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Saffaras Jake TED_Evaluation


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My TED Evaluation project for Full Sail University. Public Speaking 2012.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Saffaras Jake TED_Evaluation

  1. 1. By: Jake SaffarasPublic Speaking Friday 13 th , 2012
  2. 2. Charlie Todd’s thesis isabout the sharedexperience of absurdity.
  3. 3. One way Charlie Todd was able to getthe audiences attention is by using avideo presentation filled with clips.He showed clips of improvecomedy further mesmerize them.
  4. 4. The TEDCommandments IIIThou Shalt Reveal ThyCuriosity And ThyPassion.Charlie showed with hisfootage his passion anddedication for comedyand improv acts.
  5. 5. If I had to give Charlie Todd a score on his work andpresentation, I’d have to give him a 5.For giving a clear presentation,connecting with audience, andmaking them see his vision.
  6. 6. Charlie most certainly connectedwith the audience. He was thereWith and for them, showing footageof his skits.Also, His comedic and heartfeltconnection was perfect.
  7. 7. I felt that with hisspeech, you have totalk from the soul, andrelate with real lifeexperiences toconnect.
  8. 8. Sir Ken Robinson Charlie ToddA well diverse A improvand a real comedicphilosophical personality,type of person and well trained and talented person.
  9. 9. In his first presentation, he came out on stage andblew everyones minds with his truthful answer andunderstandable intellectual beliefs.Nothing visual, some would say this is where CharlieTodd receives some bonus points for making a visualconnection to his audience.
  10. 10. In his next presentation, in which I believed surpassedhis other one was quiet beautiful.It was an animated speech which used a dry eraseboard to show and explain his meaning, methods, ormetaphors.I would have to say both speakers have a greatoutput, but Sir Ken Robinson has won.
  11. 11. Don’t let them bother you, so you can develop hardskin that critics can’t touch.
  12. 12. Don’t change who you are.If you choose to like on thespur of a moment, or wantlive through random acts.
  13. 13. For every spare minuet, make the best of your time.Use your time to have fun or help. Be productive.
  14. 14. Be absurd, theres noright or wrong wayhave fun or play.
  15. 15. Thanks for viewing
  16. 16.  PYaBya19LFQ/T10enOvibvI/AAAAAAAAC3k/cs1q4KFtum4/s1600/be+yourself+unless+you+can+be+batman.bmp