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Acg train the trainer overview oxentenko


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Acg train the trainer overview oxentenko

  1. 1. ACG’s Train the Trainer-USA for PDs and Junior FacultyAmy S. Oxentenko, MD, FACP, FACG Associate Professor of MedicineFellowship Director, Mayo Clinic-Rochester
  2. 2. History Behind the Course• World Gastroenterology Organization – aka WGO• Federation of 108 national societies and 4 regional associations of GI representing over 50,000 members• Training centers, global guidelines, outreach services, train-the-trainer
  3. 3. WGO Train the Trainer (TTT) Mission• The Train the Trainers (TTT) program brings together trainers from across the globe in an intensive and interactive 4 day workshop, dedicated to the development of teaching and training skills. WGO has developed a forum for interaction between world leaders in education, for the sharing of experience and the discussion of common problems.
  4. 4. WGO TTT Course• First meeting in Crete, Greece 2001• Subsequent locations: Brazil, China, New Zealand, Chile, Uruguay, South Africa, Florida and Portugal (2013)• Each society that has membership within the WGO can send 2 members• Taught by education leaders in GI
  5. 5. In the Beginning…July 2010• Larry Schiller• Jack Di Palma• Myself• Baylor in Dallas, TX• Gave a Saturday faculty development course on educational topics• Open to all PDs, EPCs, others
  6. 6. What more can we do?Train the Trainer-USA?
  7. 7. Timeline of Development• Request from Larry Schiller 11/22/11• Program outline created 12/20/12• Tentative speakers listed 12/22/12• Speakers all confirmed 3/7/12• Course advertized 4/17/12• Deadline for applications 5/15/12• Applicants confirmed 5/18/12• First TTT-USA 7/12/12
  8. 8. Details• Location: Houston, TX• Hotel: The Westin Houston• Dates: July 12-15, 2012• Hours: Thurs 7 pm-9 pm Fri/Sat 8 am-7 pm Sun 8 am-noon
  9. 9. Participant Make-Up• 67 applications• 40 accepted – ACG members PLUS – Instructors or assistant professors – Program directors – Associate program directors• 2:1 male to female ratio• 23 different states, 2 from Canada• ACG covered participant expenses
  10. 10. The Faculty• Jack Di Palma • Christina Surawicz – Co-Director • Doug Drossman• Amy Oxentenko • David Bjorkman – Co-Director • Amy Foxx-Orenstein• Larry Schiller • Ron Szyjkowski• Ron Vender• Eamonn Quigley
  11. 11. THE PROGRAM DETAILSPhysician- The Problem Negotiating Tricks for TeachingPatient Trainee for Your Improved ProceduralInteractions: Academic Manuscript SkillsHow to be Needs PreparationBetterDoctorsPrinciples of Faculty Networking Basics of AssessingAdult Development: Skills Grant Writing ProceduralEducation Finding Tools Skills  You NeedAssessing Presentation The Keys to Clinical Trial How toYour Learner Skills Academic Designs Manage your Promotion PracticeClinical Writing Test EBM: Why The Keys toTeaching: Questions Lit Search & Research Work-LifeBedside vs. Critical Matters BalanceClassroom Appraisal  How to Choosing & Preparing  Evaluate/ Give Maintaining Abstracts,Feedback an Academic Orals & Career Posters
  12. 12. Faculty and Participant Expectations• ALL participants and faculty present for ALL events and be ON TIME• Each session needed to be interactive; avoid lecture-style alone• Participants encouraged to move around for each half day session• Teaching “pearls” shared throughout
  13. 13. Evaluation Of Course ScoreThis course was a valuable use of my time. 4.73I will apply knowledge/skills I learned in this course to enhance the education in my GI Fellowship Program.  4.92This activity will improve my ability to effectively teach and train GI Fellows. 4.81This activity met the stated objectives.   4.76I would recommend this course to a colleague. 4.81I would attend similar programs in the future:       YES 34       NO 0       MAYBE 1
  14. 14. An Example of the Feedback• Phenomenal course overall – very relevant topics. All speakers were champions in GI – all with different experiences & perspectives. Strongly evident that speakers were all genuinely interested in furthering our careers. I have learned many things from this course that will allow me to reach my goals.• Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was an outstanding program and I am quite grateful to have attended. It felt like a seminal moment in my career.• This course has provided invaluable networking and provided tools to educate the other faculty at my home institutions, to better teach the trainees and to advance my career.• This was the most informative, applicable conference that I have ever attended as a faculty member. I sincerely thank everyone who was involved in planning and implementing these sessions.
  15. 15. The Keys to the TTT Success• Generosity of the ACG to fund the course• Incredible ACG staffing (Brad and Maria)• Willingness of amazing faculty to donate their time and efforts• Eager participants who were engaged and fully vested in the course’s mission
  16. 16. What Could be Improved?• Longer timeline to work with – More advanced notice for participants to block schedules at work• Replace some sessions with the changing educational milieu• Gear more towards junior faculty only• Shorter days? (but longer course?)• Planned social events at night?
  17. 17. Will we do it again??? I sure hope so!!!
  18. 18. Thank you!