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Poster analysis 1

poster analysis

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Poster analysis 1

  1. 1. Poster Analysis and magazine analysis By Jake De Costa
  2. 2. Hollyoaks The characters in the poster have a somewhat fiery red aura around them. This could arguably be a reference to hell, each character could be damned because of the ‘evil’ deed they may have done. Or it could be that each character is a warning to the viewer, the red used could be a reference to the danger each character poses to the others on the show. However, the characters could be in a position of danger themselves as the fire used in the poster could be that the characters are at risk and do not have long to live in the series. The tagline potentially suggests that one of the characters in the poster “change Hollyoaks forever”. The characters in the poster will be the individuals to inflict the change or they will be the cause of it. The tagline is also a warning to the viewers, this is due to the word change which in turn prepares the viewer for a storm arising in the soap opera. The date is standard in informing the audience when the “change” will be coming. However, it is significant as it ensures the audience when to watch the series for the new twists and turns. The logo is easily visible for the viewer of this poster. The logo has been printed bold in order to reveal the television company behind the soap. The three female characters are centered in the poster, they are also seen to be visibly attractive which therefore inflicts the “Male gaze” (Laura Mulvey).
  3. 3. Student poster: Terna Jogo The eye dent is clearly seen with a red background to symbolize that blood will be spilt in the coming soap opera. The colour backdrop of the eye dent is scribbled which may also connote the coming death being very messy. However, the use of the black font is a feature which is not very clearly seen. The tagline is in colour scheme with the poster which symbolizes the somewhat bloodiness of the soap opera. The characters in the poster have been enlarged so they are the focus of attention, as the viewer of the poster is instantly drawn to the way the characters look. Both have a light white outlay which almost depicts the girls as being a angel. However, the red font suggests that something is going to happen in the soap opera where violence will arise. The dawn look on both of the females faces suggest they are not capture the “male gaze” but rather a empowerment to females The logo is very visible, with its colour being a turquoise, it is set apart from the colour of the red “bloody” look. The social media inputted into the poster reveals the intent to branch out to a wider audience. This enables the soap opera to also attain a younger audience. The date is easily seen below the tagline. This tells audiences when the murder will be on the screens of the audiences.

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poster analysis


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