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Tableau online training


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Tableau online training

  1. 1. 91 9000444287 cont act Home About Us Training Development US Staffing Support Services Careers Sitemap Contact Us Company News Tableau online training C lick Here Fo r Enquiry Tableau Software—how it can change your world Power Speed Flexibility Simplicity Beauty Build the core—Tableau basics Download, install and open Tableau Connect to sample data and review the Tableau ADOBE LIVE CYCLE
  2. 2. Interface “Show Me” Tableau in action Categorically clear views Go with the flow—more Tableau basics Save time with the Tableau Toolbar Insightful maps Exporting results to share your insights Core view types in Tableau Tables—an eye for detail Text tables Highlight tables Heat maps Bar Charts—five flavors to meet your needs Horizontal bars Stacked bars Side-by-side bars Bullet graphs Line Charts—display what happened over time Lines (continuous) Lines (discrete) Pie Charts—a common go-to view (use at your own risk!) Advanced view types in Tableau Scatter Plots—explore relationships Bubble Chart Maps
  3. 3. Filled maps Area Charts—track multiple groups over time Area charts (continuous) Area charts (discrete) Dual Charts—compare two measures on two vertical axes Dual lines Dual combination Dual points Gantt chart — track activity over time Take over with Tableau Customize views using the Columns, Rows, Pages and Filters Shelves Enhance your visual appeal with the Marks card Label Text Color Organiz e the data in your Views Sort views for quick comparison Filter views to find the right information Aggregations for measures—sums, averages and more Use percentages to find the right ratios Spotlight your view to emphasize important values Add totals and subtotals Create a motion chart after connecting to a new data source Essential Calculations and Models Quick Table Calculations Calculated Fields
  4. 4. Calculating Rank Custom Table Calculations using data in your views Reference Lines, Bands and Distributions Model your data with Trend Lines Creating Dashboards Formatting Dashboard Putting Logos/Pictures Dashboard Titles Bordering Putting Filters/Parameters on Dashboard Interactive Dashboard Working with Actions Using worksheets as filter Actions and Type of actions Using actions to filter conditionally How Actions can help filter from heterogeneous data sources What we do Training Follow Us Us Staffing Talend Facebook Address :37-12-14,Plot no- Corporate Training Hyperion Twitter 27,NGGO's colony,Visakhapatnam- Web Development IBM Unica Linkedin 07 Software Development Siteminder Google + Branch : Ground Floor,8-3- Remote DBA Support SharePoint Flickr 214/3/A,S.R Nagar - Search Engine Optimization Informatica Rss Feed 500038,Hyderabad SalesForce Contact Us Email :
  5. 5. SalesForce Email : Mobile : +91-40-65890128 21c s s india.c o m © 2013. All rights reserved. | ISO 9001:2008 - ISO/IEC :20000:1:2011 Certified Company.