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Group Component

  1. 1. Page | 1 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 PROJECT DESCIRPTION The project is named "Taylors Sport Complex Construction Project", involves the construction of a sport complex in Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. The land has a total area of 68,797 square meters and it is owned and managed by Taylor's Education Group Sdn Bhd. The Taylor’s sport center will be a full-service multisport complex situated along the Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus jalan Taylors, Subang Jaya, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor. The Taylor’s sport and recreation area located beside the car park zone G and F and also near to the Academic block E. There are currently a semi-indoor basketball court and two tennis courts. Propose to upgrade and renovate the current sport center is due to high demanding sport facilities. Selected site
  2. 2. Page | 2 Location of the site Current Taylor’s University’s sport and recreation area
  3. 3. Page | 3 We have done some site analysis about the current sport and recreation area of the Taylors University and we found that there are some reason why the renovations and upgrade is needed. 1) Fails to provide sufficient sport court for Taylor’s student. 2) Surrounding of the sport area is lack of greenery area. 3) The facilities too old and need to repair. 4) Only some sport can be perform. The agreement of this project brief is estimated to be signed on 29th July 2013 and the whole construction is estimated to take about 7 months. 1.2 PROJECT BACKGROUND Taylor's University Lakeside Campus is a Subang Jaya Lake area on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur has had many incarnations—first it was a tin mining field, then an illegal dumpsite, finally it became a squatter occupied by the homeless. After a major rehabilitation program, the site has been transformed into an international school in 2010—Taylor’s Lakeside Campus now sits on the banks of the lake, wrapped closely around the water’s edge. The university takes advantage of this natural water body, formed initially by early mining activities, to formulate its environmental strategies and revitalize it into a key part of the campus. 1.3 PROJECT OBJECTIVES: The main objectives of the project are: 1. Provide balance life for students. 2. Provide the sufficient facilities for students to perform their sport. 3. Increase the types of sport facilities in the campus. 4. Provide a better quality service. 1.4 PROJECT SCOPE In this project, the department aims to build a sports complex which is semi- indoor. There will be 3 floors which will have 2 Futsal courts, 6 badminton courts, 2 basketball courts respectively. The purpose of building the sports complex is for the students' entertainment and their free time. The scope of the project is a 50m x 50m sports complex with 2 basketball courts each measuring 28m x 15m, 6 badminton courts each measuring 13.4m x 6.1m and 1 Futsal court measuring 25m x 42m.
  4. 4. Page | 4 1.5 KEY to Success 1) Atmosphere of facility: By creating an unmatched "cool" atmosphere in The Supreme Courts through the use of first class equipment, floors, colors, and big screen TVs, people will want to frequent our facility often and our ability to retain members will be enhanced. 2) Knowledgeable/qualified staff and management: By providing the users of the facility with knowledgeable and qualified staff who show genuine concern for the patrons, people will feel comfortable and confident that The Taylors Sport Complex can meet all of their sport and fitness needs. 2. SPECIFICATIONS 2.1 RISK Funding: In case the funding is not enough, the project will be slowed down, postpone or worst, abandoned. Approval: The Authority’s approval will really affect the project, in case the Authority do not give out an approval for the project, the project cannot be carried out. Failure to attract or retain top talent: If we cannot find the right talent for the construction, there might be some problems that will be triggered and it might need to take a longer time that will trigger more problems in the future, e.g. client will lose their interest in the project. Injury to workers: In case something like this happens, problems will be triggered, e.g. the cost of the treatment. 2.2 CONSTRAINTS Pollution: The remnant of the construction materials will pollute the surroundings of the construction site, during the construction work. The sound of the construction work will disturb the activity around the construction site and will distribute to a sound pollution. Safety: The safety around the construction site will be hard to guarantee, the construction process and materials might endanger the safety of people passing by near the construction site. Inconvenient: The students not allow performing their sport during the construction period. And they need to find the other places to do their activities.
  5. 5. Page | 5 2.3 ASSUMPTIONS The Taylors Sport Complex will be a full-service multisport complex. The operation hours will be from 6a.m. - 12a.m. The user will be the students of Taylors University. The staffs are from the department of Taylor’s facilities management team. Students can perform their sport in the campus. It will help in our campus facilities improvement. It will help the students have a healthier life by having sport activities. 2.4 TIMESCALE FOR PROJECT
  6. 6. Page | 6 3. PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM 3.1 TEAM MEMBERS Key Members Person-in-charge Company Company Address Architect Kishant Kumar Landscape Architect Ronn Chua GREN Landscape Service L-2-02, Level 2,Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, 46510 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Structural Engineer Calv Chee Contractor Teo Chong Yih CY contracting berhad No. 1 Jalan Besar 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia Quantity Surveyor Jake Sia Chyi Sern (CSS)Chyi Sern Surveyors Level 2, 123 Monopoly Lane, Derry 12345, Bandar Puteri, Selangor,47100, Malaysia 3.2 OBJECTIVES To completely understand the students' needs and plan, design and build a sport complex for the student.
  7. 7. Page | 7 3.3 TASKS Architect Observe construction of Taylors Sport Complex to ensure that site work will meet the specifications of construction documents when the construction have completed. Submit modification of the design of Taylors Sport Complex during construction to contractor. Adapt a project to real life site conditions, correct errors and remedy omissions to the construction documents. Provide an estimate for the cost work Taylors Sport Complex. As cost requirements change, architect has to update and refine cost estimate and share the information with contractor and owner. Architect recommends alternative solution to resolve any variations to original budgets. Conduct an assessment of the site for the owner Consider the operations and performance of the facilities and make recommendations for maintenance and improvement. Landscape Architect Overseeing the design of a variety of projects, including urban regeneration schemes, pedestrian schemes, road or retail schemes, and maintaining the character of sites of natural beauty; Establishing general landscape requirements with clients; Conducting preliminary studies of the site (including contours, soil, ecology, buildings, roads); Assessing a site's potential to meet the client's specifications; Carrying out environmental impact assessments; Seeking and taking into account the views of local residents, potential users, and parties with a vested interest in the project; accurately preparing and presenting detailed plans and working drawings, including applications, construction details and specifications for the project using computer-aided design (CAD) packages or similar design software; Presenting proposals to clients, dealing with enquiries and negotiating any amendments to the final design; Matching the client's wishes with your knowledge of what will work best; Contacting and coordinating manufacturers and suppliers; Putting work out to tender, selecting a contractor and manager (mainly for larger projects), and leading cross-functional teams; Making site visits; Ensuring deadlines are met; Liaising with other professionals on the project;
  8. 8. Page | 8 Monitoring and checking work on-site (on large projects, landscape managers may do this type of supervisory work); Authorizing payment once work has been satisfactorily completed; Attending public inquiries to give evidence if necessary; Generating new business opportunities. Structural Engineer Design structures to withstand stresses & pressures (Do not bend, twist, collapse or vibrate, remain strong and secure throughout their use. Choose appropriate materials to meet design specifications Analysis configurations of the basic structural components of Taylors Sport Complex Calculate pressure, stress & strains that each component (beam & lintel) will experience from other parts of the structure due to human use or environmental pressure. Liaising with architect to agree an safe designs and fit the aesthetic concept of construction Considering the strength of various material Examining structures at risk of collapse and advising how to improve their structure integrity Making drawings, specifications and computer models of structures for building contractors. Investigating ground conditions and analyzing results of site tests Applying expert knowledge of the forces that act on various structure Use computers and computer-aided design (CAD) technology for simulation process. Contractor To perform and complete a task that is assigned or created Checking whether the clients are aware of their duties Cooperate with other working parties Consult with the workers in good time Provide workers under their control with relevant information Ensure the structure is built as per drawings Lease with consultants, sub-traders and owner to achieve the common goal of work being completed on time. Applying for building permits Securing the property Managing personal on site Providing temporary utilities on site Providing site surveying & engineering
  9. 9. Page | 9 Disposing or recycling of construction waste Monitoring schedules & cash flows Maintaining accurate records Quantity Surveyor Preparation of Feasibility Studies Estimating to define project budgets Analysis of the effect of design changes on the project budget Cost planning to refine the budget as the design documents develop Preparation of Bills of Quantities to assist in the tender process Provision of cost control services during construction Assessment of the contractor’s progress claims Assessment of variation and delay claims Procurement of subcontractors and labour to carry out specialist trade works Negotiation and settlement of accounts Monthly forecasting and cost reporting Monthly negotiation and agreement of payments for works carried out Determination of the final project cost Preparation of tax depreciation reports for investors and property owners Expert witness reports to assist in the settlement of building disputes 4. STAKEHOLDERS These are the stakeholders have so far been identified for the project: 4.1 PRIMARY USERS The students of Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, especially for students who love sport and wanted to perform their sport activities in the campus.
  10. 10. Page | 10 4.2 GOVERNMENT AND STATUTORY AUTHORITIES THE APPROVAL no Procedure 1 Submission to Local Authority through OSC Builders can apply for all the pre-building approvals at the One Stop Center of the Municipality of Kuala Lumpur. However, the builder still needs to visit each of the agencies that provide the pre-approvals in order to obtain confirmation. The One Stop Center charges a processing fee of MYR 480. This process is partly regulated by Federal Territory (Planning) Act, 1982. Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 2 Obtain Development Order (DO) from Planning Dept Planning permission, which is issued as a Development Order by the Planning Department of the local authority, authorizes development of the land. The permit is valid for 12 months, within which time construction must begin. The processing time for the applications is usually as follows: • 120 days for large-scale projects (consisting of complicated development plans, buildings of more than five levels, construction involving layout plans for a development area of more than 2 acres, or projects affecting the population density and change of zone area) • 60 days for mid-scale projects (requiring construction plans of buildings of fewer than five levels, a temporary change in land/building usage involving a land area of fewer than 5,000 square feet or involving changes/additions/alterations made to the available shops/housing units) • 45 days for small-scale projects (involving suggested additions/changes/alterations to existing bungalow units, two-story units and terrace units, and new bungalow units built in accordance with approved layout plans only) Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 3 Obtain Water Approval Water related approvals are regulated by Water Services Industry Act 2006, section 45 Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 4 Obtain Sewerage Approval Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 5 Obtain Fire Safety (Arch) Comment
  11. 11. Page | 11 Fire safety procedures are regulated by Fire Services Act 1988 and Uniform Building Bylaws 1984 (Chapter 8) Agency: Fire Department 6 Obtain Hoarding & Signboard Approval Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 7 Obtain RORO Bin Approval Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 8 Obtain Earthwork Approval Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 9 Obtain Road and Drainage Approval Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 10 Obtain Landscape Approval Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 11 Obtain Street Lighting Approval Street lightning regulations are governed by Street, Drainage and Building Act, 1974 Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 12 Obtain Car Park Approval Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 13 Obtain MSMA and SPAH Approvals Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 14 Obtain Building Plan Approval The approval of the building plans authorizes construction of the building within 12 months from the date of approval. Approval is granted by the Building Department of the local authority. The filing fees for the application for building plan approval are MYR 10.00 per 10 sq. m. or any part thereof (a minimum of MYR 100.00) under the First Schedule of the
  12. 12. Page | 12 Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Building By-Laws of 1985. In the case here, involving a 1,300.6 sq. m. built-up area, the application fee would be MYR 1,300.60. Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 15 Obtain Fire Safety (M&E) Approval Agency: Fire Department 16 Obtain Permission to start work from Building Department (KMB) Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 17 Notification to start Earthwork from Engineering Department (B FORM) Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 18 Notification to Start Sewerage Work (PDC 6) Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 19 Request sewerage inspection Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 20 Sewerage inspection Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 21 Sewerage report Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 22 Request Road & Drainage Clearance After construction has been completed, a final inspection is conducted by the Building Department to issue its approval. Approval is granted only after all approvals are obtained from the various departments listed in the development order, and is meant to ensure that the construction has been completed in compliance with the approved building plan and the requirements listed in it. The period of 3 to 4 months is just an estimate and might vary with the time it takes the various other departments or agencies to issue their approvals. The Building Department supervises the construction work stage-by-stage by
  13. 13. Page | 13 conducting on-site inspections and reviewing the progress report usually submitted by the architect after each stage. Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 23 Road and Drainage Inspection Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 24 Road and Drainage Report Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 25 Request Sewerage Clearance Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 26 Sewerage Inspection Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 27 Sewerage Report Agency: Sewage Services Department IWK 28 Request Fire Safety Clearance Agency: Fire Department 29 Fire Safety Inspection Agency: Fire Department 30 Fire Safety Report Agency: Fire Department 31 Request Water Clearance Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 32 Water Inspection Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 33 Water Report Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 34 Deposit G1 - G21 Forms and F Form to OSC The Certificate of Completion has been introduced substituting the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation in 2007. Upon the coming into force (in force from November
  14. 14. Page | 14 27, 2007) of By-Law 23 of the Building (Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur)(Amendment) By-Laws 1985, the Certificate of Completion is issued when forms G1 to G21 in respect of stage certifications as set out in the Second Schedule of the By-Laws 1985 have been duly certified and received by the principal submitting person. This person must also certify in Form F that the construction and completion of building was under his supervision and that to the best of his knowledge and belief the building has been constructed and completed in accordance with the Act, the By-Laws and the approved plans. Agency: Subang Jaya Municipal Counsil MPSJ 35 Deposit G1 - G21 Forms and F Form to Board of Arch / Eng Malaysia A copy of forms G1 G2 should also be submitted to the Order of Architects and Engineers of Malaysia Agency: Board of Architects’ and Engineers of Malaysia 36 Obtain Water Connection Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 37 Obtain Telco Connection Agency: Telekom Malaysia (Telco)
  15. 15. Page | 15 5. BUDGET 5.1 PRELIMINARY BUDGET STRUCTURE Start-up Requirements Start-up Expenses Legal RM30,000 Air Structure RM415,000 Hardwood Floors RM160,000 Basketball Rims, Stands... RM55,000 Exercise Equipment and Misc. RM150,000 Stucco RM8,000 Block Fence RM90,000 Concrete Footings and Slab RM185,000 Site Preparation RM20,000 Consultants RM3,500 Mechanical RM25,000 Second Floor Development and Offices RM210,000 Office Equipment RM65,000 Paving and Landscaping RM112,000 Management Fee RM100,000 Promotional Costs RM40,000 Design Fees RM30,000 Land RM465,000 Total Start-up Expenses RM2,163,500 Start-up Assets Cash Required RM336,500 Start-up Inventory RM0 Other Current Assets RM0 Long-term Assets RM0 Total Assets RM336,500 Total Requirements RM2,500,000
  16. 16. Page | 16 Start-up Funding Start-up Expenses to Fund RM2,163,500 Start-up Assets to Fund RM336,500 Total Funding Required RM2,500,000 Assets Non-cash Assets from Start-up RM0 Cash Requirements from Start-up RM336,500 Additional Cash Raised RM0 Cash Balance on Starting Date RM336,500 Total Assets RM336,500 Liabilities and Capital Liabilities Current Borrowing RM0 Long-term Liabilities RM1,250,000 Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills) RM0 Other Current Liabilities (interest-free) RM0 Total Liabilities RM1,250,000 Capital Planned Investment Investor 1 RM100,000 Investor 2 RM100,000 Investor 3 RM100,000 Investor 4 RM100,000 Investor 5 RM100,000 Investor 6 RM100,000 Investor 7 RM100,000 Investor 8 RM100,000 Other RM450,000 Additional Investment Requirement RM0 Total Planned Investment RM1,250,000 Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) (RM2,163,500) Total Capital (RM913,500) Total Capital and Liabilities RM336,500 Total Funding RM2,500,000
  17. 17. Page | 17 5.2 EXCLUSIONS The Taylors Sport Complex will be a full-service multisport complex situated along Taylors University lakeside, Subang Jaya, Selangor. There are currently no other sports facilities like this one anywhere in Subang Jaya. This plan will be used to define the scope of our services, as well as a means of gaining the necessary investments to open the facility. It will also be used on a continual basis in the evaluation of The Taylors Sport Complex mission, goals, and objectives. The keys to success for The Taylors Sport complex are our ability to provide the best service and facility, creating an unmatched "cool" atmosphere where people will like to be, and hiring qualified/certified and knowledgeable staff to aid in the running of our programs and leagues. 5.3 Mission The Taylors Sport complex is a multisport and fitness complex designed to be used by the students of Taylors University and the surrounding areas. It is our mission to provide the best programs, staff, and equipment, to fully meet the various sports and fitness needs of Taylor’s students, to provide an ideal place for students to perform their sport activity. Besides providing an excellent service for students, The Taylors Sport complex is determined to create an unmatched sporting atmosphere that will add to the enjoyment of every student and employee of the facility. Dedicated to the community, The Taylors Sport complex strives to support and sponsor community events, as well as host them whenever possible. Our hope is that through the use of our facility, members' enjoyment and appreciation for sports, fitness, and for life will be enhanced.
  18. 18. Page | 18 6. Reference documents/ resources 6.1 Reference link 3BXk m=adg159 a&sqi=2&ved=0CEMQFjAH& File%2FFree%2520Downloads%2FProject%2520Brief.doc&ei=rUX1UaD4K4vM9AS564HA BQ&usg=AFQjCNH7zb6QZaFy1DJ46CW1pEKe5O7D6g&bvm=bv.49784469,d.eWU rja&sqi=2&ved=0CGYQFjAN& ata%2Fassets%2Fword_doc%2F0011%2F77978%2FProject_brief_template_and_guide_f KcN6S82kV6Pp-tgdEaQ&bvm=bv.49784469,d.eWU udies/Document%20Library/Furniture%20Brief%20guide.pdf http://www.apuc- 029-6-11.pdf,1532736&_dad=portal&_schema =PORTAL
  19. 19. Page | 19