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running a marathon is easy! Well after all that training and preparation you have put into it it should be.

How much thought went into recovering after it other than to turn up at the recovery area for a massage after you have finished

Pity if you didn't finish in the first 500 or so because the lines waiting for recovery work will make sure you don't get onto any tables so you are just stuck with all that pain and agony for the next few weeks.

I am a recovery specialist in Ultra Marathon and my people don't suffer too much because I use a recovery system designed for them and the marathoner can use the same system

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marathon legs recovery

  1. 1. Marathon Leg Recovery-Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery Specialist Fatigued Legs Recovery Leg recovery using an environmentally friendly recovery system Marathon or ultra marathon-the problems are similar and recovery is the same!There are magazines and websites about marathon runners and running that cover techniques,equipment, events, and clubs, so I can’t add anything new here and am not going to try to do itWhat I am going to cover is an area that should interest everyone who does it but which not toomay people know anything about-recovery after pushing yourself too farRecoveryRecovery after marathon training and running in an event is important-simply because youhave a normal working, domestic, study or any other life after it and if you are like most peoplewho run you probably push the limits too far occasionally and finish up sore and stiff as wellMarathon is initially an individual sport where people train by themselves or with a number offriends, or club and then join in with 30,000 people or so where anyone they entered with maybe lost somewhere along the wayBecause of its collective individual nature, and the many people involved, both as officials, andhelpers on the route, and in the first aid and recovery area after the event, it is difficult to knowanyone who is there dealing with any problems you may have developed during the runSome runners are lucky because they have their support crew they know to look after them andhelp them recover and help fix their problems after they have finished-the rest, have to findtheir way home and get over it the best way they can, and the best of luckOthers who finished up in the field may be lucky to find themselves a place in the recoveryarea where they can get a recovery massage by a massage therapist waiting there for themTo place your self in the hands of someone you do not know, no matter how trained or wellintentioned or qualified they may be, could be inviting disaster for your recovery, yourmuscles, your training and your future in marathon runningCopyright 2008 Michael Gillan 1
  2. 2. Marathon Leg Recovery-Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery Specialist All masseurs and massage systems are not the sameMassage and recoveryMassage is one of the most commonly used (and cheapest) forms of recovery from stiffnessand soreness after an event-and it is one of the least understood-if considering this as part of arecovery program and considering getting someone to work with you, there are 2 basic rules indeciding the best person for it • The body recovers itself-the recoverer is just there to assist or facilitate that • No matter how good the therapist-the last man who could heal with his hands using touch died 2000 years agoIf your therapist can’t accept this then find another one because they have a belief that theyknow what is best for your recovery and will probably not listen to what you want and by notlistening, accidents may happen that causes muscle damage and extending your recovery timeTo illustrate my point-I recently officiated as the recovery person at a 24 hour 100 mile event, Ihave my own area slightly away from the track where people come in when they have pushedtheir boundaries too far, and I am usually kept busy from about the 12 hour markI did not know there was a massage therapist pulling the walkers off the track for work untilone of the first aiders on a walk around caught him digging into one of the walker’s musclesand reported what he saw to the official in chargeIt was too late, the damage had been done, she had a bad injury to her buttock muscles whichmade it impossible to continue-her event came to an abrupt finish and she went homedevastated-will she recover from the damage caused to do any walking again in the sport sheloves? She may, she may notIt turns out he was a qualified massage therapist, but had only worked with huge footballplayers, and while he may have been good in that area, did not have the slightest idea and couldnot adapt to recovery of slightly built runners and walkers who had just pushed things too farIf someone is considering massage, they should be aware of what is happening; using theexample from Sandra Brown to stress how important the correct approach to muscles is.“The second tear (at least I have matching legs with old tears on both sides) was caused, to mygreat annoyance at the time, by an overenthusiastic physio who was supposed to be helping meto warm up gently before a 24 hour race and got carried away. I am now more wary of havingphysio at any time, and make sure that I stay in control, by saying at the outset what I want anddon’t want to be done to me. Having never had a persistent injury (my varied training patternmeans that any niggles have the chance to heal quickly, rather than get hammered and gocritical,) I have never had regular physio or a steady relationship of trust with anyphysiotherapist who knew me and my needs. The closest I have come to this was receivingmassage from Michael Gillan during the Nanango (Queensland) 1000-mile race in 1996. I hadno hesitation in having a massage from Michael again at the end of the Melbourne 100 mileswalk in 1999. Michael’s approach is very gentle at all times, and always works with the athleteand puts the athlete in control, thus minimizing the risk of harm and maximizing the benefit.’(Source: 2008 Michael Gillan 2
  3. 3. Marathon Leg Recovery-Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery Specialist_sandra_br.htm#Training/forUltras_SB) SANDRA BROWN 1996 Ladies 1000 Mile WorldRecord HolderWhat do I do differently and how can the power walker benefit from my experience? From this After being on the track for 3 days To this To thisCopyright 2008 Michael Gillan 3
  4. 4. Marathon Leg Recovery-Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery SpecialistIn easy steps-without injuryBy understanding that the body is recovering itself, and using the muscles by working with andnot working on them to facilitate this, a faster injury free recovery can be achievedConventional recovery systemsThese work on the muscles so for obvious reasons they need massage oils, towels, massagetables and associated equipment-all this takes up time, and room, washing and cleaning so isnot very practical to use for someone who only wants a fast recoveryFor the same reasons they are difficult to use in ultra marathon where time and space arelimited, they are difficult for the average person to use easilyThese are the same reasons why it is not very practical to use at ultra marathon events wherethere is just me to work for days straight, even just at a 24 hour run and looking after 40 oddcompetitors using conventional methods means I would not last too long before I died ofexhaustionMy working area at the Montreal 2007 24 hour World Championships where I looked after theDanish national team event consisted of the chair next to the bottles-I looked after the team andworked and slept on it-the airline had lost all my clothes and other stuff-if I used conventional methods that would have been impossible to do Here I am giving a demonstration of leg recovery in Denmark using Light Manual Muscle RelaxationCopyright 2008 Michael Gillan 4
  5. 5. Marathon Leg Recovery-Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery Specialist My working area at Antibes 6 Jour EventThe difference in approach to recovery is illustrated below Results from 1995 Coburg 6 day footrace Name Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 A Krouglikov 237.2 113.6 130 106 126 108 Kilometers 539 284 325 365 315 270 Laps T Rusek 215.2 98.8 98 139.6 138.4 122.4 Kilometers 538 247 245 349 346 306 Laps M T aylor 174.4 128.8 143.6 123.6 138.4 122.4 Kilometers 436 322 359 309 302 223 Laps B Beauchamp 180.4 133.2 124 117.6 110 93.2 Kilometers 451 333 310 294 275 233 Laps P Gray 150 134 105.2 94.8 111.6 106 Kilometers 375 335 263 237 279 265 Laps D Parri s 138.4 108.4 106.8 116.4 106 107.2 Kilometers 346 271 267 274 265 268 Laps I Davis 168 119.2 90 116.4 106 107.2 Kilometers 420 298 225 291 180 247 Laps G Watts 132.2 96.4 99.2 104.4 92.8 133.6 Kilometers 328 241 248 261 232 334 Laps C Young 142 91.2 90 97.6 88 92 Kilometers 355 228 225 244 220 230 Laps D Kettle 138.2 86.8 90.8 95.2 94.4 84.4 Kilometers 332 217 227 238 236 212 Laps R H ill 128 80.8 99.2 70 95.6 96.6 Kilometers 320 202 248 175 239 241 Laps K Fisher 164 91.6 50 115.2 49.6 81.2 Kilometers 410 229 125 288 124 203 Laps G Pollard 120 74.8 73.6 68.4 69.6 61.2 Kilometers 300 187 184 171 174 153 LapsCopyright 2008 Michael Gillan above group came in for Light Manual Muscle Rel axation The 5 own recovery people The below group did not or had T Rafferty 141.6 112.8 104.8 101.6 98 96.4 Kilometers 354 282 262 254 245 241 Laps G McConnel 145.6 110.8 126.4 113.6 108.4 106 ki lometers 363 277 287 284 271 265 Laps G Audley 152.8 110.8 126.4 113.6 114.8 95.2 ki lometers S Scanlon 140.8 82 84 34 0 0 Kilometers 352 205 210 85 pulled out-bli sters Laps J Timms 127.2 98.4 74.8 0 0 0 ki lometers
  6. 6. Marathon Leg Recovery-Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery SpecialistWhat makes Light Manual Muscle Relaxation so different from otherrecovery systems?Light Manual Muscle Relaxation combines a sound medical physiological based theory withsimple movement to offer a practical ongoing system for self recoveryDr Guyton offers the theoretical solution to the problem of aching legs and Light ManualMuscle Relaxation offers the practical, tested, simple, oil free, environmentally friendlyversionPumping caused by external Compression of the LymphaticsGuyton-Textbook of Medical Physiology eighth edition-1991 W.B. Saunders Company-ISBN 0-726-3994-0 (p.182)It is an alternative stripped down basic tool which uses the muscles to work with themselvesrather than relying on the skills of someone who works on themThis model has many benefits for someone who has to take the place of a skilled therapist in aremote area where there is a shortage of them or there is not the financial ability to afford thereal thingYou can use aimless guesswork and prod and poke and just move the legs in an aimless fashionand hope what you are doing is working and to some extent any movement is better than noneOr you can use planned and structured movement that is based on medical physiology and beentested on many ultra marathon runs and walks around the world that takes into account theproblems of the client and makes the most of any movement restrictions placed on them Light Manual Muscle Relaxation-the massage-lite recovery systemUsing an environmentally friendly pro-active leg recovery system is easier than you thinkwhen you learn how to use the muscles to work on themselvesLook at the photo of my work area at a 24 hour run-how many towels and bottles of oil do yousee?None because the latest in non-polluting, non-technical method of leg recovery techniques is being usedQuickly-easily and in an environmentally friendly way!If you want more details go to my website at 2008 Michael Gillan 6
  7. 7. Marathon Leg Recovery-Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery SpecialistSome references for Light Manual Muscle RelaxationMichael’s methods of massage and blister care helped me to stay mobile throughout the raceand to recover quickly afterwards. His techniques are safe and gentle.Unlike some treatments, which put the runners and walkers at risk of muscle tears or infection,Michael’s techniques are light, safe, reassuring, and highly effective.They enhance comfort and flexibility, build confidence, and promote success.This booklet will help others to learn and practice Michael’s methods.It is recommended reading for everyone who walks and runs and who wants to go further, gofaster, or just to enjoy life more!!SANDRA BROWN1996 Ladies 1000 Mile World Record Holder1999 Ladies 100 mile Race walking World Record Holder“I know that your massage kept a number of competitors in the event.The cold weather of Saturday afternoon and night certainly got to many of the walkers andyour prompt action had them back in the race after a short stop.In years past, that would have ended up as a non-finish; a number of walkers were able to keepgoing for the full 24 hours on the basis of your expert help.”Tim Ericson Secretary Australian Centurions ClubI have known Michael Gillan for many years and have always got quick relief for my achesand pains from the stretching he performs.CLIFF YOUNG-Ultra Marathon Runner Light Manual Muscle Relaxation-massage-lite-any other way is just a luxury- or not necessaryCopyright 2008 Michael Gillan 7