The gift giving guide


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The gift giving guide

  1. 1. The Gift Giving GuideGifts to give to teenage girls no matter what their style is!
  2. 2. Price Range• These gifts range in price range. I will try to cover all price ranges from $20 and under to those of you who love to spend money on others!
  3. 3. A Pet• Every girl wants a pet and there are plenty of options!• Guinea Pigs- around $30 without supplies• You can buy fish at Petsmart they range from about $35 to $0.13• Kittens and puppies are in the more pricey range but have a much longer life span.
  4. 4. Jewelry• Most girls love jewelry and there are many great jewelry websites.• (the starfish anklet)• (the message in the bottle-which you can personalize!)• (the feather earrings-jewelry for all ages and all styles!)• (the hello kitty bow ring- perfect for Disney lovers!)• Remember the best kind of jewelry symbolizes something!
  5. 5. Purses• My favorite place to buy purses and bags is amazon but there are many more great websites as well!• – perfect for any style many purses from many sellers. Also can get discounts on expensive brands like coach.• –sells many stylish bags of all styles and colors. You should be able to find the perfect bag!• loy&incmpid=alloymediaAlloyshop – This website has many patterned purses and they come in many different sizes so no matter where you are going you will find one that is right for you!• -Some girls like juicy couture’s purses. The most popular section is velour and there are many different styles. However, they are very pricey.
  6. 6. Vera Bradley• Vera Bradley is great quality quilted purses and so much more!•• Prices range from around $20-$100+
  7. 7. Gift cards• Always the easy way to go…giftcards! Some good stores for teen girls are:• American Eagle• Vera Bradley• Coach• Aeropostale• Hollister• Sephora• I-tunes•• Barnes and Noble
  8. 8. Shoes• –The place to buy Tom’s!• –Uggs are still in style!• –Offers fancier shoes for the girls who love to dress up! They have many different styles of Tom’s so you can find a pair no matter the teenager’s personality!
  9. 9. Journals/Diaries• Girls can seriously pour everything into these things if they’re in the right mood. If the teenager you are giving the gift to is more into sketching/drawing then a sketch-pad is a great gift.• websites-for-artists-to-build-online-presence/• Maybe you want to give your teenage artist a website so they can showcase their amazing art. The above link has 120+ websites artists of all ages can use.• Another good option is gel pens with the diary and art supplies/or books or drawing for the artists!
  10. 10. Make-up• Make-up is hard to buy for other people, however, it is doable. Stick with the basics every girl should have unless you know what brand she likes and the color etc.• –Is a great place for make-up essentials. Some essentials are an eyelash curler, make- up brushes, blotting papers, and make-up remover.• For a girl who loves her blemish free skin pimple pens or spot removers are a must. These are easy buys. They sell them at Rite Aid, CVS, and at most other local drug stores.
  11. 11. Books and Mags.• I love to get books. Some popular teen authors include:• Lauren Conrad• Suzanne Collins• Sarah Dessen• Jay Asher• Make sure you know what genre the teenage girl likes.• Magazine subscriptions are also great ideas! Allure, Seventeen, and GL (Girl’s Life) are all good teen magazines.
  12. 12. Accessories• Other accessories are also great gifts. Scarves, nail polish, belts, etc. make every girl happy by giving that one outfit the perfect, final touch.
  13. 13. Extra…• I am not promoting any of these companys/business’s/products.• I am not involved with or have any connections with any of the websites/stores/or products mentioned.• Remember, I didn’t cover everything! Use your imagination and heart to create the perfect gift!
  14. 14. What to do if you are still clueless…• If this guide has left you even more confused than maybe you should ask the teenager what she wants. I’m sure she will be glad to tell you. If you don’t want to ask money is always a good gift. It allows them to choose what they buy!• Oh and this was made by a teenage girl!