Clean your bathroom, fast!


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Clean your bathroom, fast!

  1. 1. 5 Tips to Clean Your Bathroom, Fast!Bathrooms are not my favorite things to clean, nor are they my second. In fact, I would do justabout anything to never have to clean a bathroom again.I feel this way because my mother made me clean my bathroom every week growing up. Thiswasn’t the windex the mirrors and hang your towels kind of clean either. I detailed the showerhead, the inside and outside of the toilet, and even get inside the little crevices around the sink andfaucet.It was torture and I vowed to make it the fastest thing possible.So, let my pain be your gain and learn my nifty little tricks for making this not so great task fly by.With a couple minutes, a pair of rubber gloves, and a few clever tips, you can have your bathroomclean in no time. Here are my favorite tips for cleaning your bathroom fast.This is a spotless bathroom! (Photo credit: home space)First tip, the bucket!If you really want to speed up the bathroom cleaning process, reduce your trips. Take all thesprays, brushes, and anything you might need and keep in a cleaning pale.I even wrote my name on mine. Cleaning day would come around and I would go the the closet itand pull out “Michael’s Bucket.” I had a firm rule, that once I went into the bathroom, I didn’t comeout till it was clean.
  2. 2. The cleaning bucket! (Photo credit: swirlspice)Second tip, soak things! Have you ever tried to wash dry dishes?Dry dishes take forever compared to soaking your dishes for 10 minutes in warm, soapy water.The same trick works in the bathroom. I use a zip lock bag and a rubber band. Put your cleaningliquid in the bag and wrap it around the shower head. Use the rubber band to hold it up there andclean the rest of your bathroom while it soaks. By the time your ready to clean the shower, it’s justa simple wipe.You can thank my mother for this one!A little soaking goes along way! (Photo credit: home space)
  3. 3. Third tip, the toothbrush!The toothbrush was designed to reach into small places adn scrub. Don’t just use the brush foryour mouth! Places such as the grout in between tile and the creases between the sink and thecounter are perfect places to use the toothbrush. If you don’t have a toothbrush, try using a q-tip.Don’t use the cleaning toothbrush for your teeth! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Forth tip, spray bottle!Yes, I know that most cleaning products come in spray bottles but if they don’t, get a sprayer andwhen you clean, let it rip! There is no reason to be conservative. Homemade solutions are easyand the more you spray the easier it will be to clean.
  4. 4. English: A spray bottle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Fifth and final tip, the microfiber towel.My other job growing up was to wash the car. Which, I happened to like, a lot. After cleaning thecar, it was important to dry it before the water spots formed. Even at a young age, I connected thedots on this one to wipe off all the fixtures in the bathroom. It works like a charm and will cut yourtime in half.
  5. 5. Wash these in vinegar to keep them fresh! (Photo credit: Concavo Wheels)Hope these tips save you (or maybe your child) some time!Author: Michael Ellis is a freelance writer for Trade Winds Imports. When he is not writing, he canbe found camping with his dog or mountain biking.