  7. “Your headline is your elevator pitch for your content.”  
  8. The 4U Headline Approach1.  Useful2.  Urgent3.  Unique4.  Ultra Specific
  9. Rules For Better Headlines1.  Add emotion2.  Add specificity3.  Add results4.  Add authority5.  Add intrigue6.  Simplify
  10. Rumors  that  Microso0  May  Buy  Yahoo,  but  No  Confirma9on  Yet  Microsoft Buying Yahoo?
  11. Idol  Finale  Ra9ngs  Well  Up  From  Last  Years  Ra9ngs  Idol  Ups  Finale  Viewership  By  5  Million  
  12. The  Keys  to  A  Perfect  Cover  LeJer  For  Your  Job  Search  5  Cover  Le9er  Killers  Is  Your  Cover  Le9er  Keeping  You  Unemployed?
  13. How  To  Write  Great  HeadlinesThe  Cheaters  Guide  To  WriEng    Great  Headlines7  Secrets  From  Headline  WriEng  Experts
  15. “Your headline leads to content leads to content leads to ACTION.”  
  16. PortioningBoring Interesting
  17. How To Build A Post1.  1-3 sentence paragraphs2.  Photos3.  Bullets4.  Questions5.  Sub-headings6.  Single-line and single-word paragraphs
  18. 4 Example Post Types1.  Opinion2.  How To’s3.  Lists4.  Research
  19. Great Blog Writing1.  Is Short2.  Avoids description openings3.  Is instructional4.  Has emotion5.  Has personality6.  Does not waiver7.  Makes your posts easy to scan8.  Spends time on headlines
  21. Your Blog is aLANDING PAGE
  22. Make a clear ask OFFER VALUE
  23. Where?1.  Top of sidebar2.  Post footer3.  Blog footer4.  About page5.  Resource pages  6.  Inline text7.  Top resources8.  Feature box9.  Pop-up box
  24. Calls To Action
  25. Calls To Action
  26. Calls To Action
  27. Calls To Action
  28. Calls To Action
  29. “Your blog exists to make your readers look cool.”  
  30. Continued ReadingBRAND EXAMPLES TRAINING•  Seomoz •  Problogger•  Kissmetrics •  Copyblogger•  Hubspot ••  Wildfireapp •