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SoftBank Introduces Pepper, the Robot Who Loves


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Published in: Technology
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SoftBank Introduces Pepper, the Robot Who Loves

  1. 1. Jake Newberger is an automation validation engineer with Panacea Technologies, Inc. A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Jacob Newberger began his automation engineering career with AV Divine in Rockville, Maryland. Since entering the automation industry, Jake Newberger has developed a keen interest in domestic robots.
  2. 2. SoftBank Corp. recently made industry waves when they introduced the world to Pepper, a humanoid robot on wheels that, according to SoftBank chief executive officer Masayoshi Son, is capable of learning, evolving, and perhaps most astonishingly of all, loving. Pepper features four microphones, two cameras, and a WiFi Internet connection, in its effort to become a suitable companion for its owner. Early reports indicate that Pepper will utilize cloud technology to remember past mistakes and alter its behavior to better suit its owner's preferences. The four- foot-tall, 60-pound automaton will be released to the public in February of 2015 and will be listed at around $2,000.
  3. 3. Though not publicly available for some time, Pepper is already on display in two SoftBank locations. The in-store robots have not only been counting the number of shoppers entering the store, but how many of the individuals are smiling while doing so.