Strategies for Online Marketing Success by Jake Bohall of Virante, Inc.


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Developing a search engine marketing strategy. A presentation provided to the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association on October 20th, 2011.

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  • Call to action – works well for SM too. Ask followers to share your content.
  • Include both follow and share/like buttons. Tidbit: Facebook like button now post a fully formatted share link to the sharer’s facebook wall.
  • Reputation management: Use services to auto-monitor your brand on SM (Google Alerts, Social Mention)
  • Strategies for Online Marketing Success by Jake Bohall of Virante, Inc.

    1. 1. Presented By: Jake BohallTransportation Marketing & Sales Association
    2. 2. Meet the PresenterJake Bohall is the Director of Strategy andBusiness Development for Virante, where he hasworked since 2008. He has co-founded severalstart-ups, sits on the board of an educational non-profit, and assists entrepreneurs in implementingtheir start-up ideas.Jakes expertise lies in identifying opportunities forbusiness growth and determining appropriatesearch engine marketing strategies to fit acompany’s objectives. Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    3. 3. Virante: Our StoryHistory• Founded by Ryan Allis, CEO and Co-Founder of iContact Corporation• Incorporated in 2001 in North Carolina• Started in Nutraceuticals… Zero to One Million by Ryan Allis• Provided everything needed to move online and market your businessNow• Focus on Search Engine Marketing• Industry R&D• Ethical SEO servicesClients• Brand Conscious Companies• Universities, Major Foundations, Entrepreneurs, Hotels & Resorts,SMB’s, other SEM Companies… You? Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    4. 4. Why Search Marketing• Search engines account for approximately 93% of all internet traffic.• Google is the largest search engine with 65% of total search traffic.• 65% of online revenue is generated from websites in the top three positions on search engine results pages (SERPs)• 93% of global consumers use search engines to find websites• 76.7% of Google users use the natural search links (organic, unpaid listings)• Approximately 75% of all clicks occur from the top 5 results. Source: Forrester Research Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    5. 5. AOL Click-Through Data Variations in organic CTR resulting from organic rankings positions• 1996, AOL clickthrough data gets leaked• This dataset contained over 36 million search queries and tracked 19 million clickthroughs.• Demonstrates importance of ranking in top 5 (73.55% of clicks)
    6. 6. AOL Click-Through Data Variations in organic CTR resulting from organic rankings positions• 450% increase moving from position 11 to 10• Inspires ideas such as second-page poaching
    7. 7. How Do I Get On The First Page? Great Question! or… If you didn’t ask this, you should have!Strategies we use1. Cost-Per-Click Advertising – Renting Traffic, Quick ROI, Short-Term2. Organically – Owning Traffic, Long-Term Strategy, More Traffic Available3. Other – Maps, Shopping, News, etc. – Constantly evolving Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    8. 8. Typical Work Flow1. Analytics Implementation2. Competitive Analysis3. Keyword Discovery4. Paid Search5. Organic SEO6. Social Media Marketing7. Monitor, Adjust, Profit Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    9. 9. Analytics – The Method of Logical AnalysisMeasure and track key performance indicators (KPI’s) • # of visitors • Revenue • Time on page • Cost of Conversion • Referral sources • Bounce Rate • Conversions • Trending Rule of Analytics: To effectively influence user behavior, you must understand user behavior Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    10. 10. Analytics – The Method of Logical Analysis Example Dashboard from Google Analytics
    11. 11. Competitive Intelligence • Google Insights • Google Ad Planner • Quantcast • Alexa • SpyfuTransportation Marketing & Sales Association
    12. 12. Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    13. 13. Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    14. 14. Keyword StrategyTransportation Marketing & Sales Association
    15. 15. Paid Search AdvertisingTransportation Marketing & Sales Association
    16. 16. Paid Search AdvertisingTransportation Marketing & Sales Association
    17. 17. Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    18. 18. How to Build Your Adwords CampaignsTransportation Marketing & Sales Association
    19. 19. Writing The Perfect AdHeadline: 25 character limit Grab the searcher’s attentionBody A: 35 character limit Benefit of your product / serviceBody B: 35 character limit Give a clear call to action (Get Started Today!)Display URL: 35 character limit Must be your domain…but you can be creative Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    20. 20. GEO - TargetingTransportation Marketing & Sales Association
    21. 21. Display Network AdvertisingTransportation Marketing & Sales Association
    22. 22. Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    23. 23. Facebook Advertising
    24. 24. Facebook AdvertisingTransportation Marketing & Sales Association
    25. 25. Facebook Advertising Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    26. 26. Where to Focus Your EffortsGoogle Adwords Facebook• The 800 pound search gorilla • Huge growth potential• Works well for B2C & B2B • Currently not as well suited forB2B• Typically the most expensive click costs • Click costs are still relatively low• User-friendly interface • Best fit for retail & specialty items• Offers the most flexibility • Targeting abilities are unmatchedMicrosoft Adcenter• Less reach but still major search engine • Tends to have higher conversion rates• Works well for B2C & B2B • Focused on B2B advertising• Typically less expensive than Adwords • Lower traffic but also lower click costs• Wide-reaching content network • Text and banner advertising• Now includes Yahoo properties • Account manager depending on spend Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    27. 27. Organic SEO – Search Engine Optimization
    28. 28. Factors Affecting SEOOnsite SEO• Site structure• Content• Page Titles and meta informationOffsite SEO• Link DevelopmentNegatively Affecting Factors• Duplicate Content• Site Speed• Manipulating Results Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    29. 29. Onsite SEOPage Hierarchy• Home -> Parent -> Child• Everything links back to all parent pagesURL Structure vs =difficult+understand&id=22292239 Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    30. 30. Onsite SEOUnique content - All elements affected!• Navigation elements• Page titles• Meta Descriptions• Content of the pagePage titles and meta informationAnswering the question: How are you different? Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    31. 31. Offsite SEODisclaimer: Google has a problem with being manipulated! • Links intended to manipulate PageRank • Links to web spammers or bad neighborhoods on the web • Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging ("Link to me and Ill link to you.") • Buying or selling links that pass PageRank So what is legitimate? A strategy you would gladly share with competitors Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    32. 32. Link Development StrategiesWhite Hat• Writing great content that encourages people to link to you!• Finding sites with related content/topics and sharing your resource ofknowledge through outreach and traditional PR• Guest postingGrey Hat• Advertising with banners that link to your site• Participation in some recommendation engines• Directories, paid recommendationsBlack Hat• Leveraging XSS holes to insert links• Parasitic hosting• Spam Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    33. 33. Recent Trends and Changes• Panda Update •Importance of unique content• Real-time search results • Google caffeine • Twitter incorporation• Geolocation • Google places• Social indicators • How engaged is your brand in social media? Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    34. 34. Social Media’s Explosive GrowthTransportation Marketing & Sales Association
    35. 35. Social Media’s Marketing Potential • SM usage by small business up from 12% to 24% in 2010 • 1 out of 5 now use SM in marketing strategy • By 2012 over 12% of all marketing spend will be in SM Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    36. 36. Social Media’s Marketing Potential Consumers exposed to a brand on social media are 2.8 times more likely to search for that brand’s products. Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    37. 37. Social Media Myth #1 MYTH: Social Media marketing is free. TRUTH: Free to use, but takes significant investment of time and thought to do right.Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    38. 38. Social Media Myth #2 MYTH: Social Media marketing is the same as any other marketing. TRUTH: Effective Social Media marketing is interactive. Not just broadcasting, but listening & responding.Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    39. 39. Social Media Marketing How do we get started?Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    40. 40. Social Media Marketing: Getting Started STEP 1: Secure your brand. Use to claim your brand name on all the major Social Media sites. Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    41. 41. Social Media Marketing: Getting Started STEP 2: Plan strategy & resources • What do you want from SM? • How will you get there? • Who will do it? Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    42. 42. Social Media Marketing: Getting Started STEP 3: Blog! Blogging is your home base of fresh content to share via your SM outlets. Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    43. 43. Social Media Marketing: Getting Started Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    44. 44. Social Media Marketing: Getting Started STEP 4: Select most strategic outlets & get started. Start by just posting content until you build a following. Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    45. 45. Social Media Marketing: Getting Started STEP 5: Build a following. Many ways, including: • Interact on other topically-related SM • Invite clients, people you know • Encourage followers to share your stuff Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    46. 46. Social Media Marketing: Getting StartedSTEP 6: Integrate social sharing on your site and email is a free, easy-to-use tool for building sharing buttons Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    47. 47. Social Media Marketing: Getting Started ALWAYS: Listen & Interact Two-way Communication • Reputation management • Customer service • Message more effective when followers know someone “real” is there Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    48. 48. Social Media Marketing: Getting Started Rinse and Repeat! • New, fresh content • Post on multiple channels • Encourage sharing • Listen and interact Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    49. 49. What To Expect From An SEM Company Always Expect Communication!Paid Search – Renting / Quick ROI• Lots of questions (lifetime value, acquisition costs, conversion points, etc.)• Account created in YOUR name and under YOUR control• Verifiable adspend• Logical organization of campaigns and ad groups into relevant segments• Constant testing of new keywords, ad copy, and landing pages• Monthly reporting with strategy for improvement• Ongoing recommendations to improve account performance• Regular changes/updates to the account Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    50. 50. What To Expect From An SEM Company Always Expect Communication!Organic Search Engine Optimization – Owning / Slower ROI• Lots of questions• Review of past and current initiatives• Review of your website• Prioritized list of obtainable, relevant, traffic-generating keywords• Prioritized list of onsite recommendations• Recommendations for new content• Recommendations for link development• Monthly reporting and calls Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    51. 51. What Does It Cost?Paid Search• Set-up – Free (Firm: $500 - $5k)• Adspend – You name it!• Maintenance / Consulting – Free (Firm: 12% - 18% of Adspend)• Typical to spend: $1,500 upfront and budget on ROIOrganic Search• Analysis & Strategy - $2k - $10k• Onsite Changes - $1k - $5k• Link Development - $1k Local; $2k National; $5k- $100k Competitive• Typical to spend: $4k upfront and $2,500 per month Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    52. 52. What Does It Cost?Analytics• Software – Free - $10k• Set-up – Free (Firm: $500 - $5k)• KPI Reporting - $0 - $1k• Typical to spend: $500 for Consulting and $300 for monthly reportingSocial Media• Software – Free - $10k• Set-up – Free (Firm: $500 - $5k)• KPI Reporting - $0 - $1k• Typical to spend: $500 for Consulting and $300 for monthly reporting Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    53. 53. TIPS For Hiring Things to do • Check references • Withhold information until asked • Check BBB Rating, Certifications, etc.Signs of a Good Company Signs of a Bad Company• recommended • Cites websites stating they are• Colleague referral ranked #1 SEO company• Speaks at known conferences • Makes promises that you will have• Knowledge of sales staff rankings or profit• Have innovative ideas and strategies • No R&D• Sets realistic expectations • Have set packages• Name is Virante! • Shares information about clients Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    54. 54. Tools / ResourcesAnalytics CPC• Google Analytics • Adwords Keyword Tool• Crazy Egg • Google Ad Planner• Get Clicky • Quantcast• Website Optimizer • Spyfu• Omniture • Google Insights• Marchex • SiteTunersSEO Social• Virante’s Free Tools • Knowem• Google Webmaster Tools • Social Mention• Majestic SEO • Wildfire App• SEOMoz • Twylah• Yahoo Site Explorer • HyperAlerts• Google Trends • Trackur Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
    55. 55. Contact Information Virante, Inc. 1-800-650-0820 @virante Jake Bohall 919-459-2834 Marketing & Sales Association