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Golden Vista Pty Tours INFO


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Golden Vista Pty Tours INFO

  1. 1. Travel agency MeMBerS: JaIr e. DUQUe lyanne FernánDez aMarIlIS cácereS lISSeTTe agUIlarenglISH aSSIgMenT OF TeacHer raMOn gUerra
  2. 2. aBOUT USWe are a leaDIng cOMpany In THeMarkeT THaT STrIveS TO gIvegOOD ServIce TO THe TOUrIST InpanaMa.We OFFer Several WayS OFTOUrIST DeSTInaTIOnS aT verycOMpeTITIve prIceS anDexcellenT QUalITy OF care. Weare lOcaTeD aT vIa veneTO nearDOn lee.
  3. 3. MISIOnTHe MISSIOn OF THe Travelagency IS TO prOMOTe TOUrISMMeeTIng THe neeDS OF OUrcUSTOMerS. exceeDIng THeIrexpecTaTIOnS OF receIvIng anexcellenT HIgH QUalITyServIce. BeIng recOgnIzeD aSa cOMpany THaT HelpS yOUDIScOver DIFFerenT parTS OFpanaMa.
  4. 4. vISIOnexpanD TOUrISM OpTIOnS anDprOvIDe an excellenTvacaTIOn experIence TOOUr cUSTOMerS. alSOFOcUSIng On THe cOMpanySSUcceSS TO reacH a HIgHlevel OF QUalITyexcellence. Be knOWn ByFOreIgn aS THe BeST Travelagency On panaMa cITy
  5. 5. general OBJeTIveSBe THe leaDIng cOMpanyaMOng Travel agencySIn panaMa IMprOvIngQUalITy aT lOW prIceS
  6. 6. SpecIFIc OBJecTIveS• prOvIDe a gOOD ServIce TO cUSTOMer In THe Travel experIence WITH OUr Travel agency• BecOMe anD reMaIn THe BeST Travel agency In panaMa knOWn By TravelerS• keep gOOD prIceS In OrDer TO aTTracT MOre kInD OF TOUrIST, FrOM execUTIve TO cOllege STUDenTS.
  7. 7. THank USO MUcH