Evaluation Question 1


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Evaluation Question 1

  1. 1. Media Studies Jake Scott
  2. 2. Question In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms of conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. Real Product My ProductThe structure of any magazine all depends on the type of image used onthe front cover. The differences between the real magazine and mine is Iused a ‘group’ which is typically unusual for the genre I went for. Forexample the rule of thirds would not work with my magazine as I havetwo people on the front, who arent fully on the image. As though mymagazine is not focusing on the models, this could have been somethingI did not take into consideration when creating the magazine.
  4. 4. The masthead is in the same format, at the top of the page, is large font andalmost reaches across the whole page. Even though the text is completely differentto a real magazines masthead, this is the font that was most popular to my focusgroup. The colours used for the backing of the front cover are completely different, using a bright colour would not have gone with the type of image I chose for the magazine and the seriousness of my models faces in the image, which is a contrast to the Paramore band in ‘Rocksound’ who are a lot less serious and are having fun.
  5. 5. Both magazines have the main focus of the magazine writtenacross the front cover, over the magazine models. This is sothe information jumps out to the audience to tell them whatis the main story in the magazine, which is a main sellingpoint in most magazines, depending on the model. Differenttext and colour was used for the bands name in the realmagazine. I also included it on my front cover.Most magazines in all genresusually include a button, usuallypromoting free gifts for thebuyer or some sort ofquiz/competition but Ichallenged this by using thebutton to promote another bigstory that would be inside themagazine.
  6. 6. This real products is the one that is most similar to my product. The factors they havein common are; The image type is very similar, mine just captures a close up shot,instead of the medium shot ‘NME’ used on their models. Again the main cover line isover the models on the front cover. All other cover lines are placed on the left of thecover. Many different fonts and sizes are used across the whole page. No secondaryimages are used on either. Buttons have been used and the barcodes have been angleddifferently to a normal magazine. Bothe include a header which includes more readsin the magazine and news.
  7. 7. My Magazine The plus sign used on my magazine at the header of the page isnt normally used in a rocker magazine like this issue was aimedVibe Magazine towards, its mainly used in multi genre magazines such as, Billboard, Q andQ Magazine Vibe. So this is what I used from the other aspects of the actual magazine I planned to create a multi genre magazine. I did this so I included aspects fromBillboard Magazine a Multi genre magazine and a rock / rockers magazine as this issue is aimed towards them.
  8. 8. I found inspiration from the Billboard contents page and did designmine very similar to it. I did it as I liked how it sectioned off differentparts of it, telling the audience about different parts in the magazine ordifferent things about the music industry right now.
  9. 9. I included the charts on my contents pagejust like Billboard do, which would beupdated weekly. There are a few differences, Ididnt included as many as I found it hard toread the small text they have used. Do to thelarge text I could go any higher then 10 andcouldnt have as many categories. I also putthe date on the upper half of the chart box.The similarities are the title ‘No.1’. We bothincluded the title of the magazine on the topright hand corner and used a grey colourscheme.
  10. 10. I like how Billboard sticks to one group of colours throughout their magazine. So I though I would but with a more expressive colours; red, blue, white and black. These are also the colour schemes on the DPS and Front cover. I used the same text as I did on the front cover for the competition. ‘Win’. The contents are centre right onWe both included 4 images on the contents page. both magazines. I black thatAll the images on my contents page were taken sections background out asfrom me. The gig one was at a concert I went to 2 all the background to theyears ago and decided to use it in my contents page images were black so it theyand the other 3 were staged just for the magazine. didn’t look out of place, sayI placed the front cover in the top right corner as I with a white background. Itnoticed this was common in magazines, I done it to gives it more of an effect.just give it the effect of an actual magazine.
  11. 11. A typical double page spread in a multi genre magazine is by having an imagecovering up one page and normally an interview of the main model on the other.This is what I wanted to achieve in my magazine and I believe I did. I included apulled quote on the image page as do real magazines, this quote brings theaudience in and makes them feel as if the models are talking to them.
  12. 12. Columns are used in all magazines especially when a interview with an artist is themain focus of the double page. That is exactly what I used.These are the two images I included on my doublepage spread. The one on the left I included to show aemotion of the model, (laughter) and that its a verynatural image. Then the one on the right is of ‘DUO’performing which is common in Q’s magazines.There was an image of Coldplay performing on thedouble page spread that I bought.
  13. 13. I didnt use a drop capital in my magazine as I have noticed in most rock/punkmagazine they dont use them very often, so I used the conventions they use onmy double page spread as this issue of Junkie is based on a Rock/Punk/Pop duogroup. I used columns as they do and plenty of images across the pages. Differentcoloured text and different sizes and fonts. Live gig images and analysis of thephotos. Pulled quotes too.