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How Charity Fundraisers Can Empower Us to Rebuild Puerto Rico and Our Empathy


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The hardships life throws our way are often unfair, if not traumatic. But what’s truly unfair is having the ability to help those in need and not take the action to assist. Ignoring the problem only causes multiple waves of harsher repercussions that percolate into the riptide of systemic issues in America’s zeitgeist.

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How Charity Fundraisers Can Empower Us to Rebuild Puerto Rico and Our Empathy

  1. 1. How Charity Fundraisers Can Inspire Us to Rebuild Puerto Rico J A K E C R O M A N
  2. 2. Puerto Rico It’s been nearly two weeks since Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico. Still, 3.8 million U.S. citizens are suffering from a major humanitarian crisis. Much of the island lacks power, clean water, and medical supplies.  In lieu of time, what can I do to convince people to donate to a cause they may hold no emotional attachment to? How can I get people to care about a community that is remote from their own? The answer may be a mix of emotion and long-term economic purpose.
  3. 3. Give Me Emotion or Give Me Purpose Many people give to charitable causes because there is an emotional draw or the opportunity to satisfy some personal and/or financial purpose. In fact, studies show that there are a myriad of reasons people give to charities. One main reason people are driven to give is the knowing that there is an identifiable, single benefactor with an emotional story that helps us identify with or empathize with others’ suffering.
  4. 4. I feel empowered knowing myself and other donors can potentially help provide basic necessities or other forms of support for those struck by Hurricane Maria’s devastation. But as a student of American Studies with a concentration on Jewish History in WWII, I remember the stories of friendly neighbors who fought to provide protection, service, or protest against adversity at crucial moments.  The Crisis: Why I Created the Fundraiser
  5. 5. Caring about Other Communities — Not Just our Own There are many subsets of privilege throughout the United States. Obviously, there are numerous political and socio-economic factors that separate us, but that means we need to start recognizing our privilege, educate ourselves, and channel it into positive and actionable support for in-need communities. Not only does charitable giving help support short-term assistance, but it can also empower people with long-term recovery programs.
  6. 6. Charity The divide between communities shouldn’t be an ocean, a wall, or a computer screen. If we have that ability to build bridges and help relieve human suffering then we’ve got a lot of building to do together. And whether that means raising a $1 or $5,000, the impact of giving and supporting others can last a lifetime. Please help support my fundraiser and, together, we can start the healing process in Puerto Rico. 
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