Media task 13


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Media task 13

  1. 1. Images in Mix mag This image states the times and dates of various events. It is displayed behind a green background. The text is clear, presentable and is easily visible. I will look to incorporate this style in my own magazine when it comes to issuing text. This image is a close up of the text.
  2. 2. This double page spread consists of vibrant colour and energy. The poses of the people add atmosphere to the image. There is also good use of background to make it more interesting to look at. This wide angle shot represents the chaotic scenario.
  3. 3. This image represents a fun atmosphere, it consists of two figures instead of just the one which instantly has more to look at. Photoshop has clearly been used in one of the figures sunglasses. I noticed it macthed the background of the previous photo which gives it some sort of house style throughout the magazine.
  4. 4. Simmiliar to the previous image the figure has the same sun glasses as the previous figure which shows a representation of house style through out the magazine. The focus is concentrated on the figure rather than the background. This is between a close up and a mid shot as it only covers the top third of the individuals body.
  5. 5. The image is bright and vibrant. There is good use of the figure by Mid shot, I will look to incorporate this by taking a picture of a figure straight on. The figure is not striking a pose but looks relaxed even though there is a chaotic background.
  6. 6. This collage has a mixture of different types of shots. I believe it works well as there is a lot to look at therefore it is interesting to the viewer however if every image was like a collage then it would not be very appealing as it would look clattered. My favourite image from the collage would have to be the miidle image (panaromic) where the whole crowd is shown.
  7. 7. This image consists of not only a figure but also a piece of stereo equipment. This close up shot works well with the facial expression I believe more than one figure with this type of shot would look clattered and not as appealing. I will think about the facial expression being pulled when using a CU (close up shot).
  8. 8. This image is layered under the text in a way that it is not to vibrant or colourful to undermine the text. It is important that the viewer can read the text, it also needs to be appealing. This relaxed look is a good way of representing thisas the figures are all layed back as it gives the viewer something to look at yet not be overwhelmed. It is much different to some of the other images in the magazine as a lot have high energy levels with a lot of colour and atmosphere.
  9. 9. Similliar to a previous image I analysed this is again a collage that consists of various types of shots and figures, there is a theme that can be taken and that is the majority have more than one figure and include the figures having a good time or playing an instrument.
  10. 10. This double page spread includes the figure having his photo taken below him to make him look more powerful or threatening. In terms of my magazine I can use this to make an artist look powerful. I also like the use of colour in this image as it is different to the other shots. The use of lighting in a techno sort of way is interesting to look at and I also like how the text is positioned away from the figure as if it is there to fill the blank space.
  11. 11. This portrait like image is a good way to present an artist on heir own. I wil incorporate this when it comes to featuring just the one artist. It can still be classed as a mid shot as only the top half is shown. The picture goes from light to dark which is important to consider when it comes to positiong the text. I will look to use this when placing text with an image as I believe having it in the dark brings more contrast.
  12. 12. This chaotic image has atmosphere which has become a theme in mix mag. I will need to add the same sort of vibe in my magazine that I create. I will need to find the right event for this sort of image. There is very limited space in the image which is why I believe is why it is so chaotic and vibrant.