A mongolian ballad


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This is an awesome ballad!

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A mongolian ballad

  1. 1. Young Temujin was born auspiciouslyWho’d imagine he’d rule as far as can be.He became a leader from his talentsCausing Toghril, a friend, to become jealous.They fought their battle long and hardWorthy of a tale to be sang by a bard.Eventually Temujin came out on topTo rule the Mongols, and he wouldn’t stop.
  2. 2. He called out the the tribes across the landCreating the All Mongol State, which became grand.They were divided in groups of multiples of tenCreating a strength that can’t be beaten.The followers of Temujin said“This man should control out homestead.”They came together to deem him Chinggis KhanAnd with all his rival dead, he ruled everyone.
  3. 3. The Mongols conquered China in a hard fought warTook down the Jurchens which were nevermore.Chinggis crushed all who opposed his reignAssuring his territory to grow again.Mongols rode into Otrar with hopeCommanding the enemy to fall like rope.The Khwarazmian empire came nextFailing their attempt to annex.
  4. 4. Mongolian Empire’s ExpansionMost of the East was conquered, yes its trueChinggis used his battle strategy, beating people blue.By leading the enemy into attackThen charging with Calvary, making the sack. The deserts of the Middle East stood no chanceTo Chinggis’ battles leaving others entranced.He devastated the desert empiresAnd continued moving westward, and never tires.
  5. 5. Ogadai Khan, the son and successor of Chinggis Khan.Sadly, Chinggis Khan died, so his second son filled inHe maintained a hold on China under the Jin.The fronts expanded and Iran was takenFor the Mongolian empire could not be shaken.Finally after getting as far as IraqThe Mongols faced a civil war and went back.Their rein was fierce, but it was also shortAnd the Mongols would never retort.
  6. 6. A map depicting trade routes established by the Mongols.The Mongols may have seemed like brutesBut in fact the equality was acute.They helped promote better trade throughout the eastAnd many families rejoiced with a feast.While they fought hard, they weren’t unkindAnd always accepted other religions, making them fine.They accepted explorers like Marco PoloShowing him their great culture, never dealing a blow.
  7. 7. Fireclay bricks used to build the blast furnaces.The Mongols loved knowledge, now that’s a factThey taught others skills which were exact.Mechanical printing was introducedAiding monks in their journey of book reproducing.The blast furnace helped the entire worldAnd gunpowder lead to creating not absurd.Medicinal knowledge was taught and learnedAnd dead people with the plague were burned.
  8. 8. The Mongol’s battle strategy where the Calvary is rushing in.The Mongols helped shape all of historyBy conquering lands as far as one could see.Their lasting battle strategyWill forever be remembered very clearly.The knowledge they brought from place to placeHelped mold other lands, expanding them at a fast paceThe great Chinggis Khan we will never forgetAs being the greatest of leaders who never quit.