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Simple steps to do joomla customization


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Joomla Development itself is one of the popular Content Management Systems due to numerous advantages and easiest solutions provided by it for developing the website contents. From hardcore IT professionals to beginners, Joomla is used by everyone as it looks more like library that has all essential contents such as text, videos, images, music and many others. Those people, having small technological knowledge, can use this advent of CMS and maintain personal websites as for today's world, it is one of the most user-friendly CMS.

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Simple steps to do joomla customization

  1. 1. Simple Steps To Do Joomla CustomizationJoomla Development is definitely a choice of champions. ContentManagement System has established great importance in the realmof website development, Joomla is one of them. Joomla has abilityto support customization. Many of us must be thinking why theintegration of custom factors are essential in developing website?For online businesses, website is just like a passport to enter in theworld of internet. But, it is not enough. To secure place, theseonline businesses have to create unique and well-featured websiteusing open-source CMS.With the help of this Joomla framework, developers can easilydevelop fashioned website according to the clients requirementdue to its capabilities and flexibility. Even, many businesses HireJoomla Developer, who can easily modify code for creatingrobust and dynamically oriented custom-fit solutions throughJoomla platform. Everyone wants to change their websites designfrequently and the cost of developers seem to be high. So, it wouldbe better to do Joomla Customization by your own.
  2. 2. Reading this blog, you can have an idea regarding how to changepattern to your website by using various templates. All of us havean idea that while joining Joomla CMS web application, we arefree to select any default templates as per our wish. But, there is acon also you will find similar site design like others. In such case,you will surely want to change your design, right? This can bedone through Joomla Customization. But, before adjusting it,you have to gather idea regarding how Joomla template systemworks. After that, you have to search out the template system byinserting Administrator panel and click Extensions menu forselecting Template Manager.
  3. 3. While doing this task, you will note that it is available in twodifferent patterns. While performing task, if you are selectingDefault button means you are going for original style, but if youare selecting Default and Assign buttons means you can changedesign according to your choice. While developing new design,one must require one duplicate copy of the real style to place onthe list. It is compulsory to make change in new model which istotally based on the original one. After that, you can simplypersonalize the latest one. Below you will find steps to changeJoomla templates: • Firstly, copy the template folder in Templates and give the name to the folder. • Now, Customize the templateDetails.xml and upload it to webshot. • Make sure to put new pattern in Template Manager and assemble it as the default without any task in any other pattern. • Now, use Edit HTML and Edit CSS buttons, available in Templates Manager, for editing the HTML and CSS respectively. • After editing HTML, replace the graphics of the default outline path with the new one. • Verify the module, which is published in Module Manager (Module -> Site Module). • Search out Language/English.php for changing the word style of the text.
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