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Loggins / Palma 2011

  1. 1. Welcome to the BR ID E Jungle G RO O MLike it or not, these folks have agreed to participate in our highlyanticipated nuptials, along with the day-of dress code that they haveabsolutely no control over. Here’s a quick & dirty intro to the brave souls whowill be standing up with us on August 13th.
  2. 2. Hometown: Madison, AL Current City: Huntsville, AL Emily is Christine’s younger (but taller) sister and best friend. Emily manages to juggle two jobs, two dogs, one manchild husband and about 40 unruly church youth on a regular basis...thanks to God’s grace (and a little help from her Keurig). When not doing any of these things, she’s inventing a new recipe or crafting to her little heart’s content.Emily, Matron of Honor
  3. 3. Hometown: Madison, ALCurrent City: Tuscaloosa, ALHigh school BFFs turned collegeneighbors, Sarah and Christinehave survived nearly a decade offriendship. Today, Sarah issuper mom to sweet NoahCatherine in Tuscaloosa andoccasionally writing a blogabout her life for Christine toread.BREAKING NEWS: Sarah and Chanrecently announced they haveanother bun in the oven! Baby #2is due two weeks after thewedding...hello, maternitybridesmaid dress! Sarah
  4. 4. Hometown: Alpharetta, GA Current City: Nashville, TN Most of the tie-dye garments Christine owns were produced or purchased with Katie-Beth Moore. Christine spent one of the best weeks of her life with KTB in Asheville, NC, and they kept the Tuscaloosa Dominoes in business with their weekly veggie pizza feasts (usually accompanied by Felicity or The Office). Today, Katie-Beth lives in Brentwood, Tenn., where she is working as a secretary to the stars (sort of).Katie-Beth
  5. 5. Hometown: Columbus, OHCurrent City: Lakeside, MontanaBethany and Christine are theoldest (and wisest?) of theGibson cousins. Bethany actuallymade her way down to Alabama forcollege from her home state ofOhio and she and Christine haveremained close post-college.After a brief stint at home inColumbus, Bethany leapt acrossthe country to work with 100Fold Studio. (Google it!) Bethany
  6. 6. Hometown: Huntsville, AL Current City: Tuscaloosa, AL Sara Beth was one of Christine’s first friends when she moved to Alabama in eighth grade. They’ve shared churches, crushes, beach trips and lots of late night salads over the years. In November, Sara Beth married Bama superfan Matthew. Today, they are living in Tuscaloosa, where SB is attending grad school for higher education and working for The University of Alabama.Sara Beth
  7. 7. Hometown: Great Falls, VACurrent City: Boston, MASorority sisters Amy andChristine originally bonded overmutual hatred for the corruptionof campus politics, but thefriendship quickly grew. We hadthe privilege of playing Cupidwith Amy and our pal Steven incollege, who were married inJune. We have never had so muchfun on various trips and travelsthan we do with these two.Today, Amy is an eagle-eyedgovernment watch dog in Boston. Amy
  8. 8. Hometown: Madison, AL Current City: Memphis, TN Christine first met Whit in middle school. Fast forward five years and they found themselves college roommates. Christine has shared many meals, movies and musicals with this girl, and we are proud to have witnessed the debut of her now-fiancé Caleb! Today, Whitney is attending grad school and running art education programs at the Dixon Gallery & Gardens in Memphis.Whitney
  9. 9. Hometown: Dallas, TXCurrent City: New York, NYChristine met Lindsay throughCraigslist less than three yearsago and they have been NYCroommates ever since. Lindsay iscurrently taking the Macy’skidswear design department bystorm. When not working, sheattempts to mentor Christine infashion and designs handbags fora non-profit aiming to endglobal sex trafficking. Lindsay
  10. 10. Hometown: Gadsden, AL Current City: Grant, AL Ken has known Jake as long as humanly possible and has somehow managed to retain his sanity despite it all. Ken has the most accomplished green thumb in the state of Alabama and also makes a mean jar of fresh salsa.Ken - Best Man
  11. 11. Hometown: Grant, ALCurrent City: Huntsville, ALJustin is one of Jake’s oldestfriends. In high school, theytore up the town of Grant andbaseball fields across thecounty. Justin recentlygraduated and will be “CoachFoster” soon. He has threatenedto bring his whistle on thewedding day. Justin
  12. 12. Hometown: Slidell, LA Current City: Boston, MA Steven – married to bridesmaid Amy – is a college friend who Jake originally met as an RA at Alabama. Despite Christine’s urgencies, Jake didn’t keep any secrets about Amy’s crush on our tall friend and badabing badaboom, five years later they are married! Today, Steven is an MBA student at Harvard Business School.Steven
  13. 13. Hometown: Hamilton, ALCurrent City: Tuscaloosa, ALCollin and Jake met whileinterning in D.C. Last summer,Collin and Jake lived togetherin Montgomery, which meansCollin’s the only roommate Jakehas had in three years andhopefully he can give Christinesome tips on surviving. Collinis currently finishing up hisfinal year at UA School of Lawand will work in Tuscaloosaafter graduation. Collin
  14. 14. Hometown: Huntsville, AL Current City: Huntsville, AL Caleb is Christine’s brother-in- law (married to MOH Emily) and a welcome addition to the fam. When not drumming, he’s likely playing with one of their two pups, leading youth at Summit Crossing Community Church or scrubbing in on surgeries at Huntsville Hospital — clearly a Renaissance man.Caleb
  15. 15. Hometown: Arcadia, CACurrent City: Philadelphia, PAYianni the Greek is one ofJake’s law school friends.Yianni’s family was graciousenough to take Jake and friendsin on their cross-country roadtrip in 2009, and he has alwaysproven to be one of Jake’sgreatest co-conspirators, be itbusiness, burgers or ski tripshenanigans. After taking thebar, Yianni will head back hometo California to work incorporate law. Yianni
  16. 16. Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia Current City: Philadelphia, PA Bennett and Jake lived on the same hall during 1L at Penn and became fast friends. “Bnet” learned English by watching MacGyver, will never become a U.S. citizen because he hates the death tax and loves business and financial policy — so why wouldn’t they be friends? He’s also learned to say the only phrase he’ll need to know in Alabama in August – ROLL TIDE.Bennett
  17. 17. Hometown: Chappaqua, NYCurrent City: Philadelphia, PAEverything about Mitch is prettymuch opposite of Jake (exceptfor their stellar women). Yetthis seeming odd couple stillmanages to love each other…alot. A huge thanks to Adriana(an unofficial groomswoman andanother great Penn friend), whokindly introduced her newboyfriend to Jake and the gangmore than two years ago.Disclaimer: Mitch has never beento the South, y’all. (Miamidoesn’t count.) So let’s showhim a good time, ya’ hear? Adri! Mitch
  18. 18. And...SCENE.So, there you have it. The complete castof characters for Palma-Logginspalooza2011. We thank them in advance forbuying uncomfortable clothes, schmoozingwith our parents and posing for endlessphotos during our special weekend.WE LOVE YOU ALL. SEE YOU SOON. The Betr o th e d