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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. JAKE SIA CHYI SERN 0314396 PSYC0103 Week 2 For the first lesson, it was quite uneventful. Our lecturer, Ms. Chia Yee, even said that we were all super quiet compared to the other classes. Despite that, she started off with the general stuff like lecture rules, assessments requirements, calendar, journal assignment, research and presentations. After that, we covered the topic for that day which was on qualitative and quantitative research studies, how to make a hypothesis, data collection techniques, how to analyse and make a report. I didn't really listen during this lecture because honestly it is quite boring to listen to assignments during lecture. I know we will need them later but right then it was useless to me. After all the topics were covered, Ms. Chia Yee wrapped up the class but giving us a survey about whether we are introverts or extroverts. I have to admit that that was the only thing that caught my attention for that class. I think the same goes for everyone else in class. It is always interesting to do a survey which tells you more about yourself. Week 3 This class was fairly interesting as we started off with an activity. We arranged ourselves in a circle and wrote 5 things that we would describe ourselves starting with 'I am..'. This really got me thinking about who am I in other people's eyes. After that we each said one of our 'I am'. We then form groups and likewise chose a 'I am' that we all have in common. Ms. Chia Yee then explained that some of us may have described ourselves in terms of our gender, feelings, culture and so on. She also explained that as humans, we tend to have the spotlight effect where we think we are at the centre of everything. Ms. Chia Yee then taught as about predicting our behaviour and feelings. I couldn't help but feel that she chose a lot of examples based on relationships just to catch our attention. Examples such as breakups that happen to undergraduates will have a softer impact on the couple. Anyway, she went on talking about self-service bias and how we tend to say that we ourselves are always right. Lastly, we covered the topic on positive thinking and how it can improve our health and achieving it by laughing or exercising.
  2. 2. JAKE SIA CHYI SERN 0314396 PSYC0103 Week 7 For this lesson, we were taught about vision. Of course vision always starts off with the eye, the structures and functions of the eye. For me, the beginning was boring and didn't we learned that in science. Fortunately we moved onto the area of colour which was much more interesting. We learned that colours can affect people's mood and can mean different things. For instance, red can mean go (red carpet), stop (traffic light) or love (rose). We concentrated on the colour red because psychologist say that red is the most striking colour and is bound to produce many interesting reactions in people. An example would be that males tend to be more attracted to the female in red than in other colours. Of course there are other colours like black (strong/passive), blue (cool & calm) and green (recycle). The next thing we cover is on the topic of illusions. This part was fun, it doesn't really feel like a lesson. Illusions that involves playing around with perspective. Overall this lecture was fun playing around with the eyes.