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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Jake Dreiling Coley Elements&Design Value Value is shown because half the face is very light and half its black.
  2. 2. Jake Dreiling The flame Elements&Design Warm Colors This shows warm colors cuz its normal fire obviously.
  3. 3. Jake Dreiling Sweg Mikey Elements&Design Value Everythings dark but his face and hand
  4. 4. Jake Dreiling bellet Elements&Design Texture The bullets and logo are the texture on my steering wheel cover
  5. 5. Jake Dreiling Ventz Elements&Design Line Theres lines in my vents
  6. 6. Jake Dreiling Lights Elements&Design Space & Value Value because the range of white and black and space because theres a lot of space around the light
  7. 7. Jake Dreiling dock Elements&Design Cool Colors The colors seem cooler in this because my lens was kinda fogged and is was weird temperature out in the morning.
  8. 8. Jake Dreiling 5-0 Elements&Design Value Good amount of black white and greys
  9. 9. Jake Dreiling K Elements&Design Form The keys stick out it seems
  10. 10. Jake Dreiling Grizz Elements&Design Shape The shape of the sticker stands out