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Assign 2


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Published in: Education
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Assign 2

  2. 2. Motion picture. One of the greatest inventions of all time that have taken entertainment to a whole other level. With so many movies in the market today people have to categorise them into what we call movie genres. Often times, the types of movies are determined by its genre which can consist of more than one. In the recent days, the animation genre has undergone many developments starting with the classic hand-drawn animation to the recent computer generated imagery (CGI). This has given the world of animation a drastic improvement in terms of graphics and fine details. There are many other animated films but after much thought I have narrowed down to just two movies which I would now compare. They are Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas that will be compared in terms of type of animation, setting and movie director and producer. The first similarity between Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas is obviously the animation. Both the movies use only stop-motion animation to portray their films. Stop-motion is a tedious process in movie making. It is like the 3D version of the classic hand-drawn animation where the whole set consists of figurines moved manually frame by frame. For example, once the props are in position, a photo will be taken of the scene. Then the figurines will be altered slightly so that when the photos are put together will resemble a motion picture. In other words, this means that the whole movie consists of only photos viewed in sequence and everything that the viewers see moving on screen is actually positioned very carefully on set. As for the characters' facial expression, each expression must be made separately to match the character's facial transition. This means that for every
  3. 3. character on set, hundreds of faces must be constructed for the wide array of expressions. However there are benefits in stop-motion which is it has a more realistic texture than compared to some CGI animated movies. Coraline was first released in 2009 and The Nightmare Before Christmas in 1993 hence the animation of Coraline would be undoubtedly much better than The Nightmare Before Christmas. So here we have the opportunity of comparing stop-motion in the 20th century and the 21 century. Next off, the settings of both movies are quite similar in some sense such as the location or background. For instance, for Coraline there is a place called the 'Other World' which is quite identical to 'Halloween Town' in The Nightmare Before Christmas. For one thing is that both of these locations look very isolated and very fantasy-like. Besides, these two places are very closely associated with night time which gives them a spooky and creepy feel to the atmosphere. Another similarity between these two movies is the usage of fantasy creatures and supernatural beings like ghosts and witches. For instance, in Coraline the main villain is the 'Other Mother' who is a witch that feeds on children's souls. When the children's souls are taken they become ghosts and get trapped in the 'Other World'. However for The Nightmare Before Christmas, since there is a 'Halloween Town' in the movie, it is likely for viewers to expect to see just about every dark creature out there like ghouls, werewolves, witches and, of course Jack, the Pumpkin King, who is the 'guardian' for Halloween as to how Santa Claus is to Christmas. However, these creatures aren't as horrible as they seem
  4. 4. since their purpose is just out to spread Halloween to the world and not to bring terror. The reason why these two movies have so much in common is because the producer and director for both movies are the same. The movies are directed and produced by Henry Selick and Tim Burton respectively. You may recognise Selick as the director of the 1996 James and the Giant Peach and Burton as the director of the 2010 Alice in Wonderland. The first person that comes to mind for these two movies may be Tim Burton but just to get something straight, for The Nightmare Before Christmas, Burton was the producer that came up with the idea, the story and the characters. However, Selick was also playing his part as the director in charge of crafting the props, directing the voice acting and everything else. For Coraline however, it was said that Burton had nothing to do with the movie despite having part of the credit for just being well known for this kind of movie genre. This is why there had been several cases where the public were saying that the main man behind the scenes is really Selick since he was the one doing all the tedious work of making the stop-motion film. Whatever the case, these two individual is closely associated with both the movies. So, these are the similarities in both Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Anyhow, at the end of the day movies are still just movies and they are made primarily for the entertainment of people not to be taken too seriously. Movies have impacted the lives of many and so it should continue to do so. It shouldn't be a place where the greed of fame and fortune should reign. Rather, a place where great ideas may collide and work together in a symphony to be
  5. 5. transformed into masterpieces that will make their mark in history and to be remembered on not as malicious schemes but as humble victories.
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