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Magazine about QS


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Magazine about QS

  1. 1. 12 MAY 2013QS TIMES
  2. 2. Mr. Zariful never intended tobecome a quantity surveyor,in fact he wanted to becomea pharmacist.However, he was ableto make it and had nochoice but to choosean alternative whichhappens to be quantitysurveying. His decisionturns out to be theright one. Now aftermany years of tacklinghis job, he manages tobecome the employerof a successfulcompany –Z-ArifConsultant.THEQUANTITYSURVEYOR
  3. 3. He advices students whowishes to pursue quantitysurveying to take a foundationcourse rather than pre-University courses such as A-levels. This is because afoundationcourse will exposestudents more towards thebuildingindustry and hence,giving students the chance toexperience more of theworking life so that they won’tbe overwhelmed when goinginto the degree course. Tosucceed in this field of work,one should look forward andembrace challenges rather thantrying to avoid it.PATHWAY
  4. 4. In our interview, the job of aquantity surveyor may varyfrom checking the budget tomeasuringdrawings to evaluating the siteto cost-checking andcalculatingthe final cost of aproject. It doesn’t just involvean office job but also involveswork in the field. In otherwords, they have the ‘BEST OFBOTH WORLDS’.Not only did he gain hisexperience from working, butalso from conferences and bycommunicating with otherquantity surveyors making himmore innovative and updated.Now as a senior surveyor, doescontract issues and is adviser totroubled clients.
  5. 5. In today’s community,every quantity surveyorshould be a member ofthe Board of QuantitySurveyor to practice as a‘QS’. The requirementsbetween countries mayvary.In terms of the economy, MrZariful,explained how it caneffect him. if the economy isbad, there will be less demand,which means less projects, thatcan result in a lower incomeand vice versa. He alsomentions how, with theuprising technological age,machines can easily replace thequantity surveyors. Hence, headvised us to always beinnovative, be updated with thestock market and be teachable.REALITY
  6. 6. At the end of theday, it’s allabout havingfun along theway – learningto work alongside architects,engineers andconstructors tocreate a betterenvironment forthe community.Yet one of themost satisfyingfeeling is to beable to see howbuildings go upfrom start tofinish. THE“”CONCLUSIONThis building wasconstructed by:Mr. Hj Abdul ZarifulBin Hj Mohammed