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Concurrency presents Modern Datacenter


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Concurrency presents Modern Datacenter

  1. 1. #SCSM, #Orchestrator Nathan Lasnoski Steve Buchanan
  2. 2. O365, Azure, On-Premise or Hybrid Architecture Business ProductivityModern Datacenter Infrastructure Azure & O365 Exchange & Lync + Voice Private & Public Cloud Windows Server & Virtual Identity, AD, DirectAccess, UAG System Center 2012 ITSM / ITIL Migrations & Integrations Desktop Imaging & Win upgrade Portals, Intranets, Business Critical, Doc Imaging, Workflow… (SharePoint) Sales, Marketing, Dashboards, Account Management, Etc. (Dynamics CRM) Business Apps Application Development (.NET, Azure, TFS) Messaging, Conference, Presence, Video, Voice (Lync) Office Technology Solutions That Fulfill Business Strategies Partner of the Year Winner: - 2012 & 2011 Midwest - 2012 Central - 2012 Global SharePoint Content Management - 2012 Central Partnering to Succeed - 2010 Central Marketing Excellence Wisconsin Illinois Minnesota Indiana
  3. 3. #SCSM, #Orchestrator
  4. 4. R2w/ Service Provider Foundation Future Services Service Bus SQLVMs Web Sites Service Plans Users Provider Portal Consumer Self-Service Portal Web Sites Apps Database VMs Service ProviderCustomer Self Service Portal Moves On-Premises Common Mgt. Experience Workload Portability Cloud-Enabled Services Move On-Premises Consistent Dev. Experience Other Services CDN. Media,, etc. Caching Service Bus SQL VM Role Web Sites Worker Role Web Sites Apps Database VMs Subscriber Self-Service Portal Windows Azure Cloud OS Consistent Experiences
  5. 5. #SCSM, #Orchestrator
  6. 6. Deploying and managing applications across platforms is difficult. Apps Data Users need to be productive while maintaining compliance and reducing risk. Users expect to be able to work in any location and have access to all their work resources. Users The explosion of devices is eroding the standards-based approach to corporate IT. Devices
  7. 7. Devices & Platforms Single admin console
  8. 8. iOS Android On premise Exchange Active Sync based management Cloud Infrastructure Single pane of glass Settings Management Device Wipe     More settings Detailed compliance Through EAS and MDM Pull Software Distribution   Push Software Distribution Selective Wipe  
  9. 9. • • • • • • • • Accessing apps the right way, on the right device MSI iOS App-V (MDOP) Appx App Store Link Start Start Start Android App (Example: PDF Reader)
  10. 10. Version 4 (x86/x64) Version 5 (x86/x64) Version 6 (x86/x64) Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS Support Model Version 9 (SPARC) Version 10 (SPARC/x86)Solaris Version 9 (x86) Version 10 SP1 (x86/x64) Version 11 (x86/x64) SUSE Linux SeEnterprise rver
  11. 11. Service Provider Pay as you go (OpEx) Pay only for what you use Shared capacity & infra Scalable, elastic Up front costs (CapEx) Pay to operate it (OpEx) You maintain it You control it Produce Yourself
  12. 12. EnterpriseService Provider MicrosoftPay as you go (OpEx) Pay only for what you use Shared capacity & infra Scalable, elastic Up front costs (CapEx) Pay to operate it (OpEx) You maintain it You control it Service Provider Technology Provider
  13. 13. Virtual Machines
  14. 14. ©2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Type Sort Specification Cost on Premise (3yr) Cost in Azure (3yr) IaaS Small VM 1 CPU, 1.75 GB RAM $2,500 / VM $1,500 ($2,400 w/ 33%) IaaS Medium VM 2 CPU, 3.5 GB RAM $5,000 / VM $3,821 ($4,821 w/ 33%) IaaS Large VM 4 CPU, 7 GB RAM $10,000 / VM $6,343 ($9,612 w/ 33%) IaaS Extra Large VM 8 CPU, 14 GB RAM $20,000 / VM $12,711 ($19,260 w/ 33%) IaaS Storage (Local) 1 TB $10,000 / TB $1,688 ($2,520 w/ 32%) IaaS Storage (Geo) 1 TB $20,000 / TB $2,291 ($3,420 w/ 32%)
  15. 15. ©2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Each Persistent Data Disk Can be up to 1 TB VM Size CPU Cores Memory # Data Disks IOPS Extra Small Shared 768 MB 1 500 Small 1 1.75 GB 2 2 x 500 Medium 2 3.5 GB 4 4 x 500 Large 4 7 GB 8 8 x 500 Extra Large 8 14 GB 16 16 x 500 A6 4 28 GB 8 8 x 500 A7 8 56 GB 16 16 x 500
  16. 16. Virtual Machines
  17. 17. Clustered
  18. 18. Clustered
  19. 19. See under the “Storage Spaces” Category
  20. 20. Scale-Out File Server Clusters Storage Spaces Virtualization and Resiliency Hyper-V Clusters SMB Shared JBOD Storage PowerShell&SCVMM2012R2Management
  21. 21. Traditional Storage with FC/iSCSI Storage Array Windows File Server Cluster with Storage Spaces VM HostsVM Hosts FC/iSCSI (Block) SMB (File)
  22. 22. Simplify storage hardware and minimize hardware expenditures through Data Deduplication in Windows Server Gain space savings as high as 90% on VDI deployments with minimal impact Performance Faster read/write of optimized files Improved optimization speed Live VHD’s Deduplication of open VHD/VHDX files Scale-out File Server SMB Direct Hyper-V VDI VHD Dedup Compatibility Support for Scale-out File Server with Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV)
  23. 23. Hyper-V Hosts Cold DataHot Data Reads/Writes Accumulates Data Activity
  24. 24. Hyper-V host scale and scale-up workload support 58
  25. 25. Fail
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Virtual Machines
  28. 28. #SCSM, #Orchestrator
  29. 29. UI Enhancements See the desktop only when you need it Enhanced windowing and multi-monitor support Hero Search Experience More intuitive Start Button, Boot To Desktop and more…
  30. 30. Next steps • FREE System Center 2012 R2 Assessment: Get expert guidance on Microsoft System Center; examining how these technologies can benefit your organization. • Cloud Architecture Design Session: Explore the power of Windows Server 2012, System Center 2012 and Windows 8.1 through a full day, whiteboard architecture design session with a Microsoft MVP. • FREE Azure Storage Analysis: Reduce storage costs by 60-80% by consolidating primary, archive, backup, and disaster recovery. Review today, future and the financial impact / opportunity. • Modern Datacenter Roadmap: Take a strategic, technology agnostic approach to your infrastructure operations. Provide executives with a vision, a budget, and a plan to optimize your IT infrastructure through a structured and systematic process. • Identity and Access Management • Desktop, Device, and Server Management • Security and Networking • IT Service Management and Automation • Data Protection and Recovery • Server Consolidation and Virtualization • IT Management Process • Public Cloud Practices and Management • Mobile Device Management
  31. 31. Nathan Lasnoski Steve Buchanan