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This is a collection of Chinese university students' reflections about a cross-cultural project they completed with in collaboration with an American middle school in Minnesota. Check out the entire project:

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Chinese Reflections Slide Show

  1. 1. Classroom Connections What We’ve Learned
  2. 2. With the aim to acquire full understanding of English, I have to know its culture, which has a profound influence on people, values and language. - Coco
  3. 3. I wish... I wish I have enough money to travel. I wish I have an opportunity to go abroad. - Leopard I wish in the future I could have the opportunity to go abroad... However, it is only a dream which will never come true. - Amanda
  4. 4. I wish... I wish I could have a chance to go to the United States and experience American culture and life - Iverson I wish I could be abroad some day. As a English language learner, the most important part is to put the theory in to practice and experience the foreign country’s culture, language, life, custom for myself. - Ella
  5. 5. I wish to show the world Chinese culture. - Joy
  6. 6. Teamwork Frankly speaking, I’m enjoy teamwork now. I can know more about others even myself through teamwork. Also, through teamwork, I learned a lot not only in knowledge but also in dealing with some problems with others - I got a good understanding about team relationships and improved myself. - Ella Through the project, I realize that no one can accomplish a complex task alone - I need other’s suggestions and help. Besides, I need to learn to be open-minded. Teamwork is very important. - Sophie
  7. 7. I hope we can learn from each other. Better understanding, better life. - Rain
  8. 8. Chinese Cultural Knowledge I found that I ‘m still lack of knowledge about Chinese culture... I should be modest to learn from my country. - Leopard To tell the truth, through the culture project, I am ashamed of myself. As a Chinese, I even can’ have a t deep understanding of my own country... In the further days, I decide to read more books or watch some videos to learn more about it. - September
  9. 9. Chinese Cultural Knowledge I need to enhance my basic English skills to explain our culture more clearly. What’s more, knowing more Chinese culture is quite helpful for my further study. - Jessica Till I was asked to explain Chinese culture to American teenagers, did I realize that I have little knowledge about my own culture. - Andy
  10. 10. Chinese Cultural Knowledge China has a very long history and a splendid culture and I am very proud as a Chinese. And also because of this, I felt small and a little shame for I didn’t know clearly lots of our Chinese traditional culture. Through this project, I regained much knowledge and understood the importance of learning our own culture. - Apple Chinese culture is really amazing and there are still lots of interesting things that I need to learn. - Ella
  11. 11. What Is Culture? Culture is what people do, how people think and what people produce. So everyone has their individual culture. I’ve learnt how other people think, do and produce, so it enlightens me to correct my shortcomings. We should learn from each other’s cultures - both nations and people. - Kevin
  12. 12. What Is Culture? Culture project lets me know that culture is not always what we thought before. Actually, life is culture. Culture is everywhere in our life. - Jessica The concept of culture in my eyes is quite different from what I think before. Before our culture project, I hold the view that culture is a very macro concept. However, through our project, I changed my mind. Culture can be very small and micro concept. It can be a word, a representative object or even a kind of food. - Leah
  13. 13. Chinese Culture American culture is strange to me. In the past, I am conservative, and it isn’t easy for me to accept some new ideas. But American culture is fresh to me, and I want to know more about it. I get rid of old ways, and change will follow me. - Susanna
  14. 14. Chinese Culture China has a long history. It’s culture is various and deep. Maybe since I have been in China from young, I haven’t noticed much about it. But now I realize that everything around me reflects the China element. - Cherry Due to the culture project, I could directly show what I know about my country to the foreigner. I am proud of being such a media transmitter, and I’d like to do more for foreign people in order to make them know better about China. - Lisa
  15. 15. Chinese Culture Although China boasts her long history and various interesting traditions, she is losing much of the customs and handicrafts day after day. Those exquisite things and sophisticated techniques are dying out while not so many people are aware of it. One day China will not be China anymore if she lost her uniqueness. - Eleven I am proud of China and Chinese because I find China is decreasing the distance from U.S. Take clothes for example, nowadays Chinese people, especially youngsters, often follow the world’s fashion. Many years ago not everyone wears jeans, but now almost everyone does. - Allen
  16. 16. Cultural Comparisons As far as I’m concerned, United States is an open and energetic country. In people’s everyday life, they always have plenty of outdoor activities to relax, and they are always active in coming up with fresh ideas. In addition, they tend to be independent in solving problems, they put more values on time for which they always have a regular schedule for everyday life. China is a country with plenty of special and unique culture. Most historical heritage represents rich Chinese culture. For every custom, tradition and festival, there is plenty of culture. Chinese are always diligent and modest, they are simple in life, enterprising in work, and persistent in challenging difficulties. - Janice
  17. 17. Cultural Comparisons I found foreigners similar with us. They looked very friendly and easy to communicate if I can speak English fluently. Besides, foreigners are different in some aspects. For example, the kids didn’t look nervous at all, in that point, I should learn from them. - Ariel I find that the American students’ life is quite similar to ours. We use the same brand of toothpaste and the same hair-straightening tool. That’s interesting. - Bobbie
  18. 18. Cultural Comparisons Compared with American students, our life is very busy, so we nearly have not enough time to take various activities. I admire that they have the balance of studying and learning. Frankly speaking, China is a traditional country. Of course, it is full of culture and history. Nowadays, China is developing with modern and tradition, so it attracts many foreigners. - Christina
  19. 19. Future Plans As my family expected, I would like to be a teacher after my graduation, and this project made me think what a good teacher should be or how to be a good teacher. - Coco This year I decide to set my goal as to pursue the master degree of translation, which is undoubtedly relevant to cross-cultural career. This project brought me a lot of vivid and real experience as well as evidence to help me understand the differences and similarities of both cultures. I have to say thank you very much. - Eleven
  20. 20. Future Plans I believe my writing ability will be perfected through communication with native English speakers. And I can be a writer after graduation if possible. Then I can set the world on fire with my words. - Winter
  21. 21. Parent-Child Relationships I really like the relationship between the child and parent or teacher and students. Whatever they do, they will listen to each other’s opinion and respect each other. However, in China, we are just the obedient student/child. We obey the teachers’ and parents’ orders. We dare not say “no” to them. - September From the video, we communicate with foreigners. We learn that there is a big difference about the relationship between children and parents in the west. They are like good friends and chat frequently with each other. In China, we seldom communicate with our parents so the generation gap becomes a social problem in China. - Amy
  22. 22. From this project, I undoubtedly know that is hard for one to understand a culture in a short time. - Ella
  23. 23. Crossing Cultures Virtual projects provide a good opportunity for education exchange of different cultures. It is good for both Americans and Chinese knowing and learning from each other. It seems that the world is becoming smaller and smaller and we are just like neighbors in the same village. - Apple
  24. 24. Crossing Cultures Crossing cultures makes me know that there are many differences between cultures especially that from different countries. These differences exist in our daily life and sometimes have much effect on our communication. In modern society, more and more foreigners come to China and we should really know those differences. Thus, we can communicate well with them and explain our culture. - Gleaf
  25. 25. There is no good or bad culture in the world. Culture comes from life. So every culture tells us a different and great story. - Daisy